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Anesthesiology Services For Contemporary Medical Care

We are living in modern times and there is a high number of advancements at our fingertips especially when being compared to other eras of the past. Life is full of mishaps, accidents, and injuries to some degree, but having great medical care at your disposal is truly a blessing. Anesthesia plays an important role in medical procedures as it helps the body calm down or it can be used for sedation. Without this vital medication, it would be extremely hard for patients to make it through medical procedures and this is where Capital Anesthesiology Association@capanesth comes into the frame.


Since 1973, Capital Anesthesiology Association has been serving the Austin, Texas Region with it’s high quality medical services. The organization has grown dramatically throughout the years and it has expanded it service range. As of today, up to 20 medical facilities benefit from the anesthesiology services of CAA and that includes:


  • Inspire Medical Centre
  • Dell Children’s Medical Center
  • Seton Medical Center
  • Seton Hayes
  • Strictly Pediatrics
  • And Many More


Types of medical centers being served? Well that’s easy, CAA serves Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, as well as High Acuity Hospitals. No stone is left uncovered as this exclusive organization provides the most comfortable environment possible. With 80 doctors and 130 registered nurses, Capital Anesthesiology Association is one of the biggest and best independent practices in the nation.

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