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Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Making Sales and Helping the Communities Served

Talk Fusion has taken a concept dealing with instant telecommunication and used it to create an empire of sales agents around the globe. The company and its founder, Bob Reina, have always had a policy of giving back to the communities where they do business.

In a recent PRNewswire article, the details of a vacation incentive were announced. A trip to Milan, Italy, is being offered to sales associates as a bonus and a future incentive for sales. Talk Fusion provides round-trip airfare and accommodation to the winner and a guest to this historic city long known as the fashion capital of Italy.

Talk Fusion is dedicated to rewarding sales associates with vacations and other enticing incentives for business success. The company has made an effort to appeal to women who must juggle the responsibilities of home and children with their business endeavors. The efforts of Bob Reina appear to be successful as his concept has been accepted and used around the world.


It is refreshing to see any business dedicated to their employees instead of padding the bottom line. Reina’s philosophy of giving back to the community not only helps the community but those who live and work in the community. It is a great example of a win-win situation. If we compare this relationship selling to the most popular and ugly sales technique of the twentieth century, the hard sell, we realize how much better this technique of Bob Reina is compared with what was popular for so many years.

Reina also used a different tactic in building the business. He realized that women make great salespeople. They are the ones who make shopping decisions and make purchases for themselves, their family and friends and relatives. When these women are given the opportunity for sales, they explain the benefits of the product they are selling and how the product can make the buyer’s lives better. While men may excel at forced selling, typical of the hard sale, women are better communicators and in these regards better salespeople.O

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