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Big Changes Could Be Coming To Squaw Valley

A recent op-ed published by Andy Wirth in the Auburn Journal outlined the plans that the CEO has in place to improve tourism in the area. Wirth is seeking to improve the year-round tourism of the area in order to create more jobs for the local economy. Even in years with significant snowfall Lake Tahoe sees far less visitors in the spring than it should given the quality of its terrain. With the help of 500 community meetings Wirth’s plan is finally set to go before the Placer County Board of Supervisors for consideration.

At the forefront of Andy Wirth‘s plan is a desire to protect the environment while also providing a variety of new and exciting recreational opportunities. Thanks to the meetings the projects size has been significantly reduced, and what little construction is left will have a minimal impact as 90 percent will be replacing existing parking lots. Wirth also wants to restore Squaw Creek and will also be contributing $1 million each year to other environmental initiatives. The new construction will not even harm anyone’s views of the mountain as the revised plan reduced building heights by 30 percent or even removed them altogether.

Aside from its commitment to the environment the plan will also greatly benefit the local economy. It will produce 1,400 new jobs and $25 million in additional tax revenue. Locals and visitors alike will be delighted with the miles of new hiking and biking trails that are being created. Additonally, a Mountain Adventure Camp is being created with world-class training facilities.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth has overseen a dramatic change in the ski area during his time as CEO. When he first arrived it was not a very popular destination, however within a year he changed its reputation to that of one of the tops in the industry. Wirth accomplished this by improving nearly every aspect of the resort from mountain conditions and lodging all the way to the culinary program at the resort. Due to Wirth’s track record of success this plan, if it passes, will significantly improve tourism as well as jobs in the Lake Tahoe area.

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