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World’s Leading Art Collector- Adam Sender

In a period of less than two decades, Adam Sender has become the world’s leading art collector. Collection of artistic materials is an activity that anyone can do given the necessary financial injection and time. However, making smart collections without failure for two consecutive decades goes beyond talent and passion Adam fell in love with art collection since his teenage years. However, he never imagined that one day he would build a mansion of art collection that would gain global attention. At an early age of 45, Mr. Sender has created the most engaging and logical collection, which is truly captivation in its arrangement from one piece to the other. According to Mr. Sender, it takes intellectual guidance to create a coherent collection of artwork.

The Purpose of Sender’s Holdings

Adam has brought together a large trove of artistic work from the greatest hits of time, rich in creativity in their designs. For him, art collection is not just parading best contemporary artwork from all over the world. He pursues best artists with great vision, who create collections that has message to the community and inspires the society in their own ways. His vision is not just to collect the artist work, but also to mentor the artists and elevate them to greater levels of stardom.

Adam plans to put on view over1000 art collections from more than 200 different artists. This is a breathtaking number of collection put one view from a single block of person, which is only a mare representation of a single holdings in the entire collection. This avid collector is also a hedge fund manager, a position that has enabled him manage these holdings successfully.

Sources of the Collections

His collections include works from both upcoming and legendary artists from across the world such as Keith Haring, Dan Flavin, and Martin Kippenberger. Throughout the years, Adam has given special attention to younger artists to give them a chance for growth and increase their creative and innovative skills. Artists such as Lucien Smith, Adam McEwen, and Rashid Johnson are perfect examples of younger artists who have benefited from Sender’s mentorship.

Sender’s well-connected network of strong rapport with talented echelon women in this sector has been his strongest weapon. In addition, good business relation with top dealers in the industry such as Marianne Boesky, Shaun Regent, Barbara Gladstone, and Philemene Magers has been agreat added-advantage for him. He adds that, being in position to share his holding with the rest of the world has made his collection an important global ‘bank’ of art collection, where museums borrow collections for their exhibition. Sender has built a personalized website where organizations, museums, and other art collectors can make their art loan request.

Susan McGalla Rising through Ranks

Susan McGalla, 41, is an American Business woman who is the founder of P3 Executive consulting. She has been able to succeed in her career which she attributes to confidence. Susan McGalla is one of the women who have made it to executive positions in their places of work. Since she grew up in a household of two brothers and her father was a football coach, she was encouraged to present her ideas confidently. As a result, she has always been comfortable with men and not afraid to express herself. This has led her to take reins. She has become very successful in her career which has previously been dominated by men.
Between 1986 and 1994, Susan held various marketing and managerial positions at Joseph Horne Company, a Pittsburgh department store. Later she served at American Eagle Outfitters where she started out as the divisional merchandise buyer who specialized with women’s cloth. She then become the president and chief merchandising officer of the American Eagle brand, the company’s flagship, which paved way to her role as the president and chief merchandising officer of the whole company. As its president, Susan was in charge of launching the company’s aerie and 77 kids brands. In the year 2009, she left the company to become a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industries. In that same year, she was given a seat in the board of directors of HFF Inc, a leading provider of commercial real estate and capital market services.
She then joined Wet Seal Inc. and become its chief executive officer in 2011.During her time at Wet Seal, she oversaw the improvement of the product trends and quality. She then left the company the following year to start her own company. She started the P3 Executive Consulting, a company that provides big financial players with answers to questions concerning retail and clothing sectors. The company initially dealt with a wide variety of brand, supply chain and organizational development. She is an expert when it comes to branding, product merchandising, operational efficiencies, marketing and talent management. Furthermore, she has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College. This makes her and the company a reliable place for clients to seek help. Recently, Susan has joined the Pittsburgh’s Prize NFL franchise, The Steelers. She is the director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Steelers.
The secret behind her success is her dedication, hard work, passion and most of all her confidence. Her creativity and tireless work enabled her to receive several job offers that have then been the foundation of her success. She has made major contributions in the companies she has worked for. She has also been a great motivator of women aspiring to take careers in businesses. She encourages women to follow the same path that she and other successful women have taken and voice their opinions with confidence. Having held various positions she has moved to the top and being among the few women who hold executive positions in major companies.

Skiing In Olympic Settings

The air is brisk. Flakes are falling. Your heart has turned to the slopes. Time to get out the skis and the boots. Time to grab your snowboard and googles and gloves. It’s definitely time for the adrenaline rush that only swooshing down the mountain can provide. It’s time for ski season.

With so many great skiing opportunities available, it may be hard to pick a resort. There are the Colorado Rockies, home to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Here, extreme skiing on two peaks connected by a gondola is a great way to get your rush. The very daring can experience heli-skiing. A helicopter will lift you to blood-rushing terrain and drop you out. Ski down at your own risks!

Those who want great skiing closer to home can opt for a trip to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in the Sierra Mountains. Here CEO and president Andy Wirth has worked diligently to keep improving this Olympic site into a world-class ski resort.

Wirth’s newest idea in the making is a gondola experience similar to the Blackcomb and Whistler gondola. The ride will connect the two mountains at the base. Visitors will no longer have to leave the parking lot and drive to another to access the sister mountains.

A gondola ride is not the best reason to choose Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, though. Come for great skiing including a run that is over 3 miles long. Grab some great air time as you jump hills and avoid trees on the gladed runs. Beginners can get lessons from professionals. Snow boarders will enjoy the totally revamped terrain parks where they can run pipes and shred snow.

There is so much more to Squaw Valley than just skiing. Mom and Dad can relax in a hot tub. Kids can make S’mores at one of three fire pits in the village. Anyone can try out the fun of snowtubing. There is mini-snowmobile fun, ice skating and snowshoeing. Dog sledding and cross country skiing and beautiful snowy scenery make this a winter wonderland for all kinds of activities.

Don’t forget The Village at Squaw Valley. Visitors can stroll through the shops and enjoy hand-made chocolates and great coffee. Buy some warm outerwear for the slopes. Get some great-smelling bath salts and fizzy balls.

Join your friends for skiing, fine dining and massages at the spa. Visit Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows today.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is A Real Thriller

Sergio Cortes can dance, sing, and move so much like Michael Jackson, it’s uncanny. Plus he is a dead ringer for him. Ever since he was a kid Cortes has been doing Michael’s moves and drawing crowds. At first he just did his little shows for his family. Then he began to show his friends and classmates what he could do. Eventually people all over Barcelona, Spain were making the trek to see Cortes perform. He started appearing on live shows, being interviewed and written about by journalists, and dancing on television. He was having the time of his life. He could hardly believe so many people wanted to see him.

During his teenage years Cortes began to take his performances to another level. Not only would he dance like Michael, but he had his mannerisms too. When he began to sing people lost their minds. Someone put one of his videos on the internet and a worldwide audience became aware of him. That kick-stated his professional career. After that he became internationally known. Not long afterwards he began doing shows all over the world. People were stunned. He looked so much like Michael it was almost scary. People began to pay a lot more attention to him.

Sergio Cortes was born on July 30, 1971. He grew up during the time when Michael was making the transformation from a member of the Jackson 5 to a solo career. By the time Michael released Bad, Cortes was coming of age. Cortes has been able to copy Michael’s dance steps, voice, and performing style so completely people have a difficult time telling them apart. He really knows how to move the crowd. Cortes creates the type of excitement people are only used to seeing from Michael. This has led many to say he’s the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever.

Sergio Cortes’ success is due to a combination of his natural resemblance to Michael, his ability to flawlessly execute Michael’s moves, his talent, and years of practice. When he moved to Brazil he became a superstar in South America. He gets fans so excited they sometimes pass out during his performances like they did at Michael Jackson concerts. His agents, a company called Destiny Projects, have booked shows for him all over the planet. Cortes is currently touring Europe and wowing sold out audiences with his Michael-like singing, dancing, and showmanship skill’s.

Kyle Bass Proves That Gambling And Investment Don’t Go Hand In Hand

Investment beginners frequently make the mistake of following the wrong “investment gurus” when they start their investment journey. As such, people like Kyle Bass have ample fan following to keep them going. Kyle Bass might be an aberration when it comes to investment experts but almost every genuine expert in the industry agrees that to follow the path of Kyle Bass is to doom investments to losses and failure. There is a huge reason why Kyle Bass reminds every of Erich Spangenberg – they are both doing the same thing and pretending to be altruistic in their intentions.

The Japan Economy Debacle – Kyle Bass seems to be assuming that the world is, by and large, stupid and without any logical acumen. This might be the reason behind his meme like status in the industry. He has consistently used crackpot theories to fulfill his own personal agenda and now that people are calling him out on it, he is offended. One of the most laughable and yet, sly moves of Kyle Bass has been related to the crashing of the economy of Japan. Bass has stuck to his guns since 2010 and until last year, he was still tooting his horn about how Japan’s economy will eventually crash. The reason – he bought some property in Japan and he wanted his loans to become cheaper on the basis of investment advice he was doling out. However, instead, his loans have gone up and now he is in no man’s land.

The Pharma Company Debacle – The Pharma company debacle is said to be the final nail in the coffin of Kyle Bass. The explanation is quite simple for a layman to follow – Kyle Bass sues pharma companies and makes money on the short sales, on the basis of the chaos he causes for those companies in the stock market. The bigger question is obviously that the law allows businessmen to do this and the government is planning on changing the law to make it fairer. However, what is irksome to Kyle Bass is that people are calling him and his actions out as morally repugnant. All he is doing is making medicines more expensive for the average man and what is that if not immoral and unethical?

Beginner’s Luck – Kyle Bass started off on a high when he correctly predicted the 2008 crisis of subprime mortgages. He was one of the few people who came out of that crisis with a profit. After that, his predictions and strategies have been consistently off the mark. Even his hedge funds are making losses and experts believe that he has lost 30% of them already.

With all these debacles and erratic decisions under his belt, it is almost surprising that Kyle Bass is still in business.

News About BMG And Marcio Alaor

Bank BMG in Brazil has a long and very productive history. BMG is a privately owned company with strong roots in the Brazilian financial market. The financial institution is one of the most highly regarded in Brazil by their clients. Marcio Alaor is the BMG Vice President and Director. Here is something to note: The leading financial institution provides a number of financial services to their clients. For example, their clients are allowed to deposit funds in the bank. The bank also provides loans to numerous small commercial businesses in the country. Let’s take a closer look at BMG.

New Beginning
BMG is a leading financial company that is managed by Marcio Alaor, the BMG Vice President and Director. The main reason that it is one of the top financial institutions in Brazil is because of their unique philosophy. BMG believes in listening to their customers and addressing their needs. The fact is that a large number of banks really do not listen well. They only market services that they feel are profitable for them, instead of responding to their customer’s needs. Therefore, BMG is currently devising strategies to address those needs promptly. Certainly, this very responsive strategy should identify the institution as a high quality financial operation.

Why BMG Succeeds
Is there a formula to financial success? Well, BMG has certainly made a dramatic impact in the Brazilian financial landscape. Perhaps, it is the organizational structure and their strong philosophy that led them to success in Brazil. For example, BMG believes in building a powerful team. Therefore, they only hire the best people to fill their organizational ranks. Certainly, this adds value to the organization and provides quality services to all their customers.

Entrepreneur Spirit
BMG is one financial institution that recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit in Brazil. In fact, they were one of the first financial institutions to work with smaller companies, providing them with payroll solutions for current employees, retirees, and those that were on pensions. They are also responsible for building new platforms and offering numerous credit solutions for the smaller businesses in the country. Currently, they are in the process of designing new platforms for their customers to help solve their payroll and financial obligations. Certainly, Marcio Alaor, the BMG Vice President and Director, is the main force behind all the decision making process that should attract more customers and investors in the organization. Today, numerous investors are realizing that BMG is a great investment for them and BMG customers.

White Shark Media Goes Deep Where Other Digital Marketing Agencies Fear

For those who work in the service industry, the motto “The customer is always right,” still holds truth, even in the fast-paced online world.

A happy customer is a good thing, and when the customer is upset, well it’s not a great feature for business, so aiming to please is something companies try to do again and again.

The customer might not always be right, and we’ve all come across that from time to time. For instance, some customers might have unrealistic expectations no matter how hard the company tries to please them, but that is actually in the minority.

So, what’s the proper approach that keeps a company thriving?

It boils down to image and excellent public relations; just ask experts like White Shark Media. They understand it from the perspective of a company owner and focus exclusively on developing the company’s brand. It’s more than just having a cool and memorable logo; White Shark Media helps the client improve their message, such as what customers can expect from a company’s products and services, and how it differentiates the company’s offering from their competitors’.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses to grow their company and image online and find successful marketing solutions. The White Shark pros help companies by performing several techniques like these:

They schedule monthly status calls with Go-To-Meeting, an online conference tool for reviews. This keeps the lines of communication open.

They encourage phone systems with direct extensions, so that the client’s contact person is always accessible.

They track the client’s AdWords performance in-house to ensure better company performance for the client.

These are just a few aspects of the White Shark Media system. These experts understand the company/customer dynamics and continue providing superb PPC Management, SEO, and Web Services to SMBs. They deliver results by offering the client full transparency and no contracts.

White Shark Media is active on social media, too, with a popular following on Twitter. The agency posts helpful tweets on building a better brand. The company is headquartered in Miami with offices in Atlanta and Denmark.

Beneful guarantees a healthy and a happy life for your dog

All of us are innocuous when it comes down to improving our lives. We tend to acquire the best available commodity in the market to enhance our lifestyle, but when it comes down to our lovely pets, we frown. We look forward to buying items and food packages that are affordable instead of something that is wholesome as well as healthy.

Dogs are going to stand by us no matter how miserably we fail in our lives. They are going to stand in the corner and listen to our silent sobs. It is going to be our lovely pet that will stand up for our rights and ensure that we are kept away from the unwanted violence. In the long run, our dog is going to become an indomitable part of our family.

Here’s a list of things we can do to provide them with a healthy and a happy life:

Care for them: Providing them with an antiseptic bath incessantly is going to ensure a healthy life. Cleaning their ears and ensuring that there’s no fungus or bacterial infection is essential.

Healthy Food: the increase in the presence of fertilizer in the fodder is a dangerous thing. We need to provide our dear pet with something that is mild, healthy and wholesome.

Beneful on facebook happens to be the best brand food for our lovely dogs. Beneful ensures that our dogs are provided with all the requisite nutrients. Beneful is a brand that counts taste as an important part of healthy eating and happy living. You can choose out of twenty different varieties and leverage your dog with a healthy meal without compromising with the taste.

A cheap Bed: Now that we all are on a mission to improve the life of our dog. Starting with a little cushioned bed is going to be of great help. With a little cozy bed, we can also restrict the movement of our little muffin. The restricted movement will help you in micromanaging your exquisite house with great ease.

Train Them: If you are looking forward to provide your dog with a happy and healthy life then train them. Let them learn varied skills. Tell them about the varied nuances of the world and help them cope up with the same. While also coaxing them to go that extra mile and develop a life that is beautiful as well as self-dependent.

There’s no site better than the one where our kids and our pets are making the most of their life. We should vow that we would provide them with items that are good. Beneful is a brand that brings us the best food for our dear pet. High quality food will ensure higher energy, which will result in a happier and a healthier life.

All You Need to Know About Business in Dallas

Businesses have sprouted across all corners of the world and every day people have witnessed the introduction of new ideas in the areas of business. Dallas has not been an exception among areas that have witnessed massive changes as far as business is concerned. Each day, businesses are coming up with new features that are meant to reduce the stress involved in running business. Dallas offers a sufficient market for products and is one of the best places for start-ups to gain in business. All sorts if investors have ventured into business within this area and this has been contributed by the readily available market as well as favorable conditions that make it easy to operate a business.

One of the things that have enabled easy access to business services is the security features that have been installed within Dallas, TX. This has allowed investors to come from different locations to invest within the area. There are automatic systems that are able to detect unwanted items that may be a threat to humans and the responsiveness of security professionals within the region has been commendable. They are well equipped and supplied with all the necessary items and training to make sure they can handle any situation that happens within the region.

The availability of a flawless infrastructure has also been a contributing factor to the success of businesses within Dallas. It is because of a flawless network that investors have been able to reach the markets in time and to get all items needed availed at the right time. This has led to the growth of a business culture and the development of premier institutions that have helped businesses to thrive. Small and medium businesses have to keep up with the rising competition from well established businesses and this has meant they will have to step up their marketing budgets.

North American Spine has been featured severally as one of the best institutions for medical services that revolve around spinal treatments. The company has managed to get the best technological features and they have absorbed well trained professionals, who have been in the industry for many years. This is one of the things that have kept North American Spine up and running amid high levels of competition that are available within Dallas. They have offered more than 8000 accurascope treatments and most of their clients can attest to the fact that they have the best technology within Dallas. This is a well reputed company that has scooped awards for the great service they have been offering for years. It is the first institution that has seen continuous success in a competitive region. They also have attractive insurance plans for all their clients and this has been a plus to their performance rating.

Changing the World like Brad Reifler


There are many people that want to make an impact on the world through the services that they provide. However, few people are willing to take a risk or put in the work required to do so. At an early age, Brad Reifler was able to start a company and help thousands of people in the process. Anyone that is wanting to provide value to the world through their work can learn a lot from his life. Here are several tips for anyone that wants to impact the world through their company.


Wikipedia has written that it is important to have passion for the cause that you are working for. There are many people that do not have real passion for the work that they are doing. There are going to be times in business when times get tough. Passion is key because it can help you stay motivated when things do not go your way. Anyone that is wanting to start their own company needs to have a deep passion for what they are doing.


Starting a company is something that takes a lot of hard work. Anyone that is interested in starting a company needs to be prepared for all of the possible issues that may come their way. There are many people that think they want to start a company before they are truly ready. This leads to a lot of burnout for new business owners, and this is one of the reasons that so many people fail in business.

Customer Focus

Finally, it is important to have a unique focus on the customer. There are many businesses that only interested in making a quick dollar in their business. However, the most successful companies are ones that invest in their customers over the long term.