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Can The Venezuelans State Of Guarico Be Saved By Jose Manuel Gonzalez

The Venezuelan state of Guarico has been beset by crime and unemployment for quite some time, and their assembly is finally changing their ways in light of recent economic conditions. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a business owner from the region, and he is currently serving on the local assembly. This article explains how a change in government may make a change to the economic state of Guarico.

#1: Why Are Finances So Poor?

Jose blames much of the trouble on socialism used in the 21st Century. He looks upon people who have been politicians for some time, and he believes that poor politicians have not been punished as they should have. Jose works quite hard at his job as an assemblyman, but he cannot affect change alone. Politicians must take their jobs much more seriously.

#2: Hard Work Will Pay Off In The Community

Hard work if assemblymen such as Jose will pay off in the community, but there must be a solid plan for bringing commerce back to the Guarico state. There are quite a few people without jobs, and several youngsters have turned to crime. The rates of crime and unemployment are so high that the entire region must be redeveloped. The only way to save the people is with swift action in government meetings and assemblies.

#3: Jose Fears More Socialist Policies

Jose fears more socialist policies will bring more crime and poverty to his region. He is deeply-concerned about how food will be shipped to his state, and he wishes to see new businesses opened in the area to help grow and supply food. Guarico is quite dangerous today, but it may become a much better place to live when it has been improved with basic government programs. Shipping in food does not help the people when they may be growing food themselves.

Jose is a committed assemblyman who prefers to bring his people more jobs and less crime. He sees the problems in his community every day, and he wants to hold bad politicians accountable for the problems they created in Guarico with poor policy.

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