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At the Fall of Russia, Boris Ivanov Shifts Gears from Diplomat to Entrepreneur

The fall of the USSR forced the Russian diplomat, Boris Ivanov to shift gears from being an employee of the Ministry of Foreign affairs to become a successful consultant in the private sector and an entrepreneur. Boris said he never thought he would end up in this career path because he was happy with his life as a public servant.

He has a degree in International Relations, which makes a career as a diplomat the perfect match. He has worked in many parts around the globe, but his favorite deployment was in Washington DC, in the United States. As a consular officer residing abroad, Boris Ivanov was able to expand his network. He also learned about many different cultures and customs, while keeping abreast of international issues.

Unfortunately, the fall of the Soviet Union pushed him to change career paths. Back then when Russia was regaining its footing for being a free market place, the lifeblood of the new country became entrepreneurship. As a result, Boris said goodbye to his role as an esteemed public servant and embraced his new path in the private sector with open arms,

Before Boris Ivanov started his own GPB Global Resources venture, which is what he is known for today, he first started working for the Gazprom company as the Director-General. Gazprom is an oil exploration company, where Boris found himself learning about the interesting processes and numerous facts about the critical issues of this oil industry.

To this day, Boris is able to utilize all the skills that he learned for his past roles into the his GPB Global resources venture that he set up. Actually, he just bought numerous shares during this company’s restructuring. Boris Ivanov had the foresight to buy several, which proved to be a very advantageous move. In the end, he is now the majority shared holder of GPB Global.

GPB Global Resources is  an international business known for their oil exploration activities and other production operations all over the globe. The primary office of the company is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They also have numerous operations with extraction facilities in South America and Africa. With all these details, everyone can see that Boris Ivanov is indeed a wonderful man that does not let setbacks deter him from success.

How Entrepreneur Sudhir Choudhrie Overcame a Heart Condition While Launching His Career

Every entrepreneur must overcome a significant number of challenges to become successful, although the majority of these will be in their professional careers. For Indian-born business owner Sudhir Choudhrie, there were quite a large number of professional challenges, although he had to navigate past these while also battling a rare heart condition. When he was eight years old, the entrepreneur was diagnosed with a leaky valve in his heart, which caused it to miss a beat regularly.

This would lead to a variety of health conditions during his life, as well as make him much more susceptible to infections. As a result of these, he eventually saw his health failing and had to receive an emergency heart transplant, which proved to have quite a positive impact on his health. During this time, Sudhir Choudhrie would look to encourage hope among many others suffering from similar conditions, as well as the medical professionals who worked in the niche.

During this time, Sudhir Choudhrie would also dive head-first into an entrepreneurial career that would see a significant amount of success over the past few decades. The first of these endeavors was the Magnum International Trading Company. With the firm, he would focus on exploring India’s import and export markets, which subsequently allowed him to partner with a variety of other high-profile international brands during his career.

As a result, Sudhir Choudhrie was able to help a variety of companies enter the India market and expand their presence there. In the years following this, he would begin investing in a variety of firms across several niches, with one of the most notable of these being aviation. Throughout this time, Choudhrie would help lead the vast majority of these organizations to success.

Since 2006, Sudhir Choudhrie has been involved with the London-based investment firm C&C Alpha Group. In his role with the organization, he is responsible for developing a variety of business opportunities, many of which would achieve a significant amount of success. Perhaps the most notable of these is Alpha Aviation Group, with the entrepreneur drawing on his extensive experience in the aviation world to help drive its success.

Learn more: https://www.gtc.ox.ac.uk/about/fellows/sudhir-choudhrie/

Academy of Art University: The Place Where You Begin

Academy of Art University is a privately owned art and design institution located in the United States. This academy was founded and is presently under the guidance of Stevens’s family. Under the leadership of Richard Stephens, the school began offering graduate and bachelor’s degrees, a feat that saw the enrolment of 5000 students. The student learning there has the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, certificate programs, Master of Architecture, Art Technical Credential coupled with continuing art education which covers 28 areas of their study. The courses at Academy of Art University are offered both on the campus as well as online facilitated by most progressive and state of the art equipment and technology.

Academy of Art University has facilities that include classrooms, studios, lounges as well as libraries which are state of the art. The school has cafes that are offering a distinct atmosphere that provides an array of food choices that are served at different times for students that have tight schedules. In addition, the design of the cafe enhances collaboration and a haven for the student where they interact with another student while at the same timesharing ideas work as well as dreams.

From its time of foundation, the Academy of Art University has actively been engaging the services of the instructors coupled with professors, who work closely with the students in their area of study. It is noteworthy that arts are dynamic and are evolving; therefore, they need to have a strong foundation in imaginative history coupled with the emerging trends in every field in which expression artistically is needed. This student who is under the tutelage of instructors and professors who have strong and aptitude in the field of artistic expression. Also, the vast experience combined with their connection in the industry is pivotal for a student especially when they are preparing and launching their creative careers.

Read more here https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/academy-of-art-university

OSI Group Begins Co-producing the Impossible Burger in its Chicago Plant

The Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger is a 100% plant-based product of Impossible Foods. It was designed at Impossible Foods Laboratories in Redwood City, California, between the years 2011-2016, when it made it worldwide debut in New York City before many invited food critics. The Impossible Burger has created a following of its own since its debut and has been dramatically demanded since its first launch. After the initial appearance, Impossible Foods received hundreds of orders but soon turned to thousands. It was in mid-2019 that the Impossible Foods production plant in Redwood City was unable to keep up with the demand for the Impossible Burger. Within a short amount of time after searching for a co-producer, Impossible Foods made a co-production agreement with OSI Group.

History of OSI Group

The OSI Group has long been in the meatpacking business. It began a business in 1909 in the suburbs of Chicago. Its first years saw it grow locally, but soon took on clients and customers far and wide across the country. By 1955 it had reached states from East to West in America. When Ray Kroc approached it in 1955 to be its main meat-packer and producer of the McDonalds hamburger, it hadn’t gone international, but that changed when producing McDonalds hamburgers. Today OSI Group is in 17 countries and 65 locations and has over 20,000 employees.

Co-Producer of Impossible Burger

OSI Group recently manufactured a second production plant inside its Chicago plant, which allows it to co-produce the Impossible Burger. OSI has helped Impossible Foods to catch up with its order for the Impossible Burger, but new rules after the FDA gave permission to Impossible Foods to sell its Impossible Burger in supermarkets, arrived. Also, Burger King just launched its Impossible Whopper in 7,500 of its restaurants across the country and Canada. Lastly, other countries across the world are starting to request the Impossible Burger, and the OSI distribution network will remain busy keeping up with the now continuing demand for the Impossible Burger. Lastly, Impossible Foods now produces Impossible Sausage for Little Ceasars for select stores.

Contact OSI Group: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

Wes Edens: Merging Fortune and Philanthropy

Wes Edens does not appear to be an ordinary businessman. Rather than simply put money back into his own business ventures, Edens chooses to support and invest in other businesses and causes, and give back to many different communities in the process of doing so. Wes Edens first found success with Fortress Investment Group, a small private equity firm. Over the course of twenty years since the company’s inception, Fortress has grown to manage over $42 billion. On the way to such massive growth, Fortress invested in and financed a rail line, now dubbed Virgin Trains USA. This railway sought to improve rail transportation in Florida, and is now extending its reach to California and Nevada, where it seeks to create a route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Not content with only investing in existing transportation, Wes Edens also founded New Fortress Energy, which sought to create cleaner, greener sources of energy on a global scale. New Fortress Energy helped reduce the carbon footprint of East Coast Rail, another Florida-based transportation company, and also helped establish Miami’s first liquid natural gas production facility. Since then, New Fortress Energy has helped to install a similar liquid natural gas facility in Jamaica. The philanthropy and positive influence of Wes Edens even extends to the world of sports. In 2014, Edens became part-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks, who had not won a championship since 1971, were seemingly inspired by the change in ownership and in the 2018-19 season were only bested by the Toronto Raptors in the postseason, while boasting the most wins of any NBA team that season.

Furthermore, Edens worked with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation in pledging $200 million to build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks, with the stipulation that the team remain in Milwaukee. As of 2018, the stadium is complete, and the Bucks have signed a 30-year lease at the arena. In addition to investing in causes with foreseeable outcomes, like greener energy and sports teams, Wes Edens also invests in noble causes that seek to improve more complex issues. To that end, Edens and his wife, Lynn, established the Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College. The $2 million professorship focuses on health and medical geography; specifically, healthcare delivery, health hazards related to the environment, and infectious diseases. Read More.

The Philanthropic Heart of The Businessman Sudhir Choudhrie

There is no other wisdom greater than kindness. Sudhir Choudhrie, despite all of his wealth, all the business, and of all the problems he had encountered including his health. He still managed to show his love and care for people who need using the success and experience he had gained. Sudhir Choudhrie, a well-known entrepreneur, who made every company that he invested in will shine and grow. The man who survived different controversies and health problems, particularly his heart condition. A man with a weak heart but a courageous one, making him the longest living patient that undergoes a heart transplant. He died in 1999 as he experienced a heart failure which forced him to undergo a heart transplant operation that took place at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York City.

With his near-death experience and the unfortunate early death of his brother in 1998 due to the same condition, inspired him to write the story entitled From my heart: A Tale of Love, Life, and Destiny. The book is all about the life experiences of Sudhir Choudhrie such as his early life, unhealthy heart, and his successful heart transplant. Not only he is brave, but our dear Sudhir Choudhrie is also kind for he managed to build a charity foundation with his family named “Choudhrie Family Foundation.”  The same year when this foundation built a recreational place in Columbia University Medical Center for the medical students at the University.

Helping medical institutions is very close to his heart because of his fortunate experience with his heart transplant. Aside from his contributions to some medical institutions, he also founded more foundations with the help of his wife. Stellar International Art Foundation is one of their established foundations that focused on helping artists in Asia to show their creativity to people in the United States and Western European Countries. They also founded Path to Success who conducted a campaign for them to gather enough funds to acquire a total of 60 wheelchairs to donate it to 60 UK NHS hospitals. Another goal of this foundation is to support athletes who have a disability.

Marc Beer: Innovative Technology Will Drive Down the Cost of Treating Pelvic Floor Disorders

Marc Beer is the face behind Renovia Incorporated, a medical facility he co-founded to address the prevailing problem of pelvic floor disorders among women. The primary aim of Renovia is to develop technology-based diagnosis and treatment approaches. Since its inception in 2016, Renovia has undertaken considerable steps, most of which have been geared towards achieving its ultimate goal of providing a reliable treatment to women with urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence and other associated pelvic floor disorders.


However, to achieve his dream, Marc Beer has had to work day and night to raise funds that will support the new med-tech facility. He has had to convince various investors that the new method of treatment will offer a turnaround to diseases that are currently affecting more than 250 million people around the world. Besides proving that his treatment approach will work, Marc has to convince various investors that they are investing in an investment opportunity that will generate immediate returns.


Despite the huge challenges experienced in raising funds, Marc Beer has been able to raise sufficient funds that will support his new invention. He has been able to raise $32 million with an additional $10 million, which will be in the form of venture funding. Therefore, Marc has a total of $42 million, which will be used to push his investment forward. His new invention seems to have attracted some of the most renowned companies in the industry, such as The Longwood Fund, Perceptive Advisors, among others, which is a clear indication that he has a positive response in the market.


Besides having the necessary funds to work and start the operations of the company, Marc Beer has received good news from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Federal Government body has now approved his first medical product, Leva, which forms the basis for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Given that the new product has already been approved, Renovia will now go ahead and produce the product in masses because funds are available.


Marc is hoping to use the new technology at Renovia to improve the services offered to women diagnosed with pelvic floor disorders. The med-tech facility is creating a digital platform that will be used by women with pelvic floor disorders to understand their unique conditions, learn about the different treatment options in the industry, and lower the health costs by understanding pelvic floor disorders and associated conditions. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lumenxt-names-marc-beer-chairman-of-the-board-300822547.html


About Marc Beer


Every person who has worked in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry knows Marc Beer and his input in the medical sector. His knowledge of biomedical services and advanced medical equipment put him into the global scales. He is also an excellent person in marketing services where he spent a considerable period of his career marketing pharmaceutical and biomedical products.

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Things to note about Smita Shah

Smita Shah is an engineer. She is also an advisor. She acts as a mother to many people. Her decision to take engineering as a major course was never influenced by anyone. To her, people that do not have a deliberate reason to join a particular course end up abandoning it before completing it. She says that everyone`s decision to do anything must be accompanied by a right decision and deliberation to do it. People without clarity on the exact thing they want to do with their lives always end up failing and missing their opportunities only to be useless individuals in life. Smita has never had other thoughts against her decisions to be an engineer. Even with the other side hustles that she concentrates on, her journey as an engineer is the only thing that motivates them. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/smita-shah

The advice of Smita Shah is openness. In engineering, openness to every dynamic matter always enables an individual to break the boundaries they face. Facing problems cannot discourage a clear-minded person. Openness helps her to see things the way she thinks. She never makes a wrong analysis. Mostly, she looks at what others have done in the industry. When she is handling issues that have never been experienced in the sector before, she likes to draw tables of thoughts, and through comparing ever past performance by other professionals, she always ensures that she gets an answer to her every puzzle. Besides, it ensures that she acquires data on things she did not know. She has always been pleased with everything she accomplishes. Not many women are easy and excellent thinkers like Smita Shah. She does not find herself to be exceptional than them. She uses the rank that she has earned for herself to uplift others being an overcomer; she has never in her life fallen for the discouragements she receives from others. Many people in the industry wonder how she has made it to that far, and at times they bother her due to the profession she chose to take. Through interviews, she uses her celebrity profile to bring encouragement ad motivation to everyone.

 Smita Shah is always concerned about growth inhibitors in business and her field. Inhibitors of growth at times majorly emerge from inside a business. Such things are always after causing problems to a business person. Some of them portray themselves early in a venture before an entrepreneur an even motive them. Others do not, and they only attack a business when it is almost too late. A venture owner that knows their work is always alert to see indicators of such issues. Discovering them on time is always considered luck to the entire company and its owner. Just like accidents happen, growth inhibitors at times may attack a venture, especially those caused by factors outside the business. It is only through close intervention by strong teams that a venture can cope with them. Smita has faced them all in her career, but by now she is already too good at handling and eliminating them before they become disastrous.

Smita Shah Chicago

Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s Interview: The Need to Know

When Maurício Mendonça Godoy had his interview with Ideamensch on the 5th of August in 2019 he was very forthcoming with his business strategies and ideas.

At the time that Maurício Mendonça Godoy had been questioned on how he was able to come up with the idea for his Estaleiros do Brasil business. The reason that he gave for this was simply the new need for FPSO platforms. Of course, the need for these platforms is what gave him the idea to build his very own shipyard. The reason behind the new need for the platforms had everything to do with the new found pre-salt coming from the coast of Brazil. When the decision had been made to create the shipyard, at some point in 2011, the company had predicted that they would be building around 3 or 4 FPSOs every year. Of course, that was what made the idea so great. With that much demand the company knew that there would be billions of dollars coming in for them.

At the time that Godoy was questioned about the day-to-day stuff that he did, he was very invested in his answer. To this he told the reporter that his normal time for arriving at the office is prior to 7:30 am. After arriving at his office Maurício Mendonça Godoy has to take a look at his list of things to do. When looking at it he decides which things are more important and gets to them first. While going about his normal day he makes sure to stop and talk with his team, and together they talk about the plans of action, strategies, and any guidelines. He is also in the habit of going around and hearing any of the ideas that pop up that will help his company succeed. He puts a lot of time into making sure that all of the employees have been able to share their ideas with him and others on staff that are higher up. Maurício Mendonça Godoy thinks that those who overlook the smaller individuals of a company are taking the risk of loosing out on making big business moves that could bring the company a lot of money.


Jeremy Goldstein – A Successful Businessman

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners at Jeremy Goldstein and associates. This is an exclusive law firm that has been able to help out to many start up CEOs, businesses and management teams reach high levels of success. Jeremy Goldstein is a very successful attorney that has been able to help out many start up businesses and new CEOs learn more about what it takes to be successful and this specific career path.


Jeremy Goldstein has focused mainly on being able to help out start up businesses and CEOs reach their full potential. He attended a law school, and he was able to gain a lot of the knowledge that he uses to help out the CEOs during that time. He has had the necessary amount of exposure and knowledge that are required to become successful as an attorney. There are major corporations that are willing to work with Jeremy golds died because of how much knowledge he possesses. He has become a true specialist in the law firm, and many companies are eager to learn more about what it takes to become successful as a lawyer.


Jeremy Goldstein husband decades learning and figuring out ways that he can be helpful to others. He has been able to help out many companies save hundreds of billions of dollars by helping them make important decisions on time. Jeremy Goldstein is always willing to help out his clients reach agreements at a quick pace. He has explained to them that it is necessary for them to practice their decision making skills so that they can reach an agreement before the corporate leaders change the proposal. His knowledge has been able to add tremendous value to his clients because he has been able to help them reach quick agreement without letting them make mistakes that most start up businesses would make.


Jeremy Goldstein is always willing to help out corporate CEOs down to guide them through challenging times. He understands that it takes a lot of time, knowledge and exposure to become successful as a lawyer. He understands that many people need a guidance in this specific career path, and he is always willing to lend a hand.


Jeremy Goldstein has become a successful business owner that is admired, looked up to and honored by many people in this field. His willingness to help out others, and the amount of knowledge that he possesses have allowed him to become a great asset to other companies.


To learn more, visit https://jlgassociates.com/.