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Accomplished Investment Analyst Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel,an accomplished analyst for investment banking, has worked with influential financial organizations. His career in the investment banking world began before his graduating from Duke University located in Durham, North Carolina in 2009. Jared had the privilege of interning at the prestigious international banking firm Credit Suisse in 2008 headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, providing him experience in the financial investment banking world that would propel him to a successful career in the industry.

The Path to Success

While at Duke University Jared pursued courses in Science, Mathematics, and Economics , obtaining knowledge that would assist him in his pursuit of a career as an Investment Analyst. Having gained employment at well known financial firms Merrill Lynch and Bank of America his educational background equipped him to successfully accomplish the tasks assigned.

This fine foundation of education and internship assisted Jared in analytical investigations regarding the fields of Defense and Aerospace where his assignment was to track and document the success of investing opportunities. The handling of the analysis regarding various commodity investments in the business of mining, chemicals, and metals was also a task Jared undertook while employed with Merrill Lynch.

Since 2011 Jared has been employed as an Associate at Vector Capital located in San Francisco, California, utilizing his vast knowledge and experience to contribute to the success of the company.

Sharing the Knowledge

Realizing becoming an Investment Analyst takes dedication and it helps to have advise of one who has traveled the route, Jared Haftel is encouraging future analyst by writing articles sharing his experiences and the knowledge he has gleaned from working varied assignments within international banking investment companies.

One of Jared’s articles is Highlights of the Important Part of Writing Investment Banking Resumes. This article provides details on what to include and exclude when writing a resume for the position of Investment Analyst so as to get noticed when applying with an investment banking firm.

Another article written by Jared Haftel to assist newcomers to the investment banking world is his article The Argument for Devoting Your Resume to Actual Career Accomplishments. The article explains information pertaining to the importance of listing career accomplishments on a resume to stand out as an applicant.

Jared has also written an article to guide prospective interns on how to dress and make an impression during their internship. Dressing for Investment Banking Internship details the hows and why the manner of dress is to be taken seriously as well as the importance of how one greets associates at the company to make a lasting business impression.

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