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Bay Area Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Shares Why Teak Furniture Varies So Much In Price

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian can be found at the intersection of technology and healthcare. He starts companies in the Bay Area that use technology to solve problems. This includes a company that uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat people with therapy-resistant severe depression. This is especially relevant in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley where many people in startups have a major depressive disorder. TMS was approved for use by the Federal Drug Agency in 2008 and increasingly more health care plans are covering the costs.

This company now has seven facilities in Northern California. Each one is about 3,000 square feet with a waiting area, consultation, and treatment rooms. Ara Chackerian says that each location is set up to feel like a place of relaxation rather than like a doctor’s office. This is very important as these clinics are helping patients with psychiatric disorders.

Also a philanthropist, he owns a teak farm in Nicaragua. These trees are grown in a sustainable and green manner, improving the environment rather than harming it. Ara Chackerian shared on his blog how teak can be used to create beautiful furniture. It can be used for both interior and exterior furniture and is very durable. People have been using teak to build furniture for generations throughout the world.

Shopping for teak furniture online, people will quickly notice that the prices are all over the place. Pieces that look very similar can vary by a great deal in price. Ara Chackerian says the difference is in the quality of the teak itself. Some manufacturers cut corners by getting low-quality teak from suspect sources. Other manufacturers source teak from fully certified plantations that are responsible and well managed. It costs more to get quality teak from those growers who practice sustainable forestry practices following environmentally safe standards.

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