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Beneful guarantees a healthy and a happy life for your dog

All of us are innocuous when it comes down to improving our lives. We tend to acquire the best available commodity in the market to enhance our lifestyle, but when it comes down to our lovely pets, we frown. We look forward to buying items and food packages that are affordable instead of something that is wholesome as well as healthy.

Dogs are going to stand by us no matter how miserably we fail in our lives. They are going to stand in the corner and listen to our silent sobs. It is going to be our lovely pet that will stand up for our rights and ensure that we are kept away from the unwanted violence. In the long run, our dog is going to become an indomitable part of our family.

Here’s a list of things we can do to provide them with a healthy and a happy life:

Care for them: Providing them with an antiseptic bath incessantly is going to ensure a healthy life. Cleaning their ears and ensuring that there’s no fungus or bacterial infection is essential.

Healthy Food: the increase in the presence of fertilizer in the fodder is a dangerous thing. We need to provide our dear pet with something that is mild, healthy and wholesome.

Beneful on facebook happens to be the best brand food for our lovely dogs. Beneful ensures that our dogs are provided with all the requisite nutrients. Beneful is a brand that counts taste as an important part of healthy eating and happy living. You can choose out of twenty different varieties and leverage your dog with a healthy meal without compromising with the taste.

A cheap Bed: Now that we all are on a mission to improve the life of our dog. Starting with a little cushioned bed is going to be of great help. With a little cozy bed, we can also restrict the movement of our little muffin. The restricted movement will help you in micromanaging your exquisite house with great ease.

Train Them: If you are looking forward to provide your dog with a happy and healthy life then train them. Let them learn varied skills. Tell them about the varied nuances of the world and help them cope up with the same. While also coaxing them to go that extra mile and develop a life that is beautiful as well as self-dependent.

There’s no site better than the one where our kids and our pets are making the most of their life. We should vow that we would provide them with items that are good. Beneful is a brand that brings us the best food for our dear pet. High quality food will ensure higher energy, which will result in a happier and a healthier life.

All You Need to Know About Business in Dallas

Businesses have sprouted across all corners of the world and every day people have witnessed the introduction of new ideas in the areas of business. Dallas has not been an exception among areas that have witnessed massive changes as far as business is concerned. Each day, businesses are coming up with new features that are meant to reduce the stress involved in running business. Dallas offers a sufficient market for products and is one of the best places for start-ups to gain in business. All sorts if investors have ventured into business within this area and this has been contributed by the readily available market as well as favorable conditions that make it easy to operate a business.

One of the things that have enabled easy access to business services is the security features that have been installed within Dallas, TX. This has allowed investors to come from different locations to invest within the area. There are automatic systems that are able to detect unwanted items that may be a threat to humans and the responsiveness of security professionals within the region has been commendable. They are well equipped and supplied with all the necessary items and training to make sure they can handle any situation that happens within the region.

The availability of a flawless infrastructure has also been a contributing factor to the success of businesses within Dallas. It is because of a flawless network that investors have been able to reach the markets in time and to get all items needed availed at the right time. This has led to the growth of a business culture and the development of premier institutions that have helped businesses to thrive. Small and medium businesses have to keep up with the rising competition from well established businesses and this has meant they will have to step up their marketing budgets.

North American Spine has been featured severally as one of the best institutions for medical services that revolve around spinal treatments. The company has managed to get the best technological features and they have absorbed well trained professionals, who have been in the industry for many years. This is one of the things that have kept North American Spine up and running amid high levels of competition that are available within Dallas. They have offered more than 8000 accurascope treatments and most of their clients can attest to the fact that they have the best technology within Dallas. This is a well reputed company that has scooped awards for the great service they have been offering for years. It is the first institution that has seen continuous success in a competitive region. They also have attractive insurance plans for all their clients and this has been a plus to their performance rating.

Changing the World like Brad Reifler


There are many people that want to make an impact on the world through the services that they provide. However, few people are willing to take a risk or put in the work required to do so. At an early age, Brad Reifler was able to start a company and help thousands of people in the process. Anyone that is wanting to provide value to the world through their work can learn a lot from his life. Here are several tips for anyone that wants to impact the world through their company.


Wikipedia has written that it is important to have passion for the cause that you are working for. There are many people that do not have real passion for the work that they are doing. There are going to be times in business when times get tough. Passion is key because it can help you stay motivated when things do not go your way. Anyone that is wanting to start their own company needs to have a deep passion for what they are doing.


Starting a company is something that takes a lot of hard work. Anyone that is interested in starting a company needs to be prepared for all of the possible issues that may come their way. There are many people that think they want to start a company before they are truly ready. This leads to a lot of burnout for new business owners, and this is one of the reasons that so many people fail in business.

Customer Focus

Finally, it is important to have a unique focus on the customer. There are many businesses that only interested in making a quick dollar in their business. However, the most successful companies are ones that invest in their customers over the long term.

Online dating AnastaciaDate style

Online dating is a platform where people meet to start a relationship over the internet. The relationship can be personal, romantic or sexual.It provides unmoderated matchmaking.The sites can target a niche market,e.g., Ukrainian women and can be broad based.In these sites, people upload their photos and can engage in web chats with each other.These sites provide a place to meet.
Lewis Altfest came with the idea of online matchmaking in 1964.In 1965 with a friend, they started Project TACT.A Person filled a questionnaire with a series of questions and sent it.Modern online dating sites are more developed than that of course.But the premise hasn’t changed.They use algorithms to make their decisions.These mathematical computations follow psychological theories on human relations to give you the most appropriate match for you.When faced with many options, most humans find it hard to make a choice.Hence, many online platforms make try to make the decisions easier.But a date is always an exercise in adjustment.
Anastisiadate is an online dating site that connects over 4million people in 110 countries.It has high success rate in it’s online matchmaking.It facilitates dating services with exciting romantic connections with stunning and beautiful women throughout the world.Over 1.5 million chats are exchanged daily in their site.It was founded in 1993 by A Russian woman who married an American man.It was named after Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.She was a grand duchess who was seen as a role model for other women.In 1997, they opened their first site.They went truly online in 2003.It has four main sites:AnastasiaDate.com ,AmoLatina.com, AsianBeauties.com and AfricaBeauties.com.It mostly target wealthy Americans in the 35 -60 age bracket seeking eastern European women.This particular demographic makes 68 % of their core business.Opening an account with them is easy.
AnastasiaDate is different because of the way it handles dating. It seeks to mix concepts of traditional love and romance with modern realities.That’s why most people using the site seek out women.They even organise romance tours for the guys.In these tours, the lads are taken to meet the girls.There are interpreters in these tours, and you get to meet the woman of your choice.The choice is cut for you.They have verification methods to weed out scammers.They use affiliate agencies in cities all over the world to recruit.Ultimately though, it’s the decision of individual people to detect cons.Their motto is bringing people together.On Twitter, they post useful advice on dating and how to protect yourself.They recently launched an app on android and apple platforms.In the app, you can chat live, video chat and view profiles.You can even receive notifications.The Anastasia Date site contains over 8000 profiles of women to browse through. It’s a welcome relieve.

Writing Books is Either Ego or Money Inspiration says Marc Sparks

Being a published author myself, I can mostly agree with Marc Sparks about his answer to this question that he was asked at least 100 times before he finally answered it. He was asked after writing his book, They Can’t Eat You-My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success, “Why did you write a book?” His answer was short and simple. It is because of ego or money. That is true for the most part. However, I do think it can be both and not one OR the other. Writing a book will allow others to experience and learn about the life, work or story of the author, who is likely very notable for having accomplished something. Better yet, the author is someone who can tell a great story with many strange and compelling sub plots and an astounding main plot. What is so impressive about story tellers is their command and control of the entire effort. It is a mystery to many how these books are written.

For those who write money driven books, Marc Sparks says they suffer the most difficult task. He says that it is extremely difficult to sell many books. This I can say is the truth. I have noticed that the people who can sell their books and get on the New York Times Best Seller list are those who have radio talk shows, or are talking heads on news shows. They are also people who have had a well publicized misfortune that captivates a large audience who might buy the book, or someone who is very popular in iconic terms. Most books don’t sell. The ones that do are less than 1/10th of 1% of all books in publication.

Marc Sparks may be right about this as most well accomplished people are this way because of very strong ego driven desires. Big egos will need to make a big noise in the world and then let everyone know about what they have done by writing a book. The good news for these authors is that many people will want to read about their very interesting lives and the things that they know and what they have done.

Marc Sparks found writing difficult to endure as he had to complete this book he wrote in 3 years after 11 full drafts. He says he got through it after almost quitting by living by his virtue of always completing things that he starts. I admire his efforts and wish that I had a life of spiritual success to brag about as he does of his material life.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

Adam Sender-How Creativity Drives Success

Adam Sender is one of the most successful art investors in the world. His tireless ability to spot out winning companies has made him the sweetheart of Wall Street. His knowledge of marketplace psychology gives him the foresight to create winning investment strategies that are very groundbreaking by nature. His intimate relationship with the art world is something that thousands of art collectors have learned to respect him for and his excitement about art has led him to gain a thorough understanding of who he is and what is the what message he wants to send through the pieces he collects. BusinessInsider also discussed Adam Sender.

It has always been his passion to support artists that show promise and artistic integrity because he sees himself as an artist as well. Tons of people admire his ability to choose winning companies and thrive on his words of wisdom as they are guided by his expertise.

He started his career as an art investor by investing in a photograph taken of a woman in the bed covered in bed sheets. By investing $100,000 in this photograph of this woman startled and befuddled investors all around the world because he so early on, had the passion and foresight to allow his feelings to guide his decision-making, as opposed to the typical Wall Street exec that typically gravitates towards the most expensive thing. Adam Sender’s art collection is well worth millions of dollars making him one-of the top ten art collectors of his day.

Sender has purchased over 400 pieces of work from various artists all around the world with the focus of expressing himself through the artwork that he invests. He has plans to open a few museums of his own filled with his artwork in the near future, as to promote his vision for what beauty really is and what it means to him.

It is extremely gratifying for him to focus on the cultivation of so many art careers. It is extremely difficult to succeed as an artist without someone with lots of capital to back your work as Adam sender has. As it is one of life’s great mysteries how to properly invest in art, Adam Sender has mastered this craft and has the money to prove it. Not only is he a board member of some of the world’s most powerful art based companies, he is also a leader in the world of cultivating businesses that drive the free world.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate in the world that is as fast-paced as the one we live in today, Adam Sender has established a powerful, innovative leadership role within several companies that enable him to indulge in all of the world’s finest art, not only having the first pick at the world’s best art, but being able to shape the ideals of people in society.

Getting Noticed in the Cosmetics Industry: Lime Crime

Every woman (and some men) owns their fair share of cosmetics or makeup. Cosmetics are chemical substances usually derived from natural sources or synthetics. These are designed to enhance our natural features or to beautify a woman’s body and face. Cosmetics include makeup such as mascara, lipstick, lip liner, blush, concealor, foundation or face powder, eye liner, eye shadow – just to name a few! It also includes care products such as lotion, hair dye, hair care products, perfumes, skin care creams and more. The FDA excluded soap from the list but bubble baths and bath salts are included.
The cosmetics industry is a billion dollar industry. Perfumes alone bring in billions. There are many companies that sell these products. The largest cosmetic companies are Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. United States leads the world in sales of cosmetics. Girls are using makeup at increasingly younger ages although this is a controversial subject.
What age is appropriate for a female to start using makeup is not the only controversial question in cosmetics. There is another great controversy over whether or not these companies should be allowed to test their products on animals. Just like the first question, people come down on all sides of this controversy. It is a serious debate not to be taken lightly.
Many companies are choosing to not use animal testing with their products. Many others are going even further and creating cruelty free products. Lime Crime is one company that designs cruelty free true color makeup for the new green generation. Their colors are bold and unique and fun. They have hair colors, lipsticks, eye shadow and more. Furthermore, all their products are vegan (so if eaten they are not harmful) and not tested on animals. This is truly important and appreciated for the green generation especially for the animal lovers out there. This company shows us that animal testing is not necessary to produce beautiful cosmetics products. Many companies accent natural colors: tans, browns, reds, blacks and whites. Lime Crime features blues, greens, purples and even orange for our lips as well as our eyes. It is truly inspiring, sexy and creative for those wanting a different look that gets attention. With all the various products out there, this one definitely stands out.

Vijay Eswaran Incorporates Spiritual Beliefs Into Business

Business leaders are not often associated with spiritual leaders. The bottom line of the profit and loss sheet does not easily lend itself to taking a holistic worldview. Yet there are those who manage to run their businesses successfully while also incorporating a spiritual philosophy into both their personal and professional endeavors.

Vijay Eswaran, the co-counder and executive chairman of Qi Group, is one individual who has demonstrated how to merge business with spirituality. Eswaran is a firm believer in the philosophy and ethics of Mahatma Ghandi even as he has overseen one of the fastest growing direct sales operations worldwide.

Eswaran is of Indian descent but was born in Malaysia. He received his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics. After working various odd jobs in Europe for a year, he attended Southern Illinois University to obtain his MBA. After a stint at Synaptics in the United States, Eswaran decided to start his own business and founded the Qi Group.

After initially developing a business through sales of commemorative gold coins, the Qi Group developed into a broader direct sales conglomerate. It has expanded its portfolio to include several wellness and lifestyle products. The company has now established itself as a dominant presence in southeast asia, with regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Eswaran has also overseen the consolidation of Qi Group’s production facilities in India. Eswaran works hard to share his business, life management, and philanthropic ideas.

Eswaran is a prolific author, and his spiritual philosophy is best explained in his book “In The Sphere of Silence.” Baed on the Vedic philosophy of “practicing silence” Eswaran spends at least 60 minutes every morning in silent meditation. By focusing on his spirit within, Eswaran finds it easy to take on the material challenges the business world throws at him every day. In accordance with the beliefs of Ghandi, Eswaran focuses on listening and seeing as much as speaking.

Eswaran’s unique spiritual approach has resulted in several accolades. In 2012 Eswaran received the New Global Indian award for philanthropy and business excellence at the Global Indian Business Meet in New York. In 2013, Eswaran was recognized as CEO of the Year by the Asian Business Advisory Counsel of Malaysia. One of the achievements that Eswaran is proud to have been awarded Malaysian Business Awards CEO of the Year from the Asean Business Council in 2013.

The success of his companies and the praise of his peers demonstrates that Eswaran’s spiritual approach to business allows one to succeed while also taking a spiritual worldview.

The Main Benefits to Working with Qnet

Owning a company is a very big deal for many entrepreneurs, and this is why they need to take the extra steps necessary to truly grow the business of their dreams. The first step to doing this is by working with Qnet. Qnet is an international e-commerce website and company that can help a ton of other companies grow and establish their businesses. Whether it is a product that someone is trying to sell or a company that needs to grow online, Qnet is there to let business owners that this is a very realistic goal that they can find for themselves.

Qnet is an e-commerce website that bases itself on the Internet for other international companies. One main problem that a lot of international business owners have is being able to reach a broad audience for their product or service. They may feel stuck specifically in the area in which they live, and this can hinder the overall growth of their company to where they do not bring in the revenue that they need to continue growing as a business. Qnet can help to bring these business owners the audience that they need and the potential customers who can help to keep their sites and businesses continually growing with time. Qnet pays its workers for the products that they are able to sell to other people.

When a business owner makes the decision to work with Qnet, they are doing something that is beneficial in more ways than one. First, it is important to realize that the vast majority of shoppers are now doing a lot of their shopping on the Internet. This alone can help a site to grow because of the huge influx of e-commerce shoppers. Qnet can help to establish a website and growth plan for online shopping businesses, and this is just what an international company needs to do the best that they possibly can. The company also has a new app for use in the Google Play store.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding Qnet and making use of their services for all types of businesses, brands and products. The fact that Qnet has worked with hundreds of other internationally-based companies to help them expand their audience shows that they can help just about anyone who may be in need of e-commerce help and assistance. Qnet is a great company to utilize and they have the skills and tools needed to help those who have to grow internationally because they simply are not getting the customers they need from where they currently live. Qnet is a fantastic e-commerce platform that thousands are currently using for their own benefit, and they are definitely a reliable and smart choice for those who would like to improve the look and quality of their business without all of the problems that they might deal with on their own.

Hitting Up Ski Season with Andrew Wirth

For anyone who loves to ski, there is a good chance they have visited the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts located in Olympic Valley, California. These are both locations that are operated by Andrew Wirth, who works as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of both of these two different popular locations. Of course, Andrew Wirth has worked in the industry for well over 25 years now, and with this work he has managed to become one of the top executives in the region when it comes to the combination of outdoor activities and hotel stays.

Originally, Andy Wirth did not start out in the ski resorts. Instead, after graduating from Colorado State University, he went to work with Steamboat Springs Resorts when he was 23 years old and worked in several different positions within this resort. Eventually, Steamboat Springs Resort (which is located out of Boulder, Colorado), went on to open up a new resort and expanding its product name and services to form the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation.

He stayed with the company working in several different positions for the better part of the next two decades, where he eventually went on to beacon the chief marketing office and the Executive VP for the company called Intrawest, which went on to purchase Steamboat Ski and Resort by the end of 2007. Three years later, Andrew Wirth left his position with the company in order to become the president of Squaw Valley, where he is currently in the same position over five years later.

While working in this position, Andrew Wirth has received several different awards due to the excellence he has offered to the community and those who visit the ski resorts. This includes the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, which is awarded by the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. This group looks at all of the different hotels that are part of the surrounding states in order to determine what CEOs are making a difference within the communities while still offering some of the best services. Beyond this position award he has also received the Steamboat Springs business Leader of the Year award as well as several other awards that are given by special groups, including the Disabled Sports USA group. All of this is due to the improvements Andrew Wirth has made to make the resorts more accessible for everyone.