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Most web designers out there are usually looking for jobs out there in which they will create websites or maintain websites that have a lot of content and those that need structure. This usually ends up getting them much more money than the average sites with two or three pages to it.

This being said, they love designing sites for restaurants and food related areas.  They say that it is bulky enough for them to get a good pay but also not so complicated that it gives them a migraine while doing it, so less stress in involved here.

The eater site is a good example of a project that a designer may be drawn to because of how much information it has.

They also saw to add video stories of the latest news onto the top of the page such as the video interlude of ‘Watch the Stars of ‘Portlandia’ Discuss the Show’s Approach to Food’ and this is a very attractive way to get more customers to browse your site because there is nothing more that people like more than watching a video.

To learn to be good at this, Christian Broda told me that there are tutorial videos up on YouTube.

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