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Dan Newlin Fights for Damages for the Little Guy

Dan Newlin, Esq. & Partners is energized to battle for you. Accident victims and their families have recovered over $150,000,000 from their legal work. Have you had a personal injury from an accident and find that you have lasting medical problems?

Dan Newlin & Partners is a prominent personal injury law firm. The law firm is focused on fighting for the little guy who has experienced an injury in an accident. The firm is committed to using their legal skills to achieve the settlements that you deserve. Dan Newlin prides himself in his accomplishments as a trail lawyer. While some cases do go to trial, most cases are settled through mediation. Dan Newlin’s medication skills include forceful presentation of his client’s case and strong advocacy for his client. The large settlements that he has achieved reflect his success both as a mediator and a trial lawyer.

Dan Newlin, Esq. & Partners pride themselves on their attentiveness to their clients. They say that they are eager to hear the client’s complete story. Then they work tirelessly and are fully committed to getting their client a settlement that the client deserves. To accomplish this goal, personal injury lawyers must work extremely hard, and they need to be systematic and comprehensive in examining all the information from the accident, injury or wrongdoing. This basis in fact and law provides personal injury lawyers the foundation for battling on behalf of their client. Dan Newlin, Esq. & Partners embrace the necessary work to achieve a fair settlement for their clients.

Personal injury lawyers have been trained in a broad spectrum of the law, but Dan Newlin, Esq. have selected to specialize in personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers provide legal services to individuals who have been injured as a result of an accident, negligence or wrongdoing of another medical institution or person.

There is a requirement that all lawyers take the Bar Examination. Once lawyers pass the Bar Examination, they are admitted to the Bar, and they are able to practice law in the specific state where they took the exam. After being admitted to the Bar, lawyers are considered licensed to practice by the Bar Association. As part of their being licensed to practice law by the Bar Association, the lawyers agree to follow the legal and ethical standards put forth by the Bar Association. Personal injury lawyers, as do all lawyers, follow these procedures and standards.

There are many ethical standards. The first and foremost standard is that the personal injury lawyer provide competent representation. The client should receive legal services that are based on legal knowledge and skill. The lawyer needs to prepare legal documents that are comprehensive and thorough.

A Recap on Shaygan Kheradpir’s Business Excellence

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-reputed businessperson in the business and technology sector. His success in business has been driven by his innovative nature and business acumen combined with his academic background. Testament to his academic proficiency is that he holds a bachelor’s degree, masters and PhD in engineering from Cornell University. In addition, he has managed to serve in several advisory boards such as the Cornell University Engineering Council.

His experience in the corporate world is enormous spanning for a period of more than 28 years. Shaygan’s experience comes from serving in executive positions of various sectors that include technology, and financial services. He started his career at GTE Corporation and later joined Verizon as the Chief Information Officer. Subsequently, he joined Barclays before he moved on to become the CEO of Juniper Networks. Before he made the next move to Coriant, he had held the role of Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners.

Marlin Equity Partners is a worldwide investment firm that boasts of more than $3billion in capital under its management. Since the firm was started, it has managed to complete more than 95 acquisitions. The company’s objectives is to offer customized solutions that meet the liquidity needs of shareholders, corporate parents ,and other stakeholders. It is currently based in Los Angeles, California with offices in London. The company helped form Coriant through the integration of Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Network, and Sycamore Networks businesses.

Coriant is a premier supplier of creative networking facilities to top network operators in more than a hundred nations. Its clients include nine out of ten leading international Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs).The company has in its possession more than 1800 patents. In addition, Coriant has been credited for various achievements that include being a world record holder for transmission capacity at 57.6 Tbps, and it is the leader in packet harmonization for mobile backhaul.

On 28 September 2015, Coriant announced Shaygan Kheradpir as its CEO and Chairman of the Board. This was to succeed the former CEO and president Pat DiPietro.

How BMG Bank In Brazil Has Transformed Business

BMG is one of the leading privately owned Bank in Brazil. The Bank was initially established in 1930 and offered commercial bank services with products and services given to institutions and individuals. Up to 1990s, the bank operated to give consumers and wholesale financing. The bank was known to finance heavy and light weight vehicle financing. Today, the bank has transformed its business and concentrates in giving payroll service loans, thereby cementing this portfolio.

Under the experienced vice president and director Marcio Alaor, BMG has continued to succeed. Today, the bank offers customers and wholesale funding. In the year 2012, the bank, in partnership with Itau Unibanco S.A started to commercialize and distribute payroll loans in Brazil. Today, the bank owns 40% of the voting capital stock and the other partner holding the rest.

Today, the BMG Bank focuses on growing the loaning portfolios through sustainable ways. This ensures the bank gets the attractive profits to offer banking services. Besides the bank adopt high-level corporate governing practices, with 40% of the members of the board being independent.

The bank specializes in high-quality credit portfolios inbuilt. This is based on conservative credit policies that ensure technical and detailed analysis on industry intelligence.

Today, the bank is diversifying its funding sources by seeking long-term growth strategies. An example of this is the BMG Invest. This is a fixed income source focusing on companies and individuals.


Today BMG Bank is the leading creditor in Brazil. Under the vice presidents Marcio Alaor who oversees the payroll loan segment, other executives are working under him who bring the private and public sectors to give credit services, loans and home equity financing. People can also get vehicle loans and other financings to any business.

Why the bank remains profitable

BMG Bank in Brazil has remained in the banking industry for the last 80 years. This is because the entity has come up with a variety of ways to pull resources, with the desire to capitalize on the revenues. There are a variety of banking strategies that maximize on opportunities available. These market strategies ensure the bank realizes its vision in giving services.

The developments and growth of BMG Bank in Brazil can be attributed to several factors. The sales strength and excellence in offering solutions and operations are some of the attributes. With high level of professionalism and top-notch leadership practices, the bank has remained one with capabilities to grow steadily in the future.

Yeonmi Park: An Agent for Change

Most people don’t know much about North Korea, and this is the way that the North Korean government most likely wants to keep it. But defectors like Yeonmi Park are determined to change this, which is why Park has gone around the world speaking out about the difficult childhood she experienced in North Korea. Although Park is only 22 years old, she has experienced more than several lifetimes full of pain and sorrow. From a very early age, she was exposed to such horrendous acts of violence that one has to wonder how she was even able to rise above it. For instance, when Park was only nine years old, she saw her best friend’s mother brutally executed along with a group of other people. Yeonmi Park spoke on the Guardian and describes the woman as kind and sweet, a very maternal figure who would give her cookies. But the North Korean government was determined to carry out its evil plans regardless of what anyone else thought about the matter. When Park’s father was caught selling metals to the Chinese, the family’s fate took a severe nosedive. For two years, her mother was interrogated about what she might have known. At one point, Park’s mother was imprisoned for going somewhere without having proper permission. Although other people were starving around them, Yeonmi said that he was so focused on her own physical sensation of hunger that she couldn’t even pay attention to them. She said that she got the idea to flee to China “for a bowl of rice” because she was sick of subsisting off of grass, grasshoppers, and frozen potatoes. Unfortunately, the situation became even more horrendous once the Park women finally escaped North Korea. Because they had no money—and China does not grant asylum to North Koreans—they were still as dirt poor as they were in North Korea. One of Yeonmi’s first memories of China was seeing her mother raped, and then being sold into human trafficking. It is a horrific tale, but it does have a good ending. Once again calling upon their resilience, Yeonmi and her mother walked across the Gobi desert, all the way to Mongolia. It was under the cover of darkness and it was freezing outside, but they managed to make it to the South Korean embassy, where they applied for asylum. Eventually they began to heal, trying to create some semblance of normal lives in a world that was completely foreign to them. Yeonmi often speaks of how beautiful the South Korean bathrooms appeared to her when she first saw them, as she was unaccustomed to what seemed—to her eyes—to be outright luxury. Compared to the situation in North Korea, it most certainly was. Now Yeonmi Park works tirelessly in her role as a human rights advocate. She’s a student, a volunteer for many organizations, and also takes time to go on speaking engagements around the world. Yeonmi has been interviewed on BBC by several well-known television reporters. Her autobiography was released by Penguin in September, 2015.

Brazilian Legal Mechanism

Brazil has a diverse legal system that is derived from different sources like Portugal which was its colony, Germany, Italy and France. After attaining independence, Brazil commenced a process of setting its own legal systems progressively. The aim was to elimination exterior legal influence that is incorporated in Brazilian legal systems. The government of the day developed universities and colleges to offer legal studies to high schools graduate and other professionals who wished to enroll for law degree. In the preceding years, Brazil had a large number of law graduates who were ready to offer legal services to other citizens.
Today, Brazil is ranked among the top countries with large number of legal professionals in the world. Lawyers in Brazil are recognized for their ability to offer services to foreign investors planning to venture into Brazilian market. Lawyers are supposed to offer services through law firms that are associated with them. Majority of Brazilian lawyers have specific areas of specialty or the law firms have different sections each covering its own area. As such, they are able to be more efficient in their services hence assisting their clients accordingly. Lawyers are professionals therefore they are entitled to adhere to code ethics and also high level of professionalism.
One of the most recognized lawyers in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is among the founders of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. His areas of specialty include bankruptcy, acquisition review, banking contracts, administrative law, banking contracts, election law and many others. Ricardo Tosto has worked in one Brazilian company as a legal advisor of its HR department. Also, he worked for Grupo Alusa, a Brazilian company as legal and administrative officer. He once headed the Judicial Modernization Committee and also the Judicial Reform Committee. Ricardo Tosto is a member of several organizations CESA, IBA, Steering Committee of the IMD among others. He is a recognized political and legal writer and his articles have been published in magazines and newspapers.
Ricardo Tosto started practicing law in a small firm but later was employed by a very experienced law firm specializing in corporate litigation. After working for some time in that firm, he established his own legal firm that is today recognized as one of the largest in Brazil. He has defended many high ranking individuals as well as companies in nationally recognized court battles. Additionally, he has offered legal services to major corporations and multinationals in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto initiated many legal mechanisms that are applied in the entire legal community in Brazil.
Finding a lawyer in Brazil is not a difficult assignment since there are many legal firms across the country. The most challenging thing is to hire the best lawyer or law firm providing excellent services to cater for the needs of the clients appropriately. Clients are advised to hire qualified and experienced lawyers who are capable of providing quality services. Indeed, lawyers are very important professionals and should be engaged whenever people have legal battle facing them.

QNet Breaks New Ground

Individuals involved in the business world know just how hard it can be to bounce back into the ray of relevance after other businesses have written you off. The competitive multi leveling marketing firm QNet Limited has decided to locate some of its Malaysian based firms and production teams to India in order to become a force in the marketing world. Along with some its marketing units QNet will also be relocating much of its manufacturing hub by shifting much of the company’s production to India. Suresh Thimiri is the CEO of a new franchisee for QNet based in India. Thimiri plans on producing much of the company’s electronics, consumer goods, as well as electronic segments in India’s new QNet franchise. The franchise has already begun manufacturing and producing many of their sought after watches in the Indian based firm. Along with their watches the franchise has also made room to produce their popular energy drink, Nutriplus, and will continue production there. Not only will the Indian based QNet firms get a boost in production, but the communities in which the firms are located will ultimately see an increase in daily commerce. Thimiri also reported that the shift in production will also offer India a cost benefit of 8 and 12 cents for every dollar. Many of the officials within the company reported that the Indian based firms have experienced a revenue growth of more than 100 percent throughout the 2014/2015 fiscal year. The same officials also report that the company will continue to grow and this incredible rate for some time to come.

QNet is gearing up for a such a monumental year and decided to share the celebratory city with representatives and employees. The company hosted a five day convention entitled Vcon in which 80 percent of the employees were of Indian descent. The salaries that these citizens will gain will also help drive more money into their local economy and commerce. Along with the sub-sequential salaries QNet will also be providing a vivid platform for Indian citizens to share some of their unique ideas and talents with the company. If any employees turns out to have a promising product QNet plans on marketing and developing the product. This will ultimately drive the employees to work hard creatively to reach the incentive of having their product or idea marketed and developed. If it proves successful they will gain monetary compensation and will pump even more money into the economy.

QNet isn’t just thinking about themselves when they decided to base some of their operations in the regions of India. They are doing their best to enrich developing communities by providing jobs and opportunities to those who just need an opportunity to shine.

Madison Street Capital Presser Recap

Madison Street Capital has been shortlisted by M&A Advisor as finalist in the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, a press release from PR.com reveals. M&A Advisor was established in 1998 to provide industry insights and intelligence on a wide variety of Merger and acquisition issues. According to the press release, the award is widely recognized as a high point of success for many companies, especially those in the financial sector. The award celebrates companies and professionals who have excelled in matters such as restructuring and financing as well as prudent deal making. Over the last 17 years, M&A has managed to string together a network of mergers and acquisitions and brought together many finance professionals. The company also organizes symposiums and award ceremonies, in addition to undertaking numerous research studies.

Madison Street Capital was nominated in the category of Cross-Border Deal of the Year (For deals under $10 – $25MM) for facilitating a deal that saw AVIVA’s acquire FabTrol Systems.

FabTrol is at the forefront of developing fabrication management software’s. The deal was overseen by Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street Capital MD and Ray Rodgers, the group’s Senior MD. Immediately after the announced was made by M&A Advisor, Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital described the recognition as a great honor. Botchway further reiterates that AVEVA’s current stream of software solutions will be boosted by the new deal. Award winners will be formally announced on Tuesday, November 17th during the much awaited 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala. A comprehensive list of all the companies nominated for the award is available at Maadvisor.net.

About Madison Street Capital – LLC
Madison Street Capital is a leading international investment banking firm that offers financial advisory services to private and public business concerns. The company’s core services include providing financial outlook, industry focused asset management, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services and merger and acquisition services. Madison Street Capital business valuation service is undertaken by a team of professionals who incorporate the use of highly sophisticated financial analytical tools and modeling techniques to make conclusive assessments. Today, Madison Street Company operates in 3 continents, North America, Asia and Africa. The company’s code of operation is based on the integrity, excellence, leadership and service deliver. These pillars have placed the company in a good position to assist businesses succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.


Source: PR.com

BMG In Brazil Truly Making Strides

When you think about the current banking industry in general, the fact of the matter is there are banks, branches, and locations all over the place that continue to pop up. People are starting to see that more and more commercial entities are starting to come about because the banking industry truly can be a lucrative game for some players in the field. Be careful of all of those companies that are only in it to get your business and make a quick buck, however, because at the end of the day you need to be sure you are partnering with an organization that truly cares about your business and giving you the service you deserve. If you aren’t sure which company to look to, then check out BMG in Brazil for the top quality service you deserve.

Not only has BMG in Brazil been such a historic bank in general, but the very roots of their service cna be traced to the same history of their founding. From day one the company has been about nothing else but taking care of the people and the communities that need them the most. This truly is one of the founding principles of any service oriented business, and Marcio Alaor continues to bring it to the table.

When you think about the top service that BMG of Brazil has come to know, the reason is that it was instilled in the company by Marcio Alaor. Though his top quality leadership truly is something that any organization can desire to have now, the fact of the matter is he has been learning these skills since the beginning. Any individual that truly cares about the specifics of service, results, and putting people first can see that is exactly how Marcio Alaor was raised. Not only was he able to bring that very same culture into his work environment from day one on the job even as a rookie employee, but the respect he was able to earn by putting people first truly helped him to grow his role in no time at all.

When you look to the reason that BMG in Brazil is having such success these days, don’t forget about the message and leadership of Marcio Alaor. At the end of the day any organization needs people to follow along, but you absolutely need to have someone who can lead others with the passion of Marcio Alaor.

Big Changes Could Be Coming To Squaw Valley

A recent op-ed published by Andy Wirth in the Auburn Journal outlined the plans that the CEO has in place to improve tourism in the area. Wirth is seeking to improve the year-round tourism of the area in order to create more jobs for the local economy. Even in years with significant snowfall Lake Tahoe sees far less visitors in the spring than it should given the quality of its terrain. With the help of 500 community meetings Wirth’s plan is finally set to go before the Placer County Board of Supervisors for consideration.

At the forefront of Andy Wirth‘s plan is a desire to protect the environment while also providing a variety of new and exciting recreational opportunities. Thanks to the meetings the projects size has been significantly reduced, and what little construction is left will have a minimal impact as 90 percent will be replacing existing parking lots. Wirth also wants to restore Squaw Creek and will also be contributing $1 million each year to other environmental initiatives. The new construction will not even harm anyone’s views of the mountain as the revised plan reduced building heights by 30 percent or even removed them altogether.

Aside from its commitment to the environment the plan will also greatly benefit the local economy. It will produce 1,400 new jobs and $25 million in additional tax revenue. Locals and visitors alike will be delighted with the miles of new hiking and biking trails that are being created. Additonally, a Mountain Adventure Camp is being created with world-class training facilities.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth has overseen a dramatic change in the ski area during his time as CEO. When he first arrived it was not a very popular destination, however within a year he changed its reputation to that of one of the tops in the industry. Wirth accomplished this by improving nearly every aspect of the resort from mountain conditions and lodging all the way to the culinary program at the resort. Due to Wirth’s track record of success this plan, if it passes, will significantly improve tourism as well as jobs in the Lake Tahoe area.

Nobilis Health: A Medical Company that is Heading in the Right Direction

Nobilis Health is a healthcare company that provide healthcare services to consumers all over the United States. This organization owns and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities. They help consumers by improving their access to medical care and by implementing low-cost outpatient services. Nobilis also implements a direct marketing approach to patients. Through this process and the use of technology they help to educate patients on a variety of topics related to their health. Patients will have access to minimally invasive procedures that can be performed with little expense. The organization has facilities in states such as Oregon, New Jersey, Tennessee, Michigan and Arizona.

Service Provided by Nobilis

Nobilis offers many services for their patients but they specialize in surgical procedures. Surgeons at Nobilis perform spine, orthopedic and gastrointestinal procedures. They also have podiatry and otolaryngology processes for their patients. The doctors and nurses at Nobilis will help patients to manage their pain and with improving their care.

This company uses their marketing approach to reach out to other medical facilities and their patients. Educating these patients about medical care and options related to their condition is critical for patients trying to get the best possible care. Nobilis helps patients to understand their conditions and to implement the best procedures and technology to take care of them.

Nobilis Operated Facilities

There are many facilities that are owned and managed by Nobilis. The organization has primary facilities located in cities such as Dallas, Houston and Scottsdale. These facilities have state of the art technology and uses top notch medical procedures to treat patients. Nobilis surgeons, physicians and nurses are highly trained and effective medical professionals. The support staff at Nobilis is committed to helping patients with receiving the best care possible.

About the Company

Nobilis is a growing surgical company that provides inexpensive but effective minimally invasive surgical procedures. This system of healthcare is profitable for patients and to the organization’s bottom line. Nobilis as a company is heading in a positive direction. This means that investors can expect a good return on the investments they make with this organization. Profits grew in the year 2015 and they are expected to increase in the coming future.

Patient Testimonials

Many patients and medical providers that have used the services of Nobilis claim that this organization provides quality surgical and medical procedures. They also endorse this company’s name to people who are in need of minor surgery or certain types of treatments. The care that Nobilis provides is professional, accurate and friendly. Patients usually return to this facility for more medical services whenever they are need. Nobilis medical centers are often utilized by other medical organizations as well. Many of them approve of the medical benefit that this organization provides.