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Principles of Investing

Investment is making your money work for you. It is making your money grow or increase in value for long-term financial goals. It is a technique of saving money for an activity in the future. Investing differs a lot with saving. Saving is an intention to set aside a particular amount of income for a short time to achieve a particular short term goal. On the contrary, investing is a long-term plan. It is based on long-term goals and is attained by having your money generate more money for you.

There are various types of investments where each has an exceptional set of promising premiums and dangers. Investment can work for you if you’ve finished with all your debts, have saved for emergencies in the bank, are ready to accept a standard of risk of capital loss in exchange for greater premiums and prepared to invest for not less than six years. Investment can assist you to attain extra determined financial goals.

Investing Principles

Investing is complicated, but starting doesn’t have to be. Getting these basics will set you right to start. According to financial guru Igor Cornelsen, you have to set your goals and identify what you want to obtain prior to investing. Set up your investment goals and figure out the target amount you will require attaining the goals. Plan your mix of the form of investment which will help you weigh potential premiums and dangers involved. Select the type of investment according to your goals and status and then start investing by creating your account, financing it and choosing the type of investment to keep you afloat. Finally, stay on track by making a reasonable investing schedule with consistent check-ins.

Types of Investments

As earlier mentioned, there are different ways to invest your money. Before deciding, it is important to know which type is appropriate for you.

1. Stocks

Buying stocks makes you part of a business. This gives you the power to vote at shareholders’ meeting and entitles you to profits that are distributed to the owners. Such profits are known as dividends. They provide comparatively high potential returns.

2. Bonds

They are among fixed-income securities and are securities created on debt. When you buy a bond, you are typically lending out your money to a firm or government. The firm agrees to add interest to your money and pay you back the amount lent. The main merit is that bonds are safe. If you are purchasing bonds from a stable firm, your investment is assured. The rate of return for bonds is lower due to the lower risk rate.

3. Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a combination of bonds and stocks. When you purchase a mutual fund, you are gathering your money with other investors and needs an expert manager to choose certain securities for you.

Other investments include futures, options, FOREX, real estate, gold and many more.

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Investing For The Middle Class Supported By Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has spent his career working to protect and grow the financial interests of some of the richest people in the world. The founder of Forefront Capital has recently taken stock of the way investing takes place in the 21st century and saw the majority of investment opportunities were offered to those accredited investors who had already built their fortunes. In a bid to level up the playing field Reifler and his colleagues at Forefront Capital have created the Forefront Income Trust for middle class investors, Reuters reports.

The financial expert Brad Reifler has recently been looking for new ways to increase the number of people who are able to invest their funds in the stock market and look for a high return on a relatively low investment. Reifler has now introduced the Forefront Income Trust that is aimed at non-accredited investors from the middle class of the US who have recently been barred from taking part in the investment opportunities offered by many investment companies. The Forefront Income Trust offers a return expected to be around eight percent for investments starting at just $2,500 for those who may not qualify for the commonly offered high yield investment funds. Brad Reifler hopes this will serve as a solid introduction to the world of investing for those who have wanted to seek investment fund opportunities, but were omitted because of their financial status by the majority of investment fund managers.

Investing Tips From Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

In his most recent Reuters report, Brad Reifler offered five tips for the investor of any amount of capital. Being a man who has tasted the pain of personally having lost money in market investments, he knows what he is talking about.

It is his first suggestion that before investing, one needs to consider all of the charges, risks, and expenses that will be involved. It is equally important that the individual investor set goals after taking an inventory of their assets.

Secondly, Mr. Reifler makes mention that it is to your advantage to take firm care of the security of your funds. You are the one to be most concerned about how safe your monies are.

Number three on his list is similar to that old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” He is the first to tell you that putting all of your money into the stock market is not a good idea. If the market should take a severe tumble, as it has been known to do in the past, your nest age could be obliterated overnight.

His fourth suggestion is to develop a good rapport with the investor you will be dealing with. After all, this is the person that you are going to entrust with handling all of your investments in the hopes of making money. Only the best investment brokers work for the best interests of their clients.

The last remark made by Brad Reifler is to examine and understand why you are investing in the first place. What possible objectives and goals will these investments create for you. Keep a close rein on the amount you invest and if you see it is bringing in a good profit then it can be added to. If not, it is probably time to get out and place your funds elsewhere.

Tesla sells record number of cars

Tesla Motors, the startup electric car company developed by business visionary Elon Musk, announced that they sold over 10,000 vehicles for the first time in quarter, with 11,507 vehicles being delivered during the first quarter of 2015. This represent a 52% surge in car deliveries which is a marked increase year over year.

Tesla only has one vehicle for sale, the Model S sedan, but expects to release a second vehicle, the Model X which will be a SUV in the next three to four months. While priced highly compared to traditional vehicles, Tesla models provide fuel savings and have top of the line innovations in technology, which appeal to many auto buyers who are looking for a differentiated vehicle to drive. The Model X is expected to appeal to mothers and families who would use the vehicle for short excursions, as opposed to as a novelty luxury vehicle like the Model S is used as.

Tesla has indicated that the increase in the number of vehicles that they are selling is not an indication that the company is now profitable. The company has a history of losing money and has lost over $150 million in the first quarter, despite the record sales that occurred this month.  Sam Tabar has heard that to improve their profitability and revenues, the Company has also previously announced that they would be selling a home battery using their battery technology that will help to store and supplement a home’s electricity.

Another Church Fire In The Southern US Is Not Thought To Be Arson

The cause of a fire at a predominately black church last night occurred in Greelyville, South Carolina just a few miles north of Charleston. It does not appear to have been arson according to initial reports a source told the Associated Press. The Mount Zion African American Methodist Episcopal Church is no stranger to hate crimes. It was burnt down twenty years ago by the KKK. It’s thought to be the eighth black church to have burnt in the last seven days. All of the churches were in the Southern US but occurred in several different states. Click here for full story.

Fire officials had been notified of a fire at 8:30 pm local time according to the Williamsburg County Sheriff. By the time, emergency workers arrived the roof of the building was already involved. The Williamsburg County, Emergency Management spokesperson, told BuzzFeed that the fire was brought under control by 11 pm. The exact cause is still under investigation. Firefighter Jason Hardy whose Clarendon County firefighters had assisted stated that a large storm had passed by at the time the fire started. The Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms are investigating this and the other fires as possible hate crimes. At this time, three of the fires are thought to be related to hate crimes. This scares everyone at CipherCloud for that situation.

NYC Styrofaom Ban Goes Into Effect

While it may have taken a long time to get here, the ban on Styrofoam officially has gone into place. This means that small bars that are still serving customers beer in large 32 ounce Styrofoam cups will have to make changes or face serious fines.

The ban on Styrofoam in NYC has been in effect in part across many regions. No longer are restaurants serving meals on these plates because of the significant impact to the environment. Each year in NYC alone, 28,000 tons of Styrofoam fill up local landfills, and these products do not decompose quickly. Other major cities across the country already have similar bans in place, and it only makes sense that the biggest metropolis follow suit. The ban will affect small bars across the region that still serve beer in these containers.

Many local bar owners are not happy about the change, having been serving drinks in Styrofoam for decades without issue. Susan can remember that going on all throughout her life. But environmental concerns have everyone on high alert, and these changes must be made. Currently manufactures of the cups have a lawsuit filed with the state, in hoping the decision is changed and the ban is lifted. The ban will put a serious hurt on these companies that still manufacture the product. Store owners are upset because they feel that the only alternative is a much more costly product, cutting into their limited profits and practically driving them out of business.

Overtime Pay for Overtime Hours

President Obama is capitalizing on his great week by revising the rules that govern overtime pay. These rules are set by the White House. The last administration set the managerial pay threshold at only $23,360. This meant that businesses could deem very low-paid hourly workers as managers and disqualify them from receiving overtime. This added work without pay kept many families below the poverty level. The changes will set the threshold at approximately $1,000 a week and prevent companies from exploiting their employees in slave-like working conditions.  Mann points out that these employers will now have to justly compensate these workers for the hours in which they toil or let them off at appropriate times.

The last time the rate was adjusted was almost eleven years ago. The erosion of the feasibility of the rate is somewhat attributed to inflation and simply malice on the part of the prior administration. However, it could have been spun politically to reflect malice toward the American worker by the Bush administration. Some estimates show that this will improve the conditions for approximately 5 million workers, but other credible estimates go as far as 15 million. Of course, republicans pulled out the doom and gloom lines like the job creators will not like sharing their immense profits and that businesses have the right to exploit their workers, but all credible economists think the move is long overdue and that more efforts should be directed toward the middle class.

Ikea Raising Minimum Wages

Ikea is another company raising the minimum wage amount for employees. This is just another business that finally seems to be seeing that it takes more than just a few dollars an hour in order to survive in today’s market. Sam Tabar saw on their linkedin that this is the second year in a row that the company has raised the wages for employees. Rates will now be a little over $11 an hour. Although employees will have to wait until January of 2016 for the new wage to go into effect, this gives hope to those who work for Ikea. If they are making more money working for the company, then they will likely want to continue doing the good work that is performed. Employees will be able to have a little more money to spend on the necessities in life, such as clothing, food and utilities. The extra money will also allow some families to be able to get things that are considered extras, such as a new car or improvements to the home.

University President Is Breath of Fresh Air

In this age of employee bonuses that can exceed $1 million, it is refreshing to see that one man thinks his yearly salary is enough. Since late 2012, Santa Ono has been president of the University of Cincinnati. According to his contract, he is to receive a bonus each year of $200,000, but he has refused it each of the three years he was eligible.

This year he asked that it be divided between several different university and non-university programs. Ono specifically asked that $10,000 be given to the family of Cincinnati Police Officer, Sony Kim receive. Kim was recently killed in the line of duty.

Ono’s actions are in sharp contrast to employees with Merrill Lynch. In 2008, each of 700 employee received at least $1 million dollars in bonuses. They received these bonuses despite the company losing money.

According to Amen Clinic, Ono’s actions are also in contrast to William S. Simon. The CEO of WalMart received a $1.5 million performance bonus above his $11 million salary. Simon received his bonus even though WalMart had decreased sales, distressed stock prices and struggling employees barely above poverty level.

Ono certainly sets a positive example for leaders of all industries. He sets a positive example for all American men and women as he also declined an increase to his yearly salary.