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Brad Reifler Comments on the Economy and the Presidential Election

Brad Reifler understands finance, investing, the economy and other money-related topics. He should. As the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, Reifler spends a lot of time pondering on things related to the current state of the economy. In a recent article Reifler crafted, he discusses issues related to the future of the economy.

Brad Reifler has written several articles with the intention of giving advice to middle-class investors. The new article should be of interest to them along with millennials. The topic focuses on the presidential race. Everyone in the United States has a stake in the outcome.

The article was published on The Huffington post, and the content deals with several different aspects of personal and business finances. Reifler mentions that both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump want to simplify the tax code, but both have completely different ways of doing so. How they will implement their plans, if elected, is another matter. Congress has a say in the process as well.

Reifler does suggest that neither Trump nor Clinton are being very clear about how they will adjust the tax code for small businesses. This is a very important point to bring up. Brad Reifler and many others in the financial world know small businesses play an incredibly important role in the economy. Small businesses that grow hire people. This stimulates both the economy and tax revenues.

All of Brad Reifler’s recent articles are worth checking out. In addition to running Forefront Capital, he previously oversaw Pail Capital and the Reifler Trading Company. His insights and knowledge are based on a lot of success and experience.

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