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Art Enthusiast Adam Sender

The art world is highly competitive. Knowing the right pieces to invest in and who will become famous are all a part of the gamble when investing in artwork. Some people seem to have a knack in picking the right piece from the right artist. Is it something that can be learned, or does the person simply have a talent?

These are questions that can definitely apply when thinking of Adam Sender. He has the knack for picking the right pieces of art at the right time. The proof is the over $1 million collection that he has amassed over the period of 15 years. His collection is so intensive and so large that his Florida home has been resigned simply as a place to showcase his pieces.

Mr. Sender also lends a large number of his pieces out to galleries around the country. Many different galleries have the ability to borrow works from Sender’s collection in order to bring the beauty and different styles to their visitors. At present, Mr. Sender is having a number of his pieces auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York.

What is his trick? Well, first of all Adam Sender does not purchase any pieces from an artist until after they have graduated college. Second, he does not purchase any pieces from an artist until they have been in the art world and working for about a year. He seeks out artists with original and different styles.

The best part of Sender’s art collection is that it is all tied in with one another. Each piece was purchased alone, and without regard to the other pieces in the collection. Although, each and every piece seems to be tied in some way or fashion to all the others. This is hard to do if trying, and Sender did not try at all.

Adam Sender He also has an IMDB profile.
started collecting pieces of art while working at SAC Capital. He started buying pieces with the profits he made from trades for clients. Soon the number of pieces he had grew. He soon formed his own hedge fund, and moved away from SAC. With more time on his hands, he began making contacts within the art world.

Learning about new artists and older, more experienced ones, led to his gaining greater knowledge of what he liked, and what was worth investing in. As his collection grew, so did the number of artists he became acquainted with and art gallery owners that joined his network of friends.

Adam Sender and his wife Lenore now enjoy life surrounded by the beauty of art. They have homes in both New York and Florida and enjoy having friends over to view and take in the beautiful pieces in their collection.

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