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At the Fall of Russia, Boris Ivanov Shifts Gears from Diplomat to Entrepreneur

The fall of the USSR forced the Russian diplomat, Boris Ivanov to shift gears from being an employee of the Ministry of Foreign affairs to become a successful consultant in the private sector and an entrepreneur. Boris said he never thought he would end up in this career path because he was happy with his life as a public servant.

He has a degree in International Relations, which makes a career as a diplomat the perfect match. He has worked in many parts around the globe, but his favorite deployment was in Washington DC, in the United States. As a consular officer residing abroad, Boris Ivanov was able to expand his network. He also learned about many different cultures and customs, while keeping abreast of international issues.

Unfortunately, the fall of the Soviet Union pushed him to change career paths. Back then when Russia was regaining its footing for being a free market place, the lifeblood of the new country became entrepreneurship. As a result, Boris said goodbye to his role as an esteemed public servant and embraced his new path in the private sector with open arms,

Before Boris Ivanov started his own GPB Global Resources venture, which is what he is known for today, he first started working for the Gazprom company as the Director-General. Gazprom is an oil exploration company, where Boris found himself learning about the interesting processes and numerous facts about the critical issues of this oil industry.

To this day, Boris is able to utilize all the skills that he learned for his past roles into the his GPB Global resources venture that he set up. Actually, he just bought numerous shares during this company’s restructuring. Boris Ivanov had the foresight to buy several, which proved to be a very advantageous move. In the end, he is now the majority shared holder of GPB Global.

GPB Global Resources is  an international business known for their oil exploration activities and other production operations all over the globe. The primary office of the company is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They also have numerous operations with extraction facilities in South America and Africa. With all these details, everyone can see that Boris Ivanov is indeed a wonderful man that does not let setbacks deter him from success.

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