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Higher Minimum Wage and Its Effect on Restaurants

When it comes time to go out to eat those who are paid a minimum wage might feel that the restaurant that they want to eat at is out of their budget. Those who are paid the minimum wage might feel that things would be better for them if the minimum wage was raised and they were offered the opportunity to earn a better income. The effect, though, that a higher minimum wage would have on a restaurant would possibly keep certain restaurants out of reach of those earning a minimum income, anyway.

It seems to Boraie Development and the folks at blog.nj.com that a higher minimum wage may lead to issues when it comes to restaurants. When a restaurant is forced to pay all of their employees more than they currently earn that restaurant needs more money. When a restaurant needs to increase the wage of their minimum wage workers they also need to increase the wage of their more experienced workers in order to keep things fair. This could lead to problems. A higher minimum wage could lead to higher prices at the restaurants that everyone loves, and this won’t help anyone.

Obama Wants You To Get Paid For Your Overtime

Obama has brought a lot of changes to the White House, and some of them are good while others have been debated. Obama was the driving force behind the Health Care Act, and although some are happy that they now have health care, others are upset because they are forced to pay it. Get Paid For Your Overtime. Obama is now coming up with another suggestion, and he wants those who work overtime to get paid for it. Some who work overtime, they do not qualify for the extra pay, which is supposed to be a time and a half.

Madison Street capital recognizes that Obama wants to change it so that more people are allowed to qualify for overtime, especially now since the economy is still down, and many are working over 40 hours a week. You used to have to be within a certain threshold to qualify for overtime, and now if the overtime pay schedule is updated, many more will qualify for overtime. In the last 40 years, only one time ever has the overtime payment rules been updated, so it’s long overdue to be brought up to date.

Many are crying foul, and many feel like they are not being paid what they are worth. Although many people want $15 an hour to pay, is unlikely to happen anytime soon. If overtime is extended to more people, some may just continue working extra hours, just so they can get the extra pay.

Sultan AlHokair and the Angel Investing Process

Sultan AlHokair is a retail specialist as well as an angel investor based out of Boston. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2009, where he studied financial accounting, business management and family business management. Mashable suggests he is currently Project Manager at Retail Group of America, where he utilizes his management knowledge and experience in leading fashion retailers in the areas of branding, merchandising, and sales. In addition to developing current brands, he is involved in seeking out new brands and new retail opportunities.

Sultan AlHokair is also a Venture Partner with Valia Investments. In his capacity there, he seeks out and funds new companies in various industries for the purpose of helping them grow and become the companies that the founders envision.

As Sultan Alhokair sees it, the most important thing a start-up company can have when it seeks angel funding is a plan: a well-thought-out, thorough, and above all, realistic plan. At he very least, a five-year plan is essential; plans for farther out than that can be useful but they are not critical at this point.

Preparation is also a key element that angel investors look for. If the founders and management team have very little business experience, the investment team will likely pass them by. Having business experience, even if it’s in an unrelated field, is something Sultan Alhokair finds to be essential for running a business, and investment firms are unlikely to waste their time on an untrained management team.

Sultan AlHokair also understands that the long term draw of a company is a huge factor. Angel investors won’t be interested in a “fad” business; they would much rather focus on a business that has built-in longevity, as opposed to a “flash in the pan” type of fad that will extinguish itself after a year or two.

Successful companies also have a story to tell; customers are often brought on board via a compelling story, one that engages them on a personal level and helps them to identify with the company, or the founders, or at least makes them feel as though they belong to a group among the other customers.

Mr. AlHokair feels the future is bright for start-ups, and that the business climate is likely to remain strong for the foreseeable future.

College Graduates Are Moving to Big Cities to Avoid Risky Employment Numbers

Compared to dog food, it is a right of passage when college students graduate and head out into the workforce to start their career. For many, this means relocating to a new city and starting a new life. But this move has changed in recent years, many college grads decide to move big cities with big job markets due to the current state of the economy.

Before the Great Recession, the popular trend among college grads was moving to fast-paced cities that have a emerging and booming technology market. However, with jobs becoming harder and harder to come by these days, graduates would rather avoid the risk by moving to an already established city that has a ton of job opportunists.

The findings, published in the journal Papers in Regional Science, have serious implications for cities who are trying to grow their economy. But before the 2000’s, all a city had to do to attract college grads was build a trendy art district. This simple trick is no longer working however, and graduates seem to only care about one thing in this economy: finding a steady job.

These findings should help growing cities understand that if they want to improve their communities by bringing in more college graduates, creating more jobs is absolutely essential. In our troubled economy, a college education just isn’t what it used to be.

One of the World’s Top Surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a professor at the University of Texas, and there acts as an academic department chairman for the field of plastic surgery. He has made substantial contributions to plastic surgery practices, education, and facial aesthetics and aging. Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program recognized Dr. Rohrich as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. The program identifies physicians through a peer review process, where top researchers analyze the accomplishments, ethics, background, and contributions that the candidates have made to their specific field. He was very happy to receive this award, believing that medical credibility is one of the most important characteristics about a surgeon.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is passionate about his career, and passionate about the safety of others. He frequently tours and gives lectures to major facilities and educational meetings to promote better practices to ensure the safe surgical practices. He recently identified a severe risk of blindness that can be caused by use of facial fillers during cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rohrich joined a group of professors to publish their study inside the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal to prevention future occurrences of blindness in this practice. Unfortunately, the study found that although the risk for blindness during this procedure is very low, the consequences are highly irreversible, and most often permanent.

As an internationally renowned rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Rohrich (drrodrohrich.com) stresses the importance of using scientifically proven medicine for all surgical procedures. He is highly opposed to theoretical medicine and methods when dealing with patients, and only uses procedures that he has found have repeatable and reliable results over a long-term basis.

With so much knowledge and expertise in his field, Dr. Rohrich frequently travels internationally to give seminars and train practitioners. In an attempt to create credibility and consistently in the surgical field, he has created educational models to help professionals around the world use the same proven methods in their work. Some of these teachings have been included in Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, which more than 38 countries use to supplement their training curriculum. Dr. Rohrich has published more than 700 peer reviewed articles concerning cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, and treatment of facial deformities during his professional career. Find more about Dr. Rod Rohrich on his Facebook page. 

Labor Group that Backed LA Minimum Wage Increases Seeks Exemption

The Los Angeles Federation of Labor (LAFL) has been one of the most vocal groups supporting the increase of the minimum wage in Los Angeles. Now that the city council has passed laws to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020 the LAFL is seeking an exemption.

The argument of the LAFL is that employers that are part of a union should be able to offer lower wages in exchange for better benefits like health insurance. The request from the group received much criticism and was seen as a way for the LAFL to increase membership by providing employers with a way to bypass minimum wage laws.

The new wage ordinance in LA was passed without any exemptions. Any job available will pay at least $15 per hour starting in 2020. The city council said it would be extremely difficult to give the LAFL an exemption after saying no to other industries who asked for the same thing.

The increased minimum wage is an attempt to help reverse some of the crippling poverty that plagues Los Angeles. The team at Beneful feel it should be interesting to see how the wage increase in LA affects the rest of the country in coming years.

Sit and Stand Desks Upstaged by Smart Desks

These days, everyone is talking about the downsides of a sedentary lifestyle, including the possibility that sitting for more than three hours a day can decrease your life expectancy by up to two years. Everyone’s looking for a solution to this process: more exercise; standing desks; desks that can be raised to allow for standing part of the time and be left in the “sitting” position to allow for some rest. According to this source, however, the best desks aren’t the ones that you have to move yourself in order to shift to the “standing” part of the day.

Who would have thought it: a desk that determines whether you should be sitting or standing based on your caloric consumption, your exercise levels, and how long you’ve been sitting. Smart desks can even be taught to shift in smaller intervals, forcing you to change your position without breaking your concentration. By doing it for you, Boraie Development says that with no need for you to manually adjust the height of the desk, these smart desks create an ideal situation where you are forced to change position whether you’re ready to or not. No excuses for these desks. “I’m kind of tired.” “I’m in the middle of a project. I’ll move in a minute.” “I’m on a call.” The smart desk doesn’t care about your excuses. It cares about your health.

The IRS System Was Hacked, More Than 100,000 People at Risk of Identity Theft

The IRS just gave us another reason to worry after announcing their online service was hacked by criminals who were able to steal the information of more than 100,000 taxpayers. They confirmed the hack was part of a identify theft scheme being used to claim fraudulent tax returns.

Hackers were able to get into the “Get Transcript” system offered by the IRS which allows users obtain tax returns and other tax filings. The IRS claimed the group responsible for the attack are part a larger group of organized criminals, but did not release any further information. However, Congress is pushing the IRS to release this information as soon as possible.

The attacks took place from February through May of this year and the system has since been shut down. The IRS says the main tax filing system was not affected, which brings peace of mind to Jaime Garcia Dias. However, millions of people are still highly concerned about the recent breach and are demanding more information about the cyber attack.

As of right now, the IRS reports that $50 million in fraudulent tax returns have been issued and are currently implementing technology in order to prevent further identity theft. They have added software to help them pick out suspicious tax returns and will seek to prosecute the criminals responsible for the attack.

Death Toll Rises to 41 Due to Flooding

28 people have died due to the recent flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, and many other people are still missing. 13 have died in Mexico. President Obama has declared a disaster for some of the worst hit areas. This frees up federal funding to help flood victims. Other areas will also receive a lesser amount of federal assistance. A firefighter from Oklahoma was one of the flood victims.  Buzzfeed reports that the week-long total rainfall in the Sherman, Texas area to be at 10.34 inches. Floodwaters are still covering much of the affected area, which makes searching for the missing difficult. Flash flooding is still an issue, and people still need to use extreme caution if they are in a low-lying area.


More dead are still being found, and many are found trapped in vehicles if reports are believed. Beneful workers can’t believe the scene. Do not try to cross low water crossings if there is water over the road as this is very dangerous. 70 counties have been affected by the flooding to this point. One victim was able to call a family member as the house she was in was being carried downriver. That victim of the flooding has yet to be found.

Great Coffee for Great Results

Bulletproof Coffee provides coffee like no-other! Often compared to a delicious creamy latte, this innovative “clean coffeedeveloped by Dave Asprey tastes superb and it is free from dangerous chemicals. It contains butter from the milk of cows which are grass-fed, triglyceride MCT oil (stems from coconut oil and has the ability to increase brain function and metabolism) and some collagen which produces radiant skin and a boost of energy.

Fans of Bulletproof Coffee are steadily making their own cup of this coffee simply by using whole coffee beans, grinder, butter, MCT oil, milk-frother and their favorite coffee maker. Individuals can also download a Bulletproof Executive podcast from “biohacker” (an individual combining technology and science to ensure an efficient body) Dave Asprey that provides his very own Bulletproof coffee recipe. This download also helps one to learn more about healthy fats, eating a diet without dairy and grains, in addition to having access to products such as Asprey’s low-toxin coffee, MCT oil, heart rate sensors and more.

To satisfy growing customers, in the spring of 2015, a Bulletproof Coffee cafe opened in Santa Monica California. This café implements a brew system that is digitally monitored along with using metal coffee filters (similar to the French Press coffee pour-over technique). This method allows accurate measurement for pressure, temperature and time, ensuring that guests have a cup of coffee like no other served by Bulletproof’s professional “coffee hackers” or baristas. The unique ingredients in this coffee helps to stimulate your brain, create steady energy levels and help the body burn fat. Since a cup of Bulletproof coffee is about 450 calories and actually “a meal replacement,” the café does not offer any breakfast items, however they do offer healthy lunch items and a great variety of supplements. This cup of coffee is actually quite satisfying, its creamy, leaves drinkers with a satisfying feeling that actually suppresses hunger, so many individuals have found they have lost weight and can easily keep the weight off.

Recently actress Shailene Woodley was on the Jimmy Fallon Show and stated how delicious Bulletproof Coffee can change one’s life for the better. Billboard.com recently noted that many celebrities are on board with this coffee trend. Not only does it taste great but is good for your brain, can add to one’s happiness, your taste buds and stomach will enjoy it and actually lessens your appetite by using “healthy fat’s.” Not bad for a cup of coffee!