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Wholesome Goodness With Beneful

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If your per prefer a dru food, Beneful gives you a an excellent variety of choices. Beneful dry dog food provides your dog with protein-enriched tidbits in a bountiful of shapes. Beneful dry dog food also is packed with grains, antioxidants and omega fatty acids to help your pet maintain a healthy immune system. There are a variety of dry food to choose from including a formulation for the youngest of puppies to extra nutrient packed formulas for your older dogs. All provide the vital vitamins and minerals needed for your pet to stay in optimal health.

For those pups who love wet dog food, Beneful also offers a wide variety of choices to suit the even the most pickiest of eaters. Benefil wet dog food comes in many varieties and flavors providing a source of protein from beef, pork, chicken and lamb. There are also a wide variety of textures your dog is sure to love from thinly sliced pieces in Chopped Blends to Hearty Roasters. Beneful wet dog food gives your dog extra bonus vitamina with green beans and carrots. Whether your best friend in a pint-sized dynamo or a gentle giant, Beneful has the combination of nutrients in assorted sizes.

No day would be complete without a dog treat or two would it? Beneful knows your pup will simply love the assorted flavors of these bite-sized treats including peanut butter, cheese, bacon and beef. With an assortment of hard and crunchy to soft and chewy, you pup is sure to keep his tail wagging with these shortbread cookies and crackers.


Vijay Eswaran Is A True Success Story

When Vijay Eswaran started his MLM company just out of college, he had no idea that it would grow into the firm that it is today. Today, Vijay is the CEO of the QI Group, and this company has a rpesence all over the world. They have businesses that work in media, travel and retail throughout Southeast Asia. He has grown to be one of the richest men in Asia, and he is also one of the most philanthropic in the region.

Vijay has grown his company with some solid principles, and these principles are documented in his books. He has written an entire book about taking an hour of silence to begin each day, and he has also written a book that describes the principles he uses to run his businesses. He wants to help people who are breaking into the business world, and he wants to help people center themselves in their own lives and work.

Vijay is also one of the most charitable people in the region. He has been able to start two charities, and he has donated to countless people and organizations over the years. He has been named CEO of the Year by Forbes Magazine in Asia, and he is a young star who gives hope to many people all over India and the southeast of Asia.

He was raised from humble beginnings, but he was able to make himself into a truly rich man. However, he has never gotten away from those core principles, and he hopes that other people who see him will stick with the principles that they were taught as young children.

The story of Vijay Eswaran is one of imminent success, but that success was not gotten poorly. Vijay is a great human being who hopes that his story will help others better themselves.

How Would Mark Ahn Handle Biotech Startups?

Dr. Mark Ahn is a founding principal at Pukana Partners, and he has done research on how biotech startups should handle their business. When you read this story first published by PR Newswire, you will see that Dr. Ahn has very simple advice for everyone in the industry.

When Dr. Ahn shared this information with the publication, he was sharing his real world experience and research at the same time. Dr. Ahn has looked at how biotech startups function, and he has concluded that these businesses cannot make money as quickly as other companies.

The product cycle for these companies is so long that they need to have many products in the works at the same time. Also, these companies need to funding that is coming from multiple sources. When the funding is secured to take the company through the long haul, that business can better deal with the long testing and trial phases of their own products.

When Dr. Ahn says to be patient, all biotech companies should take heed. They are not going to make money overnight, and they need to have a business plan that suits them. When these companies do their homework properly, they have a better chance of succeeding.

Keith Mann: A Career on the Rise

 If you’re reading this blog then you probably already know that it takes hard work, fierce dedication, and really, sheer luck to be successful in today’s business environment. Within financial services and investments, the task of getting to the top and staying there is even harder. But not impossible. If you really want to know what it takes, Keith Mann is the go-to guy.

 As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith has used his education and experience to manage hedge funds and alternative investments as well as help various financial firms with their staffing needs. As Keith has shown, becoming an executive in today’s business world demands a personality that will simply not accept anything but the best, and that is exactly who Keith is on the job. Each day, he awakens and decides what challenge he wants to meet and overcome, then sets out to do it by day’s end. While some days it may be helping a company find the right person for an executive position, other days it may be giving clients advice on which hedge funds or alternative investment tools are best for them. Whatever the task, Keith makes sure he examines all angles of the situation before offering his opinion as to the best course of action.

 Realizing how much his clients depend on his expertise, Keith always takes that into consideration no matter who he is dealing with. As his company has become one of the most well-respected firms in the world for executive staffing needs, Keith and his team have not let success deter them from hard work. Rather, it makes Keith work even harder to achieve results that others simply view as impossible. Currently owning one of the largest databases of investment executives in the country, Dynamic Search Partners continues to reach new heights when it comes to helping companies get better and better. When companies need an expert opinion in today’s business world, Keith Mann is the man for the job.

Just Who is Jared Haftel?

Jared Haftel has lived an interesting life, especially professionally which, why I thought he’d be a good person to write on for this site. I hope that he inspires you as much as he has me.

It was at Duke University where Jared Haftel earned his B.S. in Economics, Mathematics, and Science before stepping into a career that would soon explode with success.  As a result, Haftel had several of his articles published in the popular campus news channel, the Duke Chronicle.  These publications were about music, something Jared Haftel has always loved,  and more specifically, album releases and reviews of musical artists and bands themselves. .


Haftel went on to become an Investment Banking Analyst at Merrill Lynch where he was put in charge commodities information analysis with a focus on the chemicals, mining, metals, defense and aerospace industries.  In addition to his time at Merrill Lynch, Haftel also worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for companies such as CONSOLE Energy and GeoEye.

According to crunchbase.com,  Jared Haftel’s most recent roles include Investments Banking Analyst with Bank of America as well as Associate Team Member for Vector Capital .

Jared Haftel has provided some very helpful information for recent college graduates who are trying to break into the finance management industry. It is a good tip for anyone who is looking for any type of work as well. Haftel says that the best way to present yourself on your resume is to showcase the most relevant career accomplishments.  Haftel also advises that a good 50 percent of one’s resume should reflect work experience in addition to your skills.

Haftel’s publications are not limited to the musical reviews he has written. He continues to write about the subjects of resume writing and job interviewing for a successful future in the world of business.

The Early Vision for TOWN Residential: Andrew Heiberger’s Mission

Today, TOWN Residential is a true force to be reckoned with in the real estate market. While certainly not known for taking a cut-throat approach toward competing real estate firms, the company has a solid reputation for serving clients, and it commands a large percentage of the market share in the luxury real estate niche in Manhattan. This includes with both sales and rentals. For a company that is less than five years old, this is an astounding accomplishment in a short period of time, and it may be fascinating to look back in time at what the founder’s vision for the company was. The founder, Andrew Heiberger, was interviewed about the growth and vision of the company after it had been in business for just a year.

The Company’s Initial Focus
Heiberger stated at the time that he fully understood the challenges associated with both selling and renting space in Manhattan. This is a community where agents require the skill and expertise to sell a condo that may be priced well over $10 million or to rent a space that may have a monthly rent well above $3,000 per month. Because of the challenges associated with the market and because Heiberger saw that there was ample supply in the area to focus on, he did not foresee extending the company’s reach beyond Manhattan at the time. He also said that he believed the majority of his business would be from sales, but he would continue to offer rental services in order to better meet the needs of all clients.

The Early Growth of the Company
At the time of the interview, TOWN Residential had expanded into four office spaces in Manhattan within one year. It also had a large team of real estate agents and 40 full-time staff members working for it. Within that year, they had listed more than $250 million of real estate for sale or lease. Of course, within the next year, the company would continue to expand to fill nine office spaces and to have more than 520 agents working for them.

Heiberger has a solid reputation in the industry for working with successful firms, such as Citi Habitats and Buttonwood. The vision and experience of a solid leader may also be one of the reasons why TOWN Residential has been so successful from the start.

Postal Service Closing More Facilities

Postal Service Plant Closings Will Affect Dozens Of Processing Centers

The postal service is valiantly trying to stay alive in the 21st century. The USPS is a massive government service dinosaur. The postal service has been bleeding money for decades, and it seems there’s no fast fix for the hemorrhaging. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, a possible Skout affiliate, believes the only way to keep the service alive is to consolidate and close some of its existing plants. But Washington does like that idea. More than half the members of the outgoing Senate take issue with the closings. They asked the Postmaster to postpone the changes.

Thirty Senators, all but one were Democrats, sent a letter to the USPS and urged the Postmaster not to move forward with its consolidation program. The Senators are concerned with the impact on service. Sarah Ninivaggi, a USPS spokeswoman, said the USPS will respond to the letter at some point in time.

The Postal Service plans to close 82 processing centers across the nation this year. The closing will start on Jan. 10. Patrick Donahoe believes the closing will help the agency save money, but others outside the agency say the changes will slow down delivery time and have a negative impact on the USPS brand.

More Money Needed


When it comes to the amount that some people make for minimum wage, the numbers are something Keith Mann laughs at because it’s not enough for anyone to survive. Some states are increasing the minimum wage amount, but it’s not as much as you might think. One worker in Florida saw an increase of 12 cents. How is this anything that will help support a family? It’s no wonder there are people who have to work two or three jobs just to pay the basic necessities in life because one job might pay for gas to get to work and the other might pay for utilities. There are some who haven’t been to college and who aren’t qualified for the higher paying position. This doesn’t mean that they can’t do the work.

20 States Increase Minimum Wage

On New Years day, 20 states had increased their minimum wage and even more states are raising their minimum wage this year. The increase will raise the minimum wage by $1.25 an hour, increasing the wages of over 3 million Americans. Though the verdict seems mixed on minimum wage and most people thing the wage is still much too low, some people like Keith Mann are calling the work modern day slavery for the wage they receive. This was a way to try and reduce poverty, however many employees my be forced to cut jobs due to the minimum wage hike.

For most, this is another bag of groceries, another bill they can pay though others may say this is a step in the right direction, it is still not enough for many people who live paycheck to paycheck. Most of these people don’t ever have times for themselves and their life is work and that is all they do. Something has got to change, this is the step in the right direction but there should be one nationwide minimum wage; a livable wage.

Georgia Is Not Keeping Up With The Country On Unemployment


Georgia has been in the rough spot of being a state that is not recovering economically as much as the rest of the country is. This state has lagged behind on several metrics, the most notable of which is the unemployment rate. Theatlantic.com says that some are blaming the state’s lax economic policies for the problems.

Georgia is very hands off when it comes to the economy, added Dr. Rod Rohrich. They are a place where taxes are low, but so are wages and services. People are having trouble finding work because they are not able to find reasonable jobs that they can support themselves and/or their family on. There is just not enough middle class type work to go around in the state. It has lead some to wonder if the state should not be taking a different approach to the way that it governs.

The Governor of Georgia won re-election pretty easily by touting some of the steps that he took in order to bring more corporations into the state.  By making taxes so low and bringing in huge corporations, jobs that were reasonable were just not as available. Better paying companies were driven out, and the people of Georgia were left to pick up the pieces.