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Bruce Bent II: A True Leader in Financial Technology Solutions

Brunt Bent II is the current president and chair of Double Rock Corporation. Double Rock Corporation is a financial technology company that specializes in advanced cash management solutions. Their clientele comprises of top-tier broker-dealers, retail marketers as well as banks.

Prior to joining Double Rock, Mr. Bent served as the president of another financial technology firm, The Reserve. While at The Reserve, Bruce Bent II implemented a number of financial solutions that saw the company grow in staff number and revenue. In the 17 years he served at The Reserve, Mr. Bent managed to grow the company assets from $4 billion to $150 billion.

Mr Bruce Bent II joined Double Rock and spearheaded a number of projects. He successfully created solutions for short-term asset managing and secured over 60 private patents for the company. Mr. Bruce was also the chief financial advisor to the company clientele that comprised of broker dealers, banks, and retail markets. He provided tangible cash flow solutions and new cash sweep products to its clients.

During the financial meltdown of 2008, Bruce Bent II employed his financial management prowess to save Double Rock from facing a foreclosure. He successfully liquidated some of the company’s affiliate and subsidiary assets. This ensured that Double Rock had enough finances to weather through the financial storm at the time.

Today Mr. Bruce Bent II is proud of the achievements he has made on behalf of Double Rock. He has grown the firm’s cash management landscape to a multi-trillion net worth. In addition, he employed his wit to expand the company’s cash sweep programs insured under FDIC. Mr. Bruce is also the brains behind the automated loan plan solutions that has reduced plan participant borrowing by an impressive 25%.

Besides the role of president at Double Rock, Bruce Bent II is also a member of other organizations. He is an active member at Young Presidents organization which has a peer network of over 10,00 youth business leaders globally. He was also the finance chair of the organization when it was running its Gotham Chapter in Manhattan.

Bruce Bent II is also a member of Entrepreneur Organization based in New York. He served as the president heading the organizations advisory council that preserves the scenic beauty of the Hudson River.

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