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Household Entrepreneur Ryan Seacrest

When it comes to being able to host anything let alone a music competition series such as American Idol, only one name comes to mind, Ryan Seacrest. In fact, as the successful series returned to ABC, Ryan Seacrest was the only logical person that could keep it a continued success. Ryan Seacrest is a host and producer in radio, broadcast, and television. He also makes philanthropic efforts focusing primarily with our youth. His number one nationally syndicated radio show called On Air With Ryan Seacrest plays on the airwaves for your morning drive and entertainment.

On Air With Ryan Seacrest is broadcast on iheartMedia channel 102.7 KIIS FM and popular top 40 radio. He recently joined Live with Kelly. Now called Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest has clearly made his mark as host of the show. Other hosting gigs Ryan Seacrest is known for are ABC’s New Year’s Eve program called Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest and E! Live From The Red Carpet. Most importantly this entrepreneur has his own production company referred to as Ryan Seacrest Productions(RSP). It is an Emmy award-winning entertainment company that produces many hits. One popular hit series that has come from Ryan Seacrest Productions is Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Ryan produces Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, CMT’s I love Kellie Pickler, Shades of Blue on NBC, and Insatiable on Netflix. Ryan Seacrest also has his own menswear collection called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Further being aware of the importance of looking good, Ryan Seacrest has also come up with a men’s skin care line. Lastly he holds endorsements with what are called blue chip brands that include Coca-Cola and Ford. Ryan Seacrest has his own foundation in which he is Chairman of, and he lends his service on the board of Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well. Distinctively he has an honorary chair at the Grammy Foundation.

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Brian Torchin Has Made Medical Staffing Much Easier

Any large business has gone through difficult periods of time where staffing is difficult, whether they cannot get many applications or there are simply too many that are not a good fit. The hiring process is a lengthy one, especially for any high profile company that is looking for experienced or specific individuals. The medical industry is an especially difficult field when it comes to staffing and there are always companies in need of good medical help. Healthcare Recruitment Counselors is a company founded by Brian Torchin that is dedicated to helping organizations from all over the country find the kind of talent they are looking for, whether it’s in hospitals, chiropractic centers, legal firms, or just the medical field in general.

Brian Torchin is a highly accomplished businessman today that took an early start towards success. Ever since he was young, Brian has dreamed big and after he completed his education at the University of Delaware, he went on to earn his chiropractic degree. Brian didn’t take up a position at some company, rather he opened his own practice and ran a successful business all on his own. This is precisely what inspired Brian to founded HCR, as he was well aware of the difficulty in finding good medical help. Starting in 2007, Brian set out with Healthcare Recruitment Counselors and began looking for individuals through the medical and legal fields. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

To date, Brian’s company has served more than 200 other organizations from around the nation in health care and the legal sector, including chiropractors, nurses, physicians, dentists, receptionists, attorneys, secretaries, management, and more. HCR has very little limitations when it comes to their staffing searches and they do pretty much all of the legwork for both individuals and companies in need of staff.

As an active member on social media, Brian is regularly sharing his thoughts and opinions through websites like Facebook and Twitter, which also share information about HCR. From time to time, Brian shares recruitment opportunities through his social media for those aspiring to enter the legal or medical fields.

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Igor Cornelsen Advises People to Invest in Potential Growing Stocks to Earn High Returns

Igor Cornelsen is a name to reckon with in the financial world, and he has the experience of four decades of working in the financial world. Working and achieving success in the highly competitive financial world for four consecutive decades is not an easy task, but it is what Igor Cornelsen has achieved in his career. Starting from Unibanco to Multibanco, Igor has worked with some of the prominent banks in Brazil. He has deep insight about the Brazilian economy and has also worked as the economic and financial advisor to many companies that wanted to expand their operations in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen retired from his financial career after four decades and started Bainbridge Inc, which is a financial advisory firm that provides people with advice on stock market investment. Igor Cornelsen believes that investment is an art and it is necessary that people start doing it as early as possible. Investment cannot be risk-free, but one has to make sure that they research before investment to reduce the risk. It is the advice by Igor Cornelsen that would help you achieve your financial goals and minimize the risks associated with investments. If you are new to stock market investment, following Igor Cornelsen is highly essential.

Igor Cornelsen has well-thought-out investment strategies that have allowed him to be successful all this time. He is not afraid to change them if the situation requires it. He advises people to not just invest in the top performing stocks but also in the ones that are currently selling at a low price. They have huge potentials, and one can earn much more profits from them in comparison to the well-performing stocks. Thus, one should be on the lookout for companies that have low stock prices but are doing extremely well, and their stock prices can increase in the coming months.

Whitney Wolfe Is A Leading Executive And One Of The Wealthiest Women

Whitney Wolfe has been a popular figure in the business world ever since she co-founded one of the most popular dating apps in the world today, Tinder. Although she is no longer a Tinder employee, Whitney Wolfe is still in the development market and currently runs one of the top competitors in the dating industry, Bumble.

Whitney is no stranger to the dating platform and it was her own experiences with harassment that developed her interest in changing things up in the dating world. Bumble is currently one of the fastest growing dating platforms in the world, which is mostly due to good management and its uniqueness.

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Unlike other dating apps on the market today, which lets anyone talk to anyone else whenever they feel like it, Bumble limits the ability to start conversations to women only. There is a very simple reason for this, harassment. Any women who have involved themselves in the dating arena has discovered that there are many times more conversation started by men than by women, which comes with a much higher rate of harassment. Men are still able to converse with women at any time once they have opened a conversation with them and as long as they keep it open.

Millions of women can look to Whitney Wolfe these days for inspiration and not just because of the success she has gained for herself. Whitney Wolfe is a female activist and she tries to empower women however she can, especially through social media. Whitney can be found on all social media platforms and she posts tweets throughout the day on a regular basis, many of which are motivating. Whitney’s dating platform, Bumble, currently has more than 30 million users worldwide and this number continues to grow at a steady rate each day. Even Bumble’s secondary apps, such as BumbleBFF, is still growing and bringing more people together for platonic and business relationships.

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Organo Gold Delivers Premium Coffee To Your Doorstep

Oregano Gold is a Canada-based network marketing company. It was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008, and its headquarters are in Richmond, British Columbia. The company started out with the distribution of their unique blend of coffee, and they have since added dozens of more product selections.In addition to the taste, it is the product’s healthful ingredient that make it stand out from other coffee beverages, and for which the company is known. The Organo products contain ganoderma lucidum, an ingredient that is derived from an ancient Chinese mushroom.

Their mission is to help their customers improve their lives and achieve a grater level of wellness.The company now markets a large variety of coffees, tea flavors, and other beverages and health items. They have a network marketing plan that allows independent distributors to sell its products in 45 countries. Mr. Chua is a seasoned businessman, and he has many years of experience in network marketing. The business opportunity offered by Organo Gold has a competitive compensation plan for its distributors. This has helped in the goobal expansion of the company, and it has grown tremendously since its inception.

The current wave of coffee drinkers is interested in both the taste and the quality of their coffee. It’s a new coffee culture that expects high quality ingredients along with the other attributes of its favorite beverage. Organo Gold is recognized as a part of the San Diego Coffee Culture with their ganoderma infused blends of expertly prepared best seller.Oregano Gold places a large emphasis on its philanthropic efforts. They have created the Organo Gold Foundation to support nonprofit charities and causes on behalf of the firm.


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The Gulf Coast Western, Oil and Gas Producer

Gulf Coast Western concentrates explicitly in the acquisition, development, and exploration of gas and oil in the Gulf Coast area of the United States of America. Its strategy is entirely intact, and solidified in targeting gas and oil prospects, to make huge profits for the company. The Gulf Coast Western targets areas that are quite productive and potential, which can be excavated for gas and oil. The Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Matthew Fleeger has been at the forefront to spearhead the operations of the firm, which has realized a considerable number of achievements and success. Matthew is a competent and effective leader of the company who knows the benefits of trading with other powerful partners, by employing the principles of integrity and honesty.

Gulf Coast Western has expanded its market segment by partnering with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, and Orbit Energy Partners. The partnership has consequential positive results which has enabled it to acquire thousands of miles of trading with different people, and managing to reach a huge number of people who come from Southwestern Louisiana. The partnership of Orbit Energy Partners and Orbit Gulf Coast has enabled Gulf Coast Western to market oil and gas to Cameron, Calcasieu, Acadia, Allen, St, Landry Parishes, and Evangeline regions.

Gulf Coast Western has employed many, therefore reducing the rate of poverty to the areas it operates. Gas and oil are important products that an individual cannot survive without; hence it offers billions of people with the opportunity to live comfortably on the earthly planet. Mathew Fleeger is a visionary and determined leader who always stresses boldly on quality service delivery and customer satisfaction. He envisions upgrading potential production by adding productive oil wells, which will increase the quantity of gas and oil. Mathew Fleeger is ranked high and recognized for his transformative leadership of tanning industries, including the efforts of reducing zero pollution where the Gulf Coast Company does the excavation of oil and gas.

DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani and His Impressive Businesses Ideas

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC, a property development company. At the University of Washington, Sajwan managed to advance his education where he majored in Economics & Industrial Engineering. He started his business career at a young age when he spent most of his time working in the family business. Spending time at their Family shop, also gave him extensive experience in the business field, and shaped him to be a risk taker.

After clearing his undergraduate studies, Hussain Sajwani was ready to step in the business world. However, he began by seeking employment in the already established firms to improve his entrepreneurial skills, where he landed a job in the Finance department. Later, he resigned from this job and started his catering business.

Hussain Sajwani, outstanding leadership skills, have contributed significantly to his exponential success. He is now a great leader with a profound vision, and this has made him appear among the top Arabs with greater influence. Sajwani is also listed as the tenth richest Arab globally.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is a creative and innovative entrepreneur who is always looking for viable opportunities. He identified a lucrative opportunity in the real estate, and this is where the idea of DAMAC properties was conceived. More so, Sajwani was determined to succeed, and that’s why he utilized his resources to invest in the real estate business. DAMAC properties began as a small hotel investment before later developing to big investments.

Sajwani believes that entrepreneurship is something inborn and as an entrepreneur, you must have a clear goal and vision. His main inspiration came from the desire to improve and develop UAE’S Economy and also the social Infrastructure. Through Sajwani’s leadership, DAMAC Properties has extended its operations in other countries and also in the UK, since he is a great manager and a team leader who can manage over 2000 employees in his company. Besides, he has invested so much in his employees, and that has made DAMAC Properties become one of the leading firms internationally. Sajwani emphases that employees’ treatment is directly proportional to the success of any business.

Source: https://www.damacproperties.com/ar/media-centre/press-releases/hussain-sajwani-damac-foundation-sponsors-one-million-arab-coders-initiative

The Revolutionary ICT Expert and Entrepreneur-Alex Hern

Alex Hern appreciates business incubation as it is very vital to the new businesses. It helps new companies to get the relevant managerial skills and training. This is to enable them to maintain stability and growth in their operations. Hern is an ICT professional and entrepreneur who focus on providing business incubation to new technological businesses.

Working ExperiencAlex Herne

Alex Hern has an impressive working experience in the ICT industry. He has worked for the Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO as the director. Mr. Hern is also the co-founder of a web directory and email marketing company known as the YESM ( Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO). Hern was the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the Military Commercial Technologies. He also worked for ArcSight, a cybersecurity firm. The Hewlett-Packard later bought the company. He has also worked for a network security company, the Cloud shield. He is the founder of NewHomes.Com and theTriton Network System. Hern has also been a board member of the Zero Knowledge Systems.

The Tsunami XR

Mr. Alex Hern founded this company in 2014. The primary focus of the ICT Company is to develop new communication software. Tsunami XR creates a platform for organizations to share ideas, train and integrate. This enables them to maintain profitability and growth. The concept of Tsunami XR came as a result of the transition from computers with CPU to those that operated with GPU. The Shift would then create a demand for compatible software.

Interview with Ideasmench

Alex Hern explains that his profitability is because he gives every assignment ample time. This important attribute has helped him to achieve the goals of his company. As an entrepreneur, he remains focused to maintain his productivity. He encourages young people, especially aspiring entrepreneurs on the importance of not being in a hurry to make it in life. Lately, he has been focusing on “The One Thing,” a book that has been giving him insights on how to remain focused.

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Discovering The Origin Of Anthony Constantinou’s Theories


When a person learns that Anthony Constantinou is Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London, the first thing that comes to mind is, “What does that mean?” Most people have heard of Artificial Intelligence, but they have no idea whatsoever when they heard the term, “Bayesian.”

Bayesian simply stands for a probability that is a reasonable expectation. In other words, if Bayesian probability mathematics were in use at this moment, it would be able to predict the number of persons reading this article, given the proper tools and input. It stems from the name of a physician and mathematician who lived in the 1700’s. Anthony Constantinou was also a theologian.

But it goes a step farther than that, as designed and designated by Anthony Constantinou. He uses artificial intelligence to act upon the result of Bayesian formulae. With such a program, Anthony Constantinou compared his Bayesian models to predicting the outcomes of sporting events, and the record was better than that of bookmakers. But there were, and are, many other fields in which Anthony Constantinou’s Bayesian formulae come into play. See This Page for more information.

Anthony Constantinou’s model has been used in sporting events, economics, and investing. But by far, the most rewarding use of his model has been in the field of medicine. Constantinou’s use of artificial intelligence to diagnosis and give a prognosis for a patient’s recovery, given a certain type of treatment, has been thoroughly documented many times. It can predict which medicine of what type should be taken by the patient with a greater certainly and accuracy than those predicted by doctors. To some individuals, this thought is disturbing, while to other, it is a Godsend.

Anthony Constantinou earned his Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Hertfordshire in Computer Sciences in the year 2008. There, he specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

He continued at the same university to earn his Master of Science Degree in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics.

His finished his Pd D at Queen Mary of London University where he lectures on artificial intelligence. His research and teaching are helping the field of artificial intelligence grow and obtain recognition around the world.


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Matthew Fleeger: Creator Of His Own Success

Matthew Fleeger is a giant in the oil and gas industry, and is ranked among others of high status listed in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals. He didn’t get to be in the position he is today, overnight, but had a good education and experience gathered from working for others, and for himself.

Matthew attended Southern Methodist University, getting his BA in Business, but specifically focused on fiance and marketing. Upon obtaining his degree Matthew went to work for his father at Gulf Coast Western, a successful oil and gas company, formed in 1970. Fleeger worked for several Texas based companies, including Gulf Coast Western, gaining much needed experience, from 1986 to 1993.

In 1993, Matthew formed his own company, MedSolutions, which specialized in disposal, treatment, and transportation of medical waste from healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics. Over a decade with the MedSolutions, Fleeger made it the regional leader in healthcare waste management. He was the company’s CEO, Chairman/Directory, and President between 1993 and 2007. Stericycle, Inc. became interested in MedSolutions and Fleeger sold the business for roughly $59 million, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, Matthew had both the skills and experience to be successful.

After the sale of MedSolutions, Matthew returned to the oil and gas industry by becoming President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast Western operates out of the Gulf Coast region, primarily focused on domestic oil and gas reserves there. With his experience, education, and leadership, Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western will continue to grow and be successful.

Matthew Fleeger has had an interest in the tanning industry as well as oil and gas. He founded Palm Beach Tan, which is now one of the considerable tanning operators in the region, and Mystic Tan, a spray-on tanning booth business, one of the largest in the world.