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Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein Values Cleints’ Business and Freindship

The law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates specializes in corporate governance, executive compensation, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Half-way into his 20-year legal career Goldstein noticed a change taking place in the practice of corporate law. Traditionally, corporate lawyers practiced as part of a law firm that practiced multiple types of law. When law offices that concentrated solely on corporate law began opening Jeremy Goldstein decided to follow this trend and open Jeremy Goldstein and Associates.


A Wealth of Experience in M&A


Jeremy Goldstein holds a seat on the American Bar Association’s Merger Acquisitions subcommittee. Having had a hand in some of the most significant M&As in the history of business Goldstein is a natural for such a position. He was involved when the Miller Brewing Company acquired South African Breweries PLC. Goldstein worked on the merger between JP Morgan Chase and Bank One Corporation and the acquisition of AT&T by SBC Communications.


Problems Are Really Learning Opportunities


Even a lawyer with Jeremy Goldstein’s considerable experience is bound to run across a scenario that perplexes them at first. Being a thinking man Goldstein gives a problem careful consideration before deciding how to solve the problem. He embraces problems because he views them as a way to learn, grow, and better serve his clients.


Making Friends Out of Clients


Have you ever tried counsel someone you don’t really know? Jeremy Goldstein appreciates how difficult that can be. To better advise his clients he forges both a personal and professional bond with them. This approach obviously works because the first client after he opened Jeremy Goldstein and Associates was a referral. Also, consider that within five years of opening its doors JLG and A was making a profit.


Jeremy Goldstein’s Educational and Professional Background


Jeremy Goldstein holds a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell graduating cum laude and with distinctions. Goldstein earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. Prior to opening his own practice Jeremy Goldstein was a partner with a prestigious New York City law firm.


Responding to Changes in Corporate Structure


As the business world changes the needs of JLG and A’s clients will also change. For this reason, Jeremy Goldstein stays abreast of changes like the increase in the number of corporate cooperatives. Corporate cooperatives are a democracy. Either every employee has a voice in the way the business is run or management is elected by employees. Whatever changes take place in corporate America Jeremy Goldstein and Associates will be prepared to provide their clients with the highest level of expertise.


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