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Bernardo Chua: Bringing the East to the West

With its global headquarters based in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada, the multinational beverage company, Organo Gold, was founded and is currently ran by Bernardo Chua. Affectionately known as Bernie, Chua has taken this once coffee company with a twist and expanded it into a global power product.

With operations in more than 35 countries, Organo Gold is one of the leading suppliers of high end nutraceutical coffees, teas, and other herbal beverages. Organo Gold uses only all natural ingredients, including organic Ganoderma Lucidium, which is well known and his been used in Asian countries for centuries.

This is a mushroom that has been long used throughout many regions of Asia for a variety of natural health benefits. Chua sought to bring this knowledge to the greater populace and has used his signature blends as the vehicle with which introduce the West to this amazing ingredient. Organo Gold was officially launched in 2008.

Bernie is a well-liked, highly successful businessman who has been honored again and again for his business acumen and the quality of the products he develops. He was among the first to bring Ganoderma and its variety of health benefits to the global marketplace, providing a number of different means by which this product can be consumed.

Chua has long been aware of the power and benefits of Ganoderma. With a Chinese heritage, Chau grew up in the Philippines where he was exposed to the variety of uses of different natural remedies.

Organo Gold has been a widely lauded success and Chua continues to bring more high quality nutraceutical options to the global marketplace. With a business model of direct sales, Bernie has taken a once small company and made it into an award winning, worldwide name. His products are available worldwide through a network of independent product distributors.

With his unique product as well as alternative business model, Chua has brought a new, all-natural, high end product to the Western world and created an ever-expanding multinational business in the process. Bernie has been awarded with the highly prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal, among many other international and regional awards for his unique and high value business model and product line.

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