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Glen Wakeman: CEO, Blogger, and Secret Weapon

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC, a company that he launched in 2015. Launchpad Holdings is an online resource which provides online business planning services to new entrepreneurs, as well as advice and business tips. He is passionate about providing knowledge to startups to help them become successful and this is where his inspiration for Launchpad Holdings, LLC. came from. Wakeman is a well-traveled businessman with knowledge in many global business markets (Dailyforexreport). He has lived in six different countries and operated in over thirty global markets, giving him enough experience to help entrepreneurs in almost any area of the world. Glen uses his extensive knowledge to mentor many entrepreneurs and C-level executives. In addition to founding Launchpad, LLC. in 2015, Glen Wakeman also founded Nova Four. The focus of this company is to help startups gain the funding that they need and to provide mentoring services for these startups.

Glen Wakeman graduated from The University of Scranton with a B.S. in Economics in 1981 and from The University of Chicago with an M.B.A. in 1993. He worked with GE for 20 years, which took him all over the world and helped him to gain so much global insight into business. His last position with GE was as CEO of GE Money Latin America, and during this time he was responsible for creating and expanding an operation to nine countries and employing over 17,000 people. The operation earned more than $2 billion in revenue with Wakeman as the CEO.

Glen Wakeman is also an avid writer, often blogging advice and ideas to help startup companies and new entrepreneurs. His blogs include anything from tips that CEOs can use to better their business to the power of showing appreciation to loyal customers and dedicated employees. Many entrepreneurs have called him a “secret weapon” when it comes to their success. Glen Wakeman’s passion for helping entrepreneurs is making a huge impact in the business world and with his continued exposure and ingenuity through his companies and his blog, entrepreneurs will have a better change than ever at successful business operations.


Perry Mandera Community Support Activities

Mandera is the founder of Custom Companies, Inc. that he established in 1986. He developed an interest in the transportation industry while serving in the US Marine Corps Reserves. He joined Marine Corps in 1975 after completing his high school education. After being discharged honorably, he worked in various transportation businesses. He later commenced his own enterprise but sold it after five years.

Perry Mandera joined politics to serve as a committee member for the Republican Party in Chicago for four years. During his service in politics, he was the youngest person to secure such a position. Mandera left politics to start his company, the Customs Companies Inc., which is still flourishing to date. It is a transportation company based in Illinois. The firm hires hundreds of employees, and recently its sales exceeded $200 million. The firm also provides services such as local, contract cartage, and foreign and domestic airfreight forwarding services.


Perry Mandera Achievements

In 2000, he was listed among the Millennium’s Top 100 American Transportation Executives. The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) compiled the list (Affiliatedork). Perry is currently also serving as a member of board directors of ITA. He has also received appreciation from his various charities for his physical or financial contributions.


Perry Mandera Philanthropy Activities

Perry Mandera is focused on giving back to the community. Through his company, the Customs Companies, Inc., he founded the Customs Care Charities to support the organizations affiliated with the Custom Companies focus on giving back to the community. The Customs Care Charities sponsors more than 100 Illinois sports teams, extends help to families in need during the holiday seasons and offers financial support towards young adults and children education.

Perry is a board member of the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers both of which have profited from his kindness. Other charitable organizations that he supports include National MS Society, Toys for Tots, ALS Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Girl Scouts of America, MADD and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Through his company, Perry has donated transportation services to help in the disaster aid efforts, following the 2013 tornado-related distraction. Together with his company, they distributed supplies to the families affected by the destruction.


10 rewarding tax tips as advised by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is a finance guru. He was a fund manager for 25 years. In December 2017, he proposed several tricks that will help taxpayers save when they file their taxes come April. His recommended strategies would ensure that people paid less in taxes. These laws were bound to change.

The changes

The upcoming changes apply to proceeds earned in 2018 and after. They will reduce the rates of tax temporarily. Therefore, before looking at the tips, it is crucial for everyone to appreciate the effects of the tax bill passed recently by the legislature. View Related info Here.

Ted Bauman’s tax tips

  1. For Americans with 2018 mortgage interests, repay them before the end of 2017. You should not forget to deduct the expenses for both years while filing the tax returns. It could be impossible to do this later due to the new limits and increased standard deductions.
  2. Pay the medical services in December, but remember to deduct them in April. Changes to the income threshold will allow more people to deduct health expenses from their 2017 and 2018 income. The Affordable Care Act would still be active for another year.
  3. Make your philanthropic donations before January 1, 2018. Make sure to keep your receipts.
  4. The legislators agreed not to abolish student loan interest deduction. It would, therefore, be more beneficial for you to pay interests in 2017 as compared to 2018.
  5. Buying a car in 2017 will allow you to deduct state sales tax in April.
  6. For independent contractors with high state income taxes, try to convince clients to pay in 2017. This will boost federal deductions.
  7. It is more sensible for taxpayers to request their bonuses in December 2017 than January 2018. Delayed
  8. For every businessperson and people with retirement accounts, consider switching to Roth IRAs depending on the kind of financial sense it would make.
  9. IRS rules were to allow 1031 swaps for real estate businesses starting January. Therefore, business owners should complete trades before 2018. This could benefit companies who intended to swap their physical assets.
  10. It is a good time to establish limited liability businesses in 2018. Operating as LLCs would reduce taxes according to the new code.

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Glen Wakeman Offers Tools for Success

Glen Wakeman is a top-notch financial services industry leader. During his expansive business management career, Wakeman has a proven track record in business development and is a highly sought out mentor to rising entrepreneurs.

With unwavering business acumen, Wakeman has been instrumental in positively transforming multi-billion dollar corporations whose employee bases have exceeded 17,000 workers.

The University of Chicago MBA graduate has a passion for building businesses by improving the companies’ and individuals’ relationships and involvement with each other. His business specialties include start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and downsizing.

During his career, which has exceeded two decades, Wakeman has worked in 32 countries and lived in six. His experiences lead him to build a methodology based on five key principles of performance. They are Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance.

Wakeman is also the founder and CEO of Launch LaunchPad Holdings, a software company which provides services that helps new entrepreneurs implement their business plans.

His successes in his own ventures have many aspiring entrepreneurs using the software, known as LaunchPad Toolkit (http://glenwakeman.wikidot.com/).

LaunchPad Toolkit has national prominence and continues gaining momentum, earmarking yet another success for Wakeman. Within his organization, which he started in 2015, Wakeman proudly demonstrates strategies that he was taught or learned along the way that lead companies to sustainable growth. This includes mapping out business plans, customized to individual goals.

Wakeman does this proudly as he says he was the product of excellent mentoring programs and attributes much of his success to the resources he was provided from the connections he made when starting out.

Wakeman is also quick to point out that mentees also provide an invaluable contribution to their own success by remaining open to receive consultation and being engaging with their mentors (Linkedin). He also stresses to mentees, the importance of them learning every aspect of their business and involving the non-management personnel in the process as well. Wakeman believes having a workforce that understands the business will undoubtedly forge positive working relationships within the organization.


Jeff Aronin — Leading Paragon Forward

Leading Paragon Biosciences since 2010, Jeff Aronin has helped further establish a new paradigm in biotech, which has led to a focused, patient-centric drug development strategy. The strategy helps to more efficiently bring forward important science for patients with unmet needs.

Paragon and its portfolio companies are focused on understanding the underlying cause of diseases, especially those affecting people who have few or no treatment options (https://www.paragonbiosci.com/about/team/jeffrey-aronin/). The team then seeks breakthrough science, partnering with innovative researchers around the world to identify novel ways to address serious illness. Once that is accomplished, Paragon sets out to finance and incubate promising biotech companies that are focused on bringing medicines to market.

Two of Paragon’s lead companies are Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Castle Creek is focused on rare genetic dermatology disorders and Harmony is focused on central nervous system disorders. Whether it is addressing the underlying causes of epidermolysis bullosa simplex (in the case of Castle Creek) or narcolepsy and cataplexy (in the case of Harmony), Paragon’s companies are doing important work to bring additional options for patents in need.

Beyond Paragon, Jeff Aronin has nearly two decades of experience in the biotech industry spent discovering and developing medicines that have helped tens of thousands of patients live better. At Paragon, the leadership team has secured 13 new drug approvals, a rate on par with or better than most large biotech and pharma companies.

Paragon Biosciences partners with top medical professionals to do the important clinical research needed to get medicines approved. Jeff and his team put patients first and work every day to do the most they can to develop medicines that matter.

That commitment to patients, innovation, philanthropy and entrepreneurship led the Weizmann Institute to bestow its 2017 leadership award upon Jeff Aronin, though as he is quick to point out, any success in science is truly a team effort that ultimately benefits patients.


Chris Linkas Bridges Knowledge Gaps Between Professional and Private Investors

London, UK-based European Head of Credit Chris Linkas shares some investment tactics, widely known among the pros but not so well known by private investors.

As a starting point, it’s critical that an investor never overestimate the capabilities and technical savvy of their investment firms’ experts. While expert implies a certain mastery of knowledge, it can be deceptive, notes Linkas, when an investor assumes that it equates to omniscience.


Investors Business Miscalculations

Their expertise is relative to the knowledge of a non industry investor. Institutional investors make plenty of mistakes, all of the time. Market decisions are always based on incomplete information and expert miscalculations abound.

Sometimes professional investors even misjudge their own knowledge, overstepping sound market wisdom, blinded that they are chasing a failing investment all the way down to the bottom, while in their minds they believe that they have spotted an opportunity missed by the rest of the market.

There’s an old investment adage that goes something like “buy on the rumor, sell on the news.”

However, these days, lots of investors are buying on the rumor, driving stock prices to unrealistic over-valuations that price corrects once the news is officially released.

Many an investor has been left holding the bag, thinking that they had gotten a piece of insider information about an upcoming merger or takeover that was going to return previously unheard of profits, only to find themselves merely breaking even, if they are lucky and more often than not, selling at a considerable loss.

Chris Linkas points out that lots of momentum traders are buying stock on short trend upswings and selling as the hype dies down and then moving onto their next price run.

Another area where Linkas finds private investor information inaccurate is in a widely held belief that certain “safe” investments are shielded from market downturns.

The truth is, Linkas shares, that not only can they take huge losses, in bearish markets, they frequently do.

Keeping an open mind on discarded stock picks can produce nice returns. It’s important the former head of commercial real estate points out, that permanently writing off a poorly performing investment not permanently alter the investor’s open options with reconsidering the pick again at some point in time.

He points out a case where a stock dropped from its portfolio had a management turnaround and made several very smart decisions that resulted in a nearly $30 per share acquisition.


Daniel Taub And His Interesting Diplomatic Career

Daniel Taub is among the most respected and acclaimed Israeli diplomats. This is because he is a stickler for integrity, diplomacy, hard work and transparency. In the many years he has worked for the Israeli government in different capacities, he always had one consistency; of doing things right and at the right time.

He was born in the United Kingdom and schooled there until he finished university. His thirst for a challenging job and new environment pushed him to return to Israel and embark on a long and interesting journey towards becoming a top respected diplomat.

When he arrived in Israel, he did not go and become a diplomat straight away. Rather, he went through a rigorous and intriguing journey to get where he is today.

His first job in Israel was with the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat field medic. It therefore means that before he started negotiating for peace, he actually knew how painful it is to get it at times. He did the job with commitment and diligence and after a short while, started doing international law gigs in the IDF in acting capacity. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

At one point when they proved that he was competent enough, he was made the President’s speechwriter which acted as his launching pad to a greater and better diplomatic career.

Once he started writing speeches for the President, his intelligence and professionalism was quickly noticed. He was also impressively well conversant with matters international law at the time.

Soon after, the Foreign Ministry needed him and made him one of their own in the year 1990. Upon joining the ministry, he was occupied with different roles that required intervention to make peace as well as where international law was required to be applied. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL and https://www.jnf.co.uk/2015/07/jnf-uk-bids-farewell-ambassador-daniel-taub/

Owing to his brilliance at the negotiating table, Israel was able to effortlessly become a peace advocating giant in the region. In the year 2011, he was appointed the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Again, he proved very instrumental in forging his country’s international relations with the United Kingdom and the West in general. At work, he is described by many as very disciplined and committed.

Daniel also exhibits refreshing traits like having a reading culture and a public speaking talent. He has written several books and also travels the world giving talks on different international law and diplomacy subjects. Daniel’s story can be an inspiration to many that to get to the top, one has to wait and persevere a lot.

Michael Burwell’s Journey to Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, a reinsurance, insurance and global advisory booking specialist company appoints Michael Burwell as Chief Financial Officer in replacement of Roger Millay who is going to retire come October 2, 2017.



Michael “Mike” Burwell is a professional veteran in the finance and services sector for 31 years, which he held with PricewaterhouseCoopers L.L.P. In the past decade he was the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Transaction Services in the U.S. for PwC, as well as the Head of Global Transformation. His role in the global transformation enhanced the company’s management efficiency in strategic global and technology sourcing for capital and human resources.



John Haley, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson said that he among others are excited to add Michael Burwell in their organization’s executive ranks since he is aware of the exemplary credentials that Michael brings with him. Michael’s managing and leadership skills along with commitment to serve clients will do the company extraordinarily well. Haley adds that Burwell will be an asset which will propel Willis Towers Watson to accomplish its many goals for the long term.



At this point, Haley thanked Roger Millay for his contribution and service to Willis Towers Watson, saying his commitment and servitude has made the company a better place to be.



Reacting to the comment made by John Haley – Michael says that he is honored to be given the opportunity to work with Willis Towers Watson. He adds that he is impressed with the company’s commitment to its clients along with the leadership strength that is incorporated therein, and the collaborative organization culture that makes everyone feel they are part of the company. Read This Article for related information.



Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson, Mike engaged himself in buy and sell projects that were on the side with small private entities and large multinational corporations. His work consists of evaluating business models for various private equity funds along with the necessary projections; and led teams in analyzing enlargement of profits and product processes on a wide scale of businesses within numerous industries.



Michael finds time to speak and write on topics relevant to the automotive industry since is the chairman of the Automotive Suppliers M&A during the past 6 years.



Michael Burwell, a CPA, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Administration from Michigan State University.



Willis Towers Watson is a leading firm in broking, solutions and advisory. It currently has 40,000 employees serving about 140 countries around the world.

Determined Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera, a Chicago native and a full-service transportation business owner is taking into his own hands becoming a success in business and his personal life. Mandera’s company name is Custom Companies, Inc. and he has utilized his business that he started under 25 years of age helping many other companies and people with warehousing, storing, and satellite tracking services since 1986. Perry has lead Custom Companies Inc, to becoming the ITA’S top list in the industry of domestic and international forwarding services in 2000.


A Well Dedicated Man

Perry Mandera has a compassion that runs deep for his customers and for the American people that has been witnessed in the devastation in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. During this trying time for the residents of Louisiana, utilizing his own resources from his success, Perry was able to provide food for many people in need with over 40 trucks full. Being so supportive of charities and having the determination to have his own, is what set Perry Mandera apart from a lot of other business owners in his industry or in the workplace period. Outside of business, how can you not appreciate the efforts Perry Mandera puts in the community with organizations like Custom Cares Charities, a venture for underprivileged kids that he established, or Perry sitting on the Board of Directors of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, assisting kids who don’t have the advantage of enjoying the holidays like they wish they could (Customcares).

Mandera is just not limited to those accomplishments, even though that is a lot in itself, but Perry also takes out time having a lifestyle that is active coaching baseball, basketball, and football when he is free. The Lynn Sage Foundation, The University of Chicago Medical Center, the Catholic Charities USA and many other organizations are grateful for Perry Mandera and his undeniable determination for his success, and for the success of others.




Whitney Wolfe – A Progressive Woman in a Progressive World

Whitney Wolfe is a phenomenal female who has struggled and won. Her life is a testament to strength. She has paved the manner for women to comply with her footsteps. The direction is packed with praise at the top. She believes in the energy of networking and the potential of girls to choose who they network with. By empowering ladies, she has revolutionized the area of relationships. Her famous apps Bumble and Bumble Bizz have grown in recognition over the years and consistently offer yearly growth. She has shown the marketplace that it’s possible to create some thing new that modifies the international landscape.

Whitney Wolfe has faced plenty sexism in her career during her life. After co-founding Tinder she confronted sexism and decided to go away from the corporation. She received an agreement settlement and shaped her own company: Bumble. Her idea empowered women via giving them the ability to determine who they approached for dating. She designed the app in order for ladies to have the strength to determine which men they dated. As soon as a female messages a man she can retain the conversation but men can not message women, the girls have to make the preliminary approach. By transferring the initiative to ladies she has created an area in which girls can experience secure dating. The aggressiveness of conventional dating has been eliminated and guys do not have to worry about going through rejection from bored ladies.

Bumble Bizz allows professional males and females to attach and compare their comparable enterprise interests. Rather than trying to forge a connection on LinkedIn men and women can create actual connections. Bumble Bizz alleviates the needless solicitation by means of giving users a platform for making personal and expert connections. Women have faced problems in the place of work and in their relationships for years and Whitney Wolfe has achieved an extremely good task at solving these problems. Through shielding women from harassment and bullying and maintaining guys’s egos she has solid solution. Whitney Wolfe is a confident and successful lady who has the basis for other women to follow. She has shaped a way for ladies to take control in their private and professional lives. The success that has been fostered thanks to Bumble and Bumble Bizz is extraordinary with the aid of no other apps. The sector has been modified for the better because of the entrepreneurial skills of Whitney Wolfe.