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Aaron Lupuloff Heads Foundation For Top Public School District

In the United States, the academic performance and achievement has room for improvement. According to sources, the nation has one of the lowest scores in terms of academic achievement in the developed world. Many people believe that the lack of engagement among students is the reason for the low academic scores. However, there are some school districts that are different. One of the top high school districts in the nation is one in Gwinnett County in Georgia. This public school district has ranked among the very best in the nation over the past few years.

Gwinnett County Public Schools has consistently ranked as one of the top school districts in America. It provides a solid education as well as a very competent faculty for students to take advantage of. With high quality academic programs as well as support, many students are able to reach their full potential and prepare themselves for their future.

According to usejournal.com, in the Gwinnett County School district, there have been many parents who have helped contribute to the school district’s success. One of these parents is Aaron Lupuloff. He has children who are graduates from the school district is therefore provides lots of support for it. In order to support this school district, Aaron formed his own foundation which is devoted to providing the resources Gwineet County Public schools need in order to remain as a top educational institution.

Aaron Lupuloff is the head of the Gwinnett Public Schools Foundation. As the leader of this group, he is involved in organizing the group so that it can adopt programs to help students. His foundation provides scholarships, leadership programs and support for teachers of the school district. Aaron is committed to helping the school district remain as one of the best performing in both the state of Georgia and the entire United States.

Prior to becoming actively involved in his community, Aaron Lupuloff spent over two decades working in the financial sector. He was the senior managing director for Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. Lupuloff was also the managing director of Raymond James. In recent years, Aaron was involved in growing the fixed income group at another organization known as Fifth Third. Before starting his career, Aaron Lupuloff completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Alabama.  To know more about Aaron you can visit  coursehero.com


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