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Academy of Art University Continues to Churn Out Competent Art and Design Graduates Almost a Century Later

Academy of Art University is a San Francisco-based art and design-focused private institution of higher learning which is dedicated to equipping aspiring designers and artists with the set of skills they need to succeed in the industry. One way the institution looks to prepare their students for their future careers is through the Annual Spring Show, an event which brings together industry professionals from top global companies, alumni, and the general public to explore, appreciate and experience the creations of the students. The event is one of a kind because it brings the world of art and design to them rather than going to the world with their creations.


During the event, students from more than 40 areas of specialization in art and design showcase their best work to the attendees. It is also a great opportunity for the graduating class to showcase their talent through innovative creations with the motive of securing employment and career development opportunities. Academy of Art University produces graduates including designers, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, photographers, communicators, technologists, strategists and problem solvers every year. The students also interact with the industry professionals including representatives from Disney and other big companies.

The entire fraternity of Academy of Art University recognizes how important networking is in career development and career fulfilment. That is the reason why every school and department at the university strive to create networking opportunities for the students to interact with industry leaders and professionals to build meaningful relationships that could result in employment opportunities.

It is clear that Academy of Art University has the career interests of its students at heart. The institution has always been trying to develop innovative design and talent since the year it was established in 1929. It has been training aspiring art and design students in the Bay area for the better part of the 20th century and it is continuing to churn out qualified professionals in the industry. It has competent instructors who are actively involved in their respective industries and the disciplines they teach. The university provides the foundation students need to build successful careers in more than 40 different creative disciplines.

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