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Freelancers need internet. Duh. But we don’t exactly have unlimited funds to pay the big guy communications companies. That’s why FreedomPop is so great– they provide the wireless we desperately need at a price we can afford.

FreedomPop is a California based company founded in 2011. Its CEO is Stephan Stokols, who was formerly the CEO of the video-chat startup Woo Media. The company provides wireless Internet and mobile phone services and works with both Sprint and Clearwire. They also sell various devices, phones and tablets that work with their networks. The company is projected to be serving over one million customers at some point in 2015.

The company recently expanded its Wi-Fi network and is offering unlimited Wi-Fi service to customers for five dollars a month. There are ten million Wi-Fi hotspots in the network and this number is expected to grown to 25 million within three months. Users can get both free calls and texts while they are connected as well as simply use the Internet. The Photon mobile hotspot is another option for users who need Wi-Fi wherever they go.

Essentially, the plan is to allow users to call and text wherever they are in a compatible Wi-Fi hotspot. While there are not as many Wi-Fi hotspots as cell towers, prepaid users could still save a lot of money. The company estimates that many users could save around 40 dollars a month. While Scratch wireless and Republic wireless offer similar plans, but these plans are only available on Scratch and Republic phones.

FreedomPop continues to provide traditional LTE access to its customers along with Wi-Fi access. Android users will be the first to be able to access the new FreedomPop hotspots. An app that is available as a download on both iTunes and GooglePlay will also show them where the nearest hotspots are.

One feature that FreedomPop offers is allowing its users to be able to log into Wi-Fi networks without entering passwords and accepting terms. An app will do all of this automatically whenever a user enters a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot.

Many of the new FreedomPop hotspots are at food-oriented businesses like McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks. For the time being, most of the new hotspots are located in metropolitan areas. Major retailers like Best Buy are also included.

FreedomPop appears poised to save quite a few people some money. Basically, their Wi-Fi hotspot plan is an attempt to offer wireless communication a little differently and at lower costs.

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