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Building Paradise: Chris Burch and the Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch knew he could establish a legacy by investing in companies, and helping them grow. But he didn’t realize he could also build a paradise like Nihiwatu. As the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, he has invested in over 50 companies. Some of these companies went through incubation, others simple investment strategies, and some needed more innovative resources. But in the end, Chris Burch saw they met their growth expectations. As an investor and entrepreneur, he showed he had an eye for success and an ability to scout innovative means to success. Some of the companies he has worked with include Ellen DeGeneres’ clothing and linen line ED, and Voss Water. But in 2012, he branched out of entrepreneur companies, and into hospitality. He paired up with hotelier James McBride and decided to buy a beach and turn it into a resort paradise.

The beach was a hostel on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. It was owned by a couple from New Jersey. Chris Burch and James McBride bought it in 2012, renamed it Nihiwatu, and transformed it into a 5-star resort (businessinsider.com). Chris mentioned he made the sudden change from entrepreneur companies to hospitality for his family. He wanted to give something to his children, and to give back to the community in Sumba. Now, he has his own private villa for his family called Raja Mendaka in Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu was a huge success and has become a paradise with a focus on gentle adventure. Visitors can take a guided hike up to a cascade on the property, where they can jump off the rocks into clear pools. They can also take horseback rides on the beach or enjoy 5-star spa treatments in the spa villa, or in their private villas. Due to Somba’s positioning, and Nihiwatu’s prime location on the beach, the island catches large swells due to the Southern Ocean storms. Due to the size of the beach however only 10 surfers are allowed on the waves at a time, so it is prime surfing real estate.

Chris Burch and McBride plan on expanding to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, building more resorts like Nihiwatu for their focus clientele, travelling millennials. Chris was a serial entrepreneur and now has found a gift in the art of hospitality. He hasn’t slowed down yet, and still seeks to provide innovative solutions to his clients, be they companies or resort clientele.

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More on http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/

HCR Wealth Advisors Clear the Path for Better Retirement Planning

More people are looking at retirement plans and how they can go about achieving their goals. HCR Wealth Advisors has a team in place that is able to help people with their retirement decisions. This team has portfolio managers and risk advisors in place to help people sort out what will best work for their long-term retirement planning. These advisors seek to establish life-long relationships with their clients. They are doing it through service and education.

HCR Wealth Advisors can help the generation that may not yet have gotten a grip on their finances before they got sandwiched in between their children and their parents. At this point someone that has never saved money would have an impossible time getting their portfolio started on their own. If they have just started to save as they find themselves sandwiched between taking care of aging parents and budding offspring, they may become flustered.

What @HCRwealth can do is work with you to help achieve your financial goals. Your retirement always needs to be top priority. HCR Wealth Advisors can help.

They can get you in a place where can auto deduct each month from your account so that you will not have to miss this money. It is much easier when things are automatic. You are going to be much more likely to make an investment when you don’t have to take too much time to think about how the money is coming out. Picking a plan is important but taking the actions to make the plan a reality is even more important.

Many people in this situation may be able to improve their situation by considering the advice of HCR Wealth Advisors. The firm has people that understand what it takes to build investments that are solid. These are advisors that know how to help those that want a better method for generating retirement income before it’s too late.

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Meet Dr. Rod Rohrich Who Is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, Texas

When it comes to the field of plastic surgery, it is not about who is doing well, but who the best is. There are quite a number of board-certified plastic surgeons especially in Texas, but this doesn’t mean their services are of similar quality. However, it is no longer a secret that Dr. Rod Rohrich has emerged to be the best among the plastic surgeons you can find in Dallas, Texas. He is not a plastic surgeon, but also a renowned educator, author, and a leading innovator. He started his career in the cosmetic industry field in 1986 and he has gained an undeniable global reputation. The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, and The View are some of the television shows that have featured this reputable plastic surgeon.

His remarkable skills and innovative work has made Dr. Rohrich be a plastic surgeon with unmatched influence in that last decade. He is not only a leader, author, and educator, but also a compassionate surgeon. Rohrich grew up in one of the ranches in North Dakota and he joined the University of North Dakota for his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. He is also known to have graduated with the highest honors from the Baylor College of Medicine based in Houston. After he was through with his plastic surgery training, he opted to go back to Texas. This wasn’t the end of his medical training. He further went to Michigan University where he completed his plastic surgery residency.

Dr. Rohrich is one of the luckiest plastic surgery specialists because he has been able to work to under some of the highly reputable plastic surgeons in the world today. He has worked under the leadership of Dr. Stephen J. Mathes, Dr. Reed O. Dingman, and Dr. William C. Grabb. Before Dr. Rohrich accepted his first academic position, he ensured he furthered his medical training at Massachusetts General Hospital based in Harvard, and also at The Radcliffe Infirmary based at Oxford University. He later went to Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Texas University in 1986 to join the Plastic Surgery Division as an assistant professor. He became the chairman of this Division in 1991 and made it become the country’s first Departments of Plastic Surgery.

Igor Cornelsen, the Investment Genius

If someone has something they are passionate about, that’s their brilliance. Igor Cornelsen, a renowned investor and retired banker, is an undebatable testimony to this. ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ The Brazilian born investor from an early age showed immense enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. He successfully secured himself a place in the Federal University of Parana pursuing an engineering course. The desire further drove him to study economics in the same institution upon completion of the engineering course.

Combining the economic principles and facts gained from the course with arithmetic skills from the engineering course, Igor was equipped with the ability to calculate compound bank interest rates. He thus sought employment at an investment bank upon graduation. His brilliance gained him promotions to the position of Chief Executive Officer at Multiblanco besides putting him on the banks’ board of directors. He has since worked with Unibanco, Libra bank PLC and Standard Chartered Merchant bank leaving an impressive legacy in all the institutions. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

A man’s life is independent for he is not born for the development of society only but his growth as well. Igor Cornelsen left his job in 1995 and started a private investment firm where he has continued to offer investment advice as an investment manager. His experience in the banking sector has been a key pillar of his success. He has also attributed his success to his habit of getting firsthand economic information from reliable sources unlike reading reports from the analysis of other investors.

Knowing the benefits and beauty of investing, Igor Cornelsen encourages people to invest at whatever magnitude. He, however, insists that investment is a risk but one that is worth taking. Start early, get a reliable advisor, diversify the span of your portfolio and be keen not to lose your money. Those are but a few of his pieces of advice on investment.

Igor Cornelsen offers guidance to the youth. He highlights the need to invest early in their careers. Also, he champions the need to read a lot of information instead of opinions from other participants in the market. This, according to him, would enable them to look at the world as a bigger spectrum than in small bits. More info can be found by visiting: https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The book written by Sean Penn, seems to actually be aimed at our present day President. No other than Donald Trump. The description that says the landlord is a seventy year old bot-man who has money and his hair is described as French vanilla cotton candy. The book seems to have this person named Bob, write a letter to his president. But in doing this, Bob creates many facts that play into present day cable news. For instance, he throws into the letter the “alternative facts” about Russia, and the NRA. However, Bob does not stop there , he writes that his president is illegitimate and narcissistic. The ultimate seems to revolve around a tweet placed by Bob, he says, “ Sir I challenge you to a duel. Tweet me, I dare you.” Sean Penn has even been on CBS Sunday Morning promoting this book. It gives us a view into Sean Penn. It seems that the world, through his eyes, is placed in the character Bob Honey. He makes Bob Honey a celebrity and as such, wants everyone to know how disillusioned he has become with our world. Although it can be seen in the reading of his disillusion, the book doesn’t have a formal plot. Let’s not forget what a unique title Bob Honey Who Just do stuff is.

Bob, our antihero, seems to be unhappy about everything in the the world. He sees the state of the nation and laments about it, he loathes his ex-wife because she is happy and has gotten together with her divorce lawyer. Bob does have his good points in this book too. Some of his adventures began with helping some people after Hurricane Katrina. Bob does not wait for invitations, he just follows his conscience just like Penn. While Penn made Bob Honey un-fun, he did make him speak plain spoken sentences. These cause many traffic jams in language . So many that if they were cars you would hear all of the honks. With reading this book, you come to be in admiration of it. Not because of the writing, but because you yourself survived reading it. However, the books goes on to tell of the election in 2016. Bob comes to feel that because of this election, he has become all four of the Apocalyptic Horsemen. He feels that the only thing that will save us, as a nation, is an assassination. Penn , as the author, offers a theory. Even though it may be late and happens in the end of the book. He is interested in capturing America in , not what it was, but what it has become. This can be seen in the things that Bob Honey points out.



The new way to pay: PSI-Pay is revolutionizing the Way We Pay

When we pay for our burgers at McDonald’s, a lot of us like to go the old fashion route.

Pulling out our wallet and bringing out that crisp dollar bill.

Recently, companies such as Apple and Samsung have implemented a feature on their phones so you don’t have to whip out your wallet. You bring out your phone, and away you go. Everything about this is all online.

And just like with anything online, that can lead to fraud.

Fraud can present itself in many forms, including stealing your credit card number through an unsecured website, to draining your bank account within seconds.

There are a lot of ways you can prevent this.

One way is just examining the website.

The website is a dead giveaway if it’s dangerous. If they’re advertising for a free MacBook Air and are requesting your credit card for a small down payment of $4.99, then it’s a scam.

Many websites are very legit but have scammers on them. For example, eBay is a legit site, but you have a lot of people trying to scam you with fake Beats by Dre, or a fake iPhone X.

And one more way to check is to see if the website it an “https” website. You can find this out by looking at the full website link. That means it is a secure, encrypted site.

Most importantly, if your gut says it’s a scam, there’s a 99.9% chance it is.

To be safe when you’re doing online shopping, you could start using an e-wallet. An e-wallet is an online wallet that acts as the middleman between the buyer and the seller. One great example is PSI-Pay.

PSI-Pay is a company that had had its door opened since 2007. They provide payment cards, as well as online accounts for their customers. They deal with 44 currencies in 173 countries. PSI-Pay is enrolled as a “Principal Member of MasterCard”, so you can get a physical, or a virtual card from them called an EcoCard and an EcoVirtualCard.

PSI-Pay recently partnered with Kerv, who released a contactless payment ring for even more ease with your purchases.

If you want to be 100% sure you’re information is secure and your money is safe, visit PIS-pay at http://www.psi-pay.co.uk/ to learn how to get started.

You will not regret your decision.

Read about PSI Pay’s company history here:


Academy of Art University Shapes Creative Minds

The Academy of Art University, replaced the Academy of Art College, is a for-profit school founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 and is located in San Fransico, California at the edge of San Fransico’s homeless or Tenderloin district., with an enrolment of fifty students. In 1951, his son Richard A. Stephens assumed the role as President. Dr. Elisa Stephens, the granddaughter of Riched S. Stephens and daughter of Richer A. Stephens, in 1992 became the President of the Academy of Art Univerity which has over 12,000 students. Postgraduate students are at least fifty percent of the student body. The urban college also has an online presence. The University students have careers in all the areas of the arts.


Academy of Art University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and the National Architectural Accrediting Board and offers masters, bachelors, and associate degrees.


San Francisco’s Tenderloin district of the homeless inspired Academy of Art University undergraduate architecture students to design homeless shelters with the encouragement of their professors. Before working with homeless shelters, students worked on schools and fire stations.


The area for the homeless shelters was bounded by the Golden Gate Bridge on one side which contained nonprofits, soup kitchens, and homeless providers and on the other side, there are tech companies that were changing the neighborhood through gentrification. The goal for the students was to design homeless shelters that acted as a bridge between the nonprofit homeless developments and the high tech companies.


The area for this homeless structure project was to be used as a mixed-use residential building. The students were, therefore, were developing a new concept for homeless shelters using wood.

Before the project was begun homeless people were interviewed to ascertain what they considered were their needs other than a sleeping unit.


As the project developed the students engaged with the neighborhood that served the homeless and met with a landscape architect to better understand the best use of outdoor space. The undergraduate class of students built a neighborhood model with prototypes for homeless shelters.

Sean Penn’s New Book: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn’s new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a unique perspective on humor written on the page. Rolling Stone Magazine describes it as ‘a piece of oddball Americana’ with a ‘loose narrative’ and a ‘satirical tone’. Sean Penn states that his novel is simply fiction, but so far a few leaked excerpts about Donald Trump and the #MeToo movement were misconstrued as factual.

Sean Penn has been an Oscar winning actor for Milk and Mystic River, producer and director of The Last Runner and director of The Last Face and Cape Town. Now, Penn is releasing his second novel that’s basically a work of controversial political satire. It’s a provocative piece of fiction that follows a middle-aged man who has a less-than-exciting job activities and one of them is selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In the book Bob Honey’s list of employment positions includes creating fireworks displays for dictators, which is crazy enough by itself, but he adds two additional positions: getting Hasidic Jews out of foreign prisons and assassinating the elderly with a mallet. This book adds yet another layer to the enigma that is Sean Penn. Penn choose to risk his life to interview the most wanted man in the world, El Chapo for Rolling Stone Magazine in the January, 2016 issue. His acting roles have also been challenging: he played a gay politician in Milk and a crazed murderer in Dead Man Walking.

Sean Penn has always been a master at his craft. His writing has the same signs of being unusual, but perhaps also masterful. The critics have pointed out that it does take a satirical look at one man’s view of culture in this country and many of the book’s excerpts have gone viral on social media, but the book is getting people to talk about it. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a self-assured text that accentuates the oddities in one man’s life. Through the eyes of Bob Honey, Penn guides the reader down a path that starts to look more and more like a forever widening path to someplace unfamiliar but somehow attractive and repelling at the same time.

Read the full review here:



IC Systems, most secure collections in the industry.

Nominated for the Better Business Bureau torch award for ethics in 2013, 2014 and 2015 IC Systems is based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. IC System is a family-owned accounts receivable company that was founded in 1938, and ever since they have been a top collections company and considered one of the most secure collection agencies in the industry.

IC System takes their core values extremely seriously. Taking care to make sure that every employee agrees and stands by treating people with Integrity, respect and dignity (Advancedmd). As well as always making sure they do the right thing, being proud of what they do, and encouraging employees to find better ways to get the things done that need to be done.

IC Systems is also licensed to collect debt in not only all 50 states but also Guam and Puerto Rico. Making it possible and safe to collect debt from those 15% of consumers that live either hundreds of miles or in a completely different state from where the original service occurred.

As well as collecting debts IC System is conscious about conservation of energy and renewable sources. Always taking into consideration the maintenance and management of our infrastructure and lands.

IC Systems also contributes to many charities including Toys for Tots, arming Heroes, st. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Relay For life and the Ronald McDonald House as well as many many more. And not to forget ECHO. The in house charity for IC System, we’re both employees and IC system themselves contribute to their community and fellow employees who are facing difficulties in both their health and personal life.

Indeed has given IC System of 3.6 stars out of five with six reviews out of 16 being a five-star ratings and three out of 16 a four-star rating from current and previous employees. With several of the comments stating that IC Systems is a productive place to work and a great company to work for.


Fashion and the Future at the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University has been a part of San Francisco culture since the year 1929. Created by artists for artists, it is the only school of its kind. The school was started by the creative director of Sunset magazine, Richard Stephens. Richard’s vision was to support artists for professional careers. He believed artists should be trained by other professional artists.

The academy has grown from its first class of 45 students. It now educates 18,000 students in art and design. Students get the benefit of the Academy’s inclusive admissions policy when applying. Some of its majors include: acting, animation, art history, fine art and illustration.

Among the areas of study, fashion is important for the school. On September 9, 2017 the Academy’s School of Fashion held its 21st runway showcase, showing off 10 of their fashion students. The showcase was hosted in Skylight Clarkson Square. Famous members from America’s Next Top Model and the Council of Fashion Designers of America were in the audience.

Many of the students this year come from different states and countries. Their backgrounds influenced craftsmanship, theme and material choice. A few of the MFA and BFA fashion design student favorites were:

  • Hailun Zhou created garments from vinyl, PVC and her own unique fabrics she made.
  • Eden Slezin used denim as well as recycled rubber bike tubes for his collection.
  • Dina Marie Lam had a collection dedicated to creating a warm feel.
  • Carlos Rodriguez focused on different embroidery styles.
  • Saya Shen was inspired by landscapes. She created silhouettes from her own photos and printed on the fabric.
  • Joanna Jadalla focused on wool, cashmere, knits and more.
  • Cana Klebanoff created a collection inspired by Japanese samurai.

With the growth of programs like fashion design, the Academy is expanding to include digital arts in more recent years. They have graduate and undergraduate programs in media and digital production. They also have a unique online program. Higher learning degrees in both fine arts and design are available anywhere there is an internet connection.