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Why Now Is the Time to Invest In Gold


Everywhere you turn, you see investors and experts alike naysaying gold. They say that gold is finished as an investing vehicle. Some point to the fact that gold is at the weakest demand that it’s been in the last six years. That, and the constant naysaying of so-called financial experts would have many people to believe that gold is no longer a commodity worth considering.

Of course, they’re all mistaken. Now, is the perfect time to buy gold. Unbeknownst to most, the next big bear rally is coming soon, and that rally will take the metal to new highs of at least 10% to 30%, according to several experts on the precious metal.

Many people are rallying against gold, and that is one of the reasons why now is the best time to consider purchasing it. There is so much confidence in gold being a poor investment, the market is literally betting against gold. And history has shown that the moment the market starts turning against gold, is a moment that gold starts picking up in value.

There are some experts do believe that the selling of gold will begin to weaken, and that the market even now is starting to show signs of seller exhaustion. Even though there has been a great deal of selling as of late, many experts do not believe that the selling trend will last much longer. And when the bear market kicks in, people savvy enough to have entered into gold will see gains for their patience.

Some analysts believe that gold is ripe for a rally in the next two quarters because of a lack of bearishness in the market. They believe that the trading range for gold will be somewhere from $1100-$1300 per ounce over the next two quarters.

Companies like U.S. Money Reserve specialize in gold and silver distribution. They provide access to the purchase of gold, silver and platinum coins. They employ a team of 100 individuals, including gold specialists, financial experts, coin research professionals, and more. U.S. Money Reserve offers a wide array of valuable coins, including mints that are authorized by Congress and produced with face value denominations.

This is a prime time for investors to take advantage of upcoming gold market fluctuations. The next few months will see a surge in the demand and value of gold, and now is the perfect time to prepare to take advantage of the coming uptick in the gold market.

James David Dondero, the Financial Mastermind

Since its inauguration in 1993, Highland Capital Investment has made an unforeseen difference in the financial markets of America and the world as a whole. The meticulous stewardship of James David Dondero has made this all possible. As Co – founder and president of Highland Capital Management he has made a notable difference for this investment corporation. Presently, Highland Capital Investment is the pioneer in cutting-edge financial product solutions. Some of their products include Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), mutual funds, institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. All these are award winning products that have revolutionized financial markets momentously.

James David Dondero popularly referred to by his rather unofficial name Jim, is currently the president of NexPoint Residential Trust, Incorporative. Also he is the co – founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., founder and president of Nexpoint Advisors, L.P. and the chairman of NexBank, an associate bank that is majorly owned by Mr. Dondero. Also, Highland Capital Investment on nexpointadvisors.com, NexPoint Advisors and NexBank are all partners of Nexpoint Real Estate Advisors, the company’s primary consultant. He schooled and graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest accolade of Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, equivalent to a First Class Honors in most universities. He was able to scoop two majors in accounting and finance from the Mcintyre School of Commerce. Mr. Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and has earned the right to use the much coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designate.

In 1993 Mr. James David Dondero Co – founded Highland Capital Investment with Mr. Mark Okada, and oversees the private equity business. As per now Highland investments and its partners manage a whopping $21 billion in market assets and has aided in the starting of new credit asset classes. Before founding Highland, Mr. Dondero worked as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and steered the business from a mere concept to over $2 billion from 1989 to 1993. He has a portfolio management experience that compromises leveraged bank loans, derivatives, mortgage – backed securities, investment grade corporate, emerging markets, preferred stocks and common stocks. Besides all this, he is also responsible for coming up with the execution of the firm’s strategic investment and operational initiative. This shows how Mr. Dondero is pivotal in the financial world. With an experience of over 30 years in the credit and equity markets, he has all that he needs to tackle financial constraints.

A philanthropist is essentially a humanitarian, a person who gives out charity wholeheartedly without expecting any return. Mr. Dondero is one such person; he has made a number of contributions to the society that his efforts cannot be overlooked. He has supported initiatives in education, veteran’s affairs and vast public policies. He has also lent a helping hand to plummeting financial institutions; a case in point is the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life. This in itself is a sure sign of a good heart. They say the hand that gives receives more in abundance, I guess this is why Mr. Dondero has become so successful and has accomplished what few may only dream of in life.

Get Contemporary Beauty Products With Lime Crime

The world of fashion is fun and exciting as well as ever changing. People want to be able to keep on top of what is in style at any given moment in order to be able to show to others that they are aware of contemporary fashion trends such as the kind of colors that are in use today, the sort of fabrics that are particularly popular in major cities as well as the kind items that are being used for many age groups. They may also want to know what people in London and Paris are using as well as what kind of products are selling well in major beauty chains all across the entire nation at any one time.

Those who know what is going in the current fashion scene will it easier to create the kind of style that they want from any look in order to be able to showcase their owner personal style as well demonstrate that they are fully in touch with aspects of fashion. Beauty products are an essential part of this process, designed to help people of all ages look better as well helping them create a specific look that is fun, fashion forward and in style.

Working with a company by Doe Deere that understands this need can be a great way to help relax and project a certain look at work and during their off hours when they chose to party with others or just to have time with friends and family who also share their interests in fashion and beauty products use of all kinds as well as they do. Purchasing from just the right company can be the way to get access to such products and have a line of makeup on hand at all times that is contemporary, elegant and in touch with the kind of trends that people like.

One company that completely knows just how much the modern women wants to have access to such items is Lime Crime, Lime Crime offers a wide variety of products that people can purchase to help them show off their inner sense of fun and their devotion to what’s happening in today’s fashion world. The user who wants to buy items that show off her knowledge of the world of today’s fashion will find much to buy her and much that is ideal for all of her needs to have makeup that is elegant and offers her what she needs to express her own take on the kind of fashion that people see in fahion magazines and store windows. Working closely with this company can allow her the opportunity to create her own style and enjoy one that is precise and yet free while still being in touch with modern styles and means of thinking. She can benefit both from getting in touch with her own style and learning about the kinds of fashion that are ideal for her own personal use in today’s fashion, beauty products and makeup world.

Brian Bonar’s World As A Financial Executive

Financial executives like Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers among others are usually considered to be in the business world as managers of financial matters only, but that’s not it. Top financial executives in most companies possess more than just financial professionalism. To make an excellent financial executive, one needs to embody the traits of an accomplished manager and a financial expert. Still, there are no quantifiable apparatus to gauge a real financial executive since the primary features seem to roll over with time. But it is prominent that some individuals with particular behaviors blend well with specific jobs. However, for financial executives so much entails to their traits and character and a superb blend produces the best example of a leader.

For our case, Brian Bonar serves as the best example of what a financial executive should really exude. Brian Bonar currently serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a top developer of color management software and an integrator as well as service corporation for digital imaging hardware. Since his inception into ITEC, Mr. Bonar has been able to generate higher returns on capital as a result of his efficient operating structure and use of capital. As part of his plans to jettison the organization, Mr. Bonar has included a leverage program on its expertise in imaging products and services. Strategic acquisitions that he has implemented have rapidly grown its market to that of providing imaging services and products.

He has maintained the balance of driving tough bargains but not too tough. He intuitively understands the need to motivate his staff as a way to continue working hard towards long-term corporate success. He has created value for the organizations he has served as a financial executive. The creation of long-term value has been his primary focus as a visionary leader. At ITEC, he has grown the company at an impressive rate by identifying opportunities to serve its target markets, both small and medium-sized companies by offering particular administrative services. He has been astute at developing new markets and abandoning them as they transcend from growth to exponential growth in his previous places of work. He is exemplary at managing the future and not the mirror, making him a favorite leader to many companies including IBM in the United Kingdom where he worked for almost 17 years.

Brian Bonar served as the President, CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director of TRUCEPT, INC. prior to ITEC where he also used to candor his duties with compassion and pragmatism. He has always been aware of how to deal with suppliers, customers as well as co-workers who failed to meet the expectations of the company. To add on those, the sense of urgency and flexibility are vital to the rapidly changing business environment and in keeping up the pace.

A Man, An Art Collector, A Visionary

It is an understatement to say that Adam Sender has an eye for art. The 46 year old former hedge fund financier has a 1,000 piece art collection that he has accumulated since 1998. Now some of Adam Sender’s collection, will be auctioned at Sotheby’s.

Adam Sender finds great joy in his art collection, which is so vast that his several homes, which stretch from Bel Air to Sag Harbor to Miami, do not have room to display the art.

Feeling that art is to be enjoyed, Adam Sender loans art out to museums for temporary display in their collections. He has works on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New Museum in New York City as well as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He used one of his Miami homes for a pop up art exhibit, “Home Alone” which displayed 85 of his pieces of contemporary art in a 5,000 square foot home during Miami’s Art Basel VIP viewing.

Art is a practical investment. In fact, 2014 was a record year for art investment and the art market. As trust fund babies age and become heirs to fortunes all over the world, institutions such as Citigroup teaches them methods for investing their fortunes, including investing in art works and the method of buying art. The training even included art auction skills for the young wealthy millennials.

Adam Sender has long had a knack for finding emerging artists. Once he discovers an artist, he often buys several works from that artist. The Home Alone exhibit included multiple works by Sarah Lucas, Cindy Sherman, Keith Haring and Chris Ofli. He also has several pieces by Richard Prince. Two of his favorite new emerging artists are Diana Al-Hadid and Rashid Johnson.

Adam Sender has always sold art as well. A few years back he sold a piece by Richard Prince, “Tender Nurse”, for $2.3 million. Adam Sender uses the money generated from the sale of his art to purchase new art. Collecting art is a long term process and, for Adam Sender, it is a life passion.

Eric Pulier: Improving the World through Technology

A century ago, society marveled at the steam engine and the Ford Model -T. Giants of innovation like Henry Ford and Thomas Savery made new ideas into realty and changed the face of everyday life across the world. Not far behind these master inventors is the former CEO of ServiceMesh Inc., Eric Pulier. Although his name may not be as familiar as Ford or Savery he has introduced and perfected a concept that changed the way modern computing functions. Eric Pulier holds the patent for a system and method for cloud computing abstracting layer with security zone facilities. This allows for security in software development while it is being created in the cloud. He also holds several other patents that have emerged through the development of this security which has allowed his companies, like ServiceMesh Inc., to grow.

Mr. Pulier had an interest in technology from the beginning. Originally from New Jersey, he attended Harvard University and simultaneously took classes at M.I.T. . After graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1988, he then moved to Los Angeles and began a company called People Doing Things (PDT) that sought to improve education, health care and other issues impacting society. He then lead the development of Starbright World which is a private social networking site for chronically ill children. This work began his philanthropy which he has sustained to this day. Mr. Pulier is a contributor to several organizations which seek to help people through technology. One of which is the XPRIZE Foundation which hosts competitions in order to address some world wide challenges (hunger, poverty, education, etc.).

Along with his many philanthropic ventures he also created several technology based businesses early in his career. He founded Digital Evolution which successfully merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Despite his age, he was invited by the Presidential inaugural Committee to head the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1998 which was held in Washington, D.C. He was also invited to participate in Al Gore’s Forum on Technology and Education which allowed him to advise and inform on the subjects. Currently, he is an advisor in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Throughout his life, Eric Pulier has not only changed the face of computing and technology but he was determined for that technology to prove as useful foundations upon which in improve the many areas of need in the world. Although he has profited from his ventures, his strong sense of social responsibility has made sure that others will too.

Qnet’s Direct Selling Model has Resulted in Increased Sales

Known for an effective multi-level business model,
international ecommerce company Qnet
strives to deliver wellness
products and services through trained independent
representatives. With the help of training tools and
materials, Qnet’s unique direct selling approach enables sales
associates to compete with traditional wholesalers and retailers.
Essentially, this renowned company’s marketing strategy facilitates
trust based relationships between the distributor and consumer which
ultimately results in more sales. Most importantly, Qnet believes
their direct selling and multi-level business model is a key component
to their international success.

According to Qnet, a DS/MLM model is a powerful approach in engaging
the producer with the consumer and most markets will eventually adopt
this revolutionized method of selling. One major advantage to direct
selling is the reduction in company costs. Moreover, common expenses
related to overhead and advertising are eliminated because the
company’s products are sold by a group of qualified
independent representatives who serve as distributers and marketers.
Notably, by reducing traditional company expenses, Qnet’s prices
remain highly competitive. These fair costs ultimately
result in loyal customers and just recently, Qnet’s founder and CEO,
Vijay Eswaran, established a loyalty rewards programs in which
consumers earn points for repeat purchases. Exceptional customer
service along with reasonable prices strongly contributes to Qnet’s recognition as Asia’s leading direct selling company.

In addition to company costs reduction, Qnet’s strategic marketing
approach has also greatly expanded their vision for wellness. Today,
this prominent and highly profitable business is in over 100
countries including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Russia. Qnet’s
well-known success is accomplished with Independent Representatives
who refer their products and services both locally and globally. In
return, each sales associate is compensated on the sales volume of
their referrals and the revenue of other team members. With hundreds
of offices around the world, Qnet employees receive ample support in
expanding the company’s life enhancement mission.

As a flagship international direct selling company, Qnet strives to
deliver exceptional products and services to encourage a healthy
lifestyle among their consumers. Undeniably, their uniqueness lies in
highly trained independent representatives who work diligently to
enhance each customer’s quality of life. Remarkably, Qnet maintains
over thirty beneficial product brands and services ranging in
skincare, homecare, nutrition, and jewelry to education, media,
travel, and financial consulting. Most importantly, their life
enhancement philosophy has influenced thousands of loyal customers all
around the world.

Vijay Eswaran calls for greater controls on the multi level marketing industry

Vijay Eswaran has been working hard for a number of years to place the QNet group he founded in the top companies in the world. After fighting hard to grow the company into one of the top businesses in Malaysia the multi level marketing expert is now looking for help from government officials to keep the industry he has become a star in as legal as possible. Eswaran’s QNet has seen a vast amount of growth in India and is now looking to make sure it protects itself from the dangers its rivals are creating after being given a clean bill of health by the Indian Government. Here’s a WeForum profile of the businessman.

Eswaran’s company has long been known for offering its employees, contractors and customers a high quality experience that is amongst the best in the multi level marketing industry. Other companies do not reach the same levels of integrity and to hold off any comparisons to lesser companies QNet provided its accounts to the Indian Government for approval. After being declared completely legal and offering good business practices QNet is now looking to the Government of India to provide safeguards for itself and its customers. By bringing in tighter controls and regulations the individual companies involved in multi level marketing can offer greater services and provide a greater peace of mind for their customers and employees.

Over the course of the last decade Vijay Eswaran has been fighting to improve the lives of millions of people and offer advice on better business and personal practices to assist in improving the lives of businesspeople around the world. Through the many seminars Eswaran gives and his book, In The Sphere Of Silence, the Malaysian entrepreneur has been helping people focus on the important aspects of their lives and let go of the problems they cannot solve. The focus of Eswaran has been on showing how to operate a high quality multi level marketing company and he is now hoping to help others by inspiring a change in legislation in India.

Capital Strategist and Attorney Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar, widely known as a capital strategist and New York-based attorney, is also a hedge fund expert with gleaming advice related to investing. Graduating from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts, Tabar furthered his education at Columbia Law School where he was an editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. Tamar began his career in 2001 when he became an associate at the Sadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom Law Firm, specializing in corporate matters. Three years later he joined that SPARX Group Company as the Managing Director, implementing business strategies, development, raising capital, negotiation, and providing legal counsel. In 2010, Taber became the Director of Capital Strategy for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, focusing on finding investors to introduce to fund managers. Most recently in 2013, he joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, serving as a senior associate.

An article in PR Newswire, “Sam Tabar Supports Kickstarter Company”, reported that Taber was associated with a company that helps women in America as well as Africa. THINX is a startup business that focuses on undergarments which support menstruation and incontinence while remaining fashionable for women. Each pair bought provides reusable sanitary pads to women in Africa, enabling them to attend work and school regardless of their menstrual cycle. Tamar realized the great impact this business model provides in terms of the financial support it encourages within the community.

In another article posted by Newsvine, “Sam Tabar Talks About Avoiding Problem Products In Commodities Investment”, Taber elaborates on avoiding unstable products and poorly managed funds in order to establish reasonable returns on investments. As a well-versed capital strategist, Taber knows that commodities are directly correlated to research and careful investment. In order to make sound decisions, one must explore options, perform research, look at the history of the investment commodity, and predict the outcome in the future.

Tabar is able to provide sound advice for individuals who are novice investors. He cautions those who are looking to jump into casual commodity trading as they are much riskier than traditional mutual funds and can present as more volatile than stocks. Tabar reveals alternatives to tradition stock markets and stresses the necessary diversification of portfolios. Using the metaphor that one should not have all their eggs in one basket, Tabar reiterates that all good things must eventually come to an end. Through diverse investments, one can assure that their portfolio will not come crashing down when stocks fluctuate.

Dan Newlin, an Orlando Attorney

Dan Newlin, an Orlando Attorney is best known as personal injury lawyer first started his career in justice two decades ago as a police officer and a firefighter. Newlin started his career at a very young age of 20 years working Indiana police department. Later Mr.Newlin worked at Sheriff’s office located in Orlando, Florida where he served 10 years and earned the highest rank of Sheriff’s Detective. While working as a detective, he worked from auto theft details to narcotics enforcement. He was assigned to work in the fugitive division of Law enforcement where attorney Newlin was able to apprehend dangerous fugitives. He was recognized for his service by United States Marshalls office. Later years in 1997 he was accepted to Law school and graduated in 2000 from Florida State College of Law. Dan Newlin is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Chicago. PRNewsWire also wrote a release discussing the work Dan Newlin’s law firm does.

He is the founding partner of the Law firm with a team of highly experienced lawyers. Newlin’s Law firm earned an honorable recognition of Super Lawyers Law Firm which only less than 5% of law firms or lawyers earn this kind of recognition on Florida. Newlin’s most successful practice handles cases which include personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers compensation and have recovered over 150 million for injured and accident victims in the central and South Florida region. Their practice mostly concentrated on injury and accident cases like pedestrians, auto, motorcycle accidents, construction site accidents, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice. The firm recently started representing the person(s) wrongfully charged with criminal offenses. Dan Newlin’s law firm provides excellent legal service for communities in Florida and Chicago.

Dan Newlin’s Law firm started from a small office and now is a big Law firm with about 18 most experienced attorney’s and around 75 employee office providing outstanding legal services in Florida and Illinois. Dan Newlin and team of super Lawyers are the most experienced and qualified in providing excellent legal services.