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BMG Grew From Grass Roots To Tall Trees

The foremost banking enterprise in Brazill, BMG, was founded by the Guimarães family over 80 years ago. This is an outstanding bank with an aptitude for credit which has proven beneficial for its customers and the bank’s earnings. They have under guidance of Marcio Alaor, influencial fice-president, provided excellent solution tools for both individuals and companies through:
• Payroll Credit Card,
• BMG Empresas
• financing of medium and suppliers of large companies and large economic groups
• used vehicles financing and
• BMG Realiza home equity loans.
• The Bank maintains presence in payroll loan segment through Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A.. – it owns 40% of the total and voting capital stock.

Stays Prominent in Financial Sector
Throughout its history, BMG has created a brand nationally known and respected creating a brand known nationally for examples of tradition, technology and anticipating r market movements.

BMG used its expert experienced management team to the ultimate and wisely chose to adopt high-level corporate governance practices, relying on:
• a Board of Directors – of which 40% of the members are independent, including the Chairman –
• Committees,
• Code of Ethics available for all its shareholders,
• Anti-Money Laundering Program – AML
• Independent Internal Audit and active and strategic Investor Relations Department,
Many other initiatives beneficial to the customers and the bank itself.
All credit decisions are taken collectively through credit committee structure designed to meet the bank’s requirements in an intelligent, efficient and responsible way.

Main Asset: Human Capital
BMG also stands out because of its human capital, its main asset. . The human capital that rises far above the commonplace tools and assets of the banking enterprise is the human capital of its vice President, Marcio Alaor.

Marcio Alaor Vice-President, Standard Setter, Role Model
Marcio Alaor is more than a bank Vice President to the BMG enterprise. He is more than the Vice President of the area’s largest bank to the farming town, San Antonio of the Hill, his hometown. He was awarded for his own work and donations to development of his hometown by locally elected officials, local farmers and local consumers, plus aiding in development projects through financing and planning. Marcio Allor is a well known Brazilian due to his importance at BMG, being a local, his philanthropic work and his active political circles all throughout Brazil.

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