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Autism Rocks: Why Go Fund Me?

Contributing to charities is second nature to Sanjay Shah. For more than 10 years children living in India have benefited from his generous nature. However, the past five years Sanjay’s philanthropic attention has been focused on a charity whose scientific research reaches into his own household: Autism Rocks.

Motivated by a love of his son, and the desire to help find answers to many of the questions that parents have when living with a child with autism, Sanjay was soon organizing concerts with notable performers such as Prince to garner funds to support the Dubai foundation’s research. More recently a Go Fund me page was created to provide everyone an opportunity to make a contribution to the advancement of knowledge for autism.

Sanjay Shahs’ youngest son, Nikhil, is diagnosed with autism. Since 2011, he has contributed monetarily to the research facility in Dubai focused on examining the causes of and research for Autism. The Dubai Autism Center is a support and resource center for the families of autistic children. Though they are government funded, Sanjay Shah approached them to inquire how he could be of assistance in providing additional support to further the Autism Centers goals. Upon learning the need for minibusses to provide transportation Sanjay generously sponsored a couple of vehicles by Hyundai. Sanjay still felt more could be contributed financially in the field of research for autism so he began the goal of raising money, first through friends and acquaintances then later by charitable events with notable performers like Prince, Snoop Dog, Josh Stone, and Drake just to name a few. Thus began the start of the charity Autism Rocks.

Most recently, a Go Fund Me page was created so the general public can provide their support to this worthy cause. Funds contributed through Go Fund Me for Autism Rocks supports Cambridge University research that is part of the Autism Research Center (ARC). This center also receives funds from the Autism Research Trust (ART). All funds are donated to the ART trust which then funds 15 research projects including methods for early identification and development of children with autism.

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