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Bruce Levenson is a Man with a Big Heart

Most of us daydream at one time or another about being wealthy. It is fun to think about all the neat things we could buy and how we could use the money. In fact, some folks fantasize about helping the poor and giving to charities. However, many people that really do come into wealth rarely follow through on those commitments or daydreams. Bruce Levenson followed through on his commitments. He is the person that became a successful businessman, and he spends a great deal of time, money and effort to champion causes for children and education. Learn how Bruce made his fortune and gives back to communities today.


Bruce Levenson originally comes from Washington, D.C. He secured a Political Science degree in St. Louis at Washington University. From there, he completed his law degree at the American University School of Law in Washington D.C.


Bruce began his journalism career while still attending law school. His journalism efforts paid off when he became a writer for a paper called the Washington Star and a reporter at Observer Publishing.

In 1977, Levenson would meet with his friend Ed Peskowitz to create a newsletter called the Oil Express, which was about oil industry news activities. It was such a hit that they founded a company called United Communications Group (UGC). Today, UGC is a growing business that specializes in telecommunications, technology, data and news.

Many years after he started UGC, Bruce founded another company, which would handle brand advertising and online content called Tech Target. After much success in his business endeavors, Bruce became active with the famous Atlanta Hawks sports team and has partial ownership.

Philanthropy Efforts

Once Bruce was assured of his financial stability, he started his philanthropy efforts. Finally, he had the money to help and really make a difference in other people’s lives. He was actively involved in the Do Good Challenge, which encouraged students to reach out and help people. More information on that can be found on Wikipedia.

Bruce Levenson served the I Have a Dream Foundation as president. He was also a board director at Hoop Dreams. In addition, Bruce and is wife Karen became very involved with the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership affiliated with the Univ. of Maryland.

Today, Bruce has a family with a wife, three boys and grandchildren. When he is not working or supporting a good cause, he likes to spend time golfing, playing basketball or traveling with his family. In all likelihood, we have not heard the last from the man with a big heart.

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