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Bernardo Chua Is A Leader WIth A Vision To Change The World

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman and network marketer today that started off working in the Philippines at Gano Excel, where he grew up. As he worked and continued to rise through the ranks, Bernardo helped Gano Excel spread into Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong as an executive for the company. Bernardo even moved to California in the U.S. to be president of Gano Excel U.S.A, selling their products of coffee, capsules, and various other foods that contained Ganoderma. A special mushroom with natural health benefits.

Gano Excel was originally founded in Malaysia and lead the market in marketing, distribution, cultivation, innovation, and production of Ganoderma products. This earned the company recognition worldwide and earned them names such as pioneers and global leaders in the marketing industry. Today, Gano Excel is the largest Ganoderma company in the world, working in over 60 countries. Learn more on YourBeautyCraze.com

As a Filipino native, Bernardo Chua had worked in marketing for many years, and for over a decade now he has been an industry leader when it comes to promoting health and wellness in business. After Bernardo founded Organo Gold in 2008, it became one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Rightly so, Organo Gold was shown to be the fastest growing network marketing company during 2015. Bernardo has expanded the companies operations and sell products in more than 35 different countries around the world.

Today, Organo Gold is a major sponsor for the OG Cares Foundation, which supports the communities youth through various opportunities to be productive and make changes in the environment and their hometowns. This has a positive effect on future generations and incites change for better support in communities around the world. OG Cares Foundation’s vision is to impact people all over the world to develop a better foundation for tomorrows future leaders. More of Bernardo Chua’s projects and accomplishments, as well as his efforts in philanthropy, can be seen at organogold.com.

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