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American Workers and Paid Sick Time

Reddit.com had an article about President Obama’s call for workers to have sick days available to them. I don’t usually agree with President Obama on policy, but this issue struck a cord with me. My last job was working for a factory that did not give sick time to production workers. Workers were encouraged verbally to take the day off when they were sick, but the suggestion came with consequences. The loss of a day’s pay prohibited most from taking the suggestion because the job was low paying. Secondly, taking the day or days off showed up again at evaluation time and would be counted against performance record making a raise less likely for the worker. The verbal kindness didn’t match the realities that came with the decision to stay home. The result was people came to work sick often and spread disease throughout the factory. This is a health issue that needs to be addressed so that workers across our country can be secure in taking a day to recoup from sickness without worrying that their job is in the balance. Susan McGalla shares her opinions on her about.me profile. President Obama explains his position in the following video. </iframe>”>Obama: Workers Need Paid Sick Leave

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