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Bernardo Chua the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur

Bernardo Chua, a businessman from the Philippines, has come a long way since starting out in his career. He has worked closely with two major businesses: Gano Excel in the past and now the largely successful marketing company, Organo Gold. He and his company, which he started in 2008, have risen to fame in the last few years and were granted several honors and awards in early 2015.

Chua’s company Organo Gold mainly sells tea, coffee, vitamins, and other personal care products. The main difference between his company and others is that his products contain Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a mushroom found in Asia that has anti-oxidant and other healing properties. According to researchers, it may even be helpful for treating some types of cancer. By selling his products with Ganoderma in them, Chua has been working to increase awareness of this herb in the West.

LinkedIn tells us Chua has many branches of his company open in over 35 different parts of the world, including the Philippines, the USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, and many others. His most recent opening took place in Turkey, which is the country credited for the establishment of the world’s first coffee house. According to Chua’s Facebook , this new branch is beneficial to the company as a whole because it brings the Asian, African, and European branches together.

Organo Gold is one of the first companies to find success in selling Ganoderma products outside of Asia. In 2015, the company won two People’s Choice Awards, while Chua himself and two of his coworkers also earned Dangal ng Bayan Awards. Chua’s award named him an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur,” as his company is currently one of the fastest growing around the world. His hope is that Organo Gold will continue to grow over time and become a part of customers’ healthy lifestyles. Follow him on Twitter at @OGBernie.

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