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A Review on White Shark Media and Its Great Impact in the World Today

White Shark Media is one of the most renowned digital marketing firms. It was founded in 2010 and has a total tally of 144 full-time employees. Its revenue is approximately $3million-$5million and has a vast client base that includes iMarine Inc. and Platinum Pro Painters Canada who are its major clients. Its Chief Executive Officer is Gary Gath, who works with the aid of Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Lolk, and Director of SEO and Web, Tony Soares. The firm was initiated mainly to provide advertising services for the upcoming firms mainly small and medium sized. It was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs who had great interest and experience in marketing platforms, i.e., both online and offline marketing. Their main objective was to furnish revolutionary goods and services through conquering the small and medium-sized businesses.

White shark media is one of the most popular AdWords Partner. It markets diverse firms including Industrial Treadmills from Texas, Snorkel tours from Hawaii, and much more. It is all-inclusive as it also advertises online dating platforms, the sale of fitness supplements, alarm companies, and automotive services. Since its founding three years ago, it has constantly acquired a larger customer base as it closely monitors the clients marketing efforts.

They also ensure maximum accountability to all their clients through proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, google analytic integration, keyword-level call tracking, and much more. Reports from clients who have entrusted in White Shark Media for digital marketing advertisements have been entirely positive.

A couple of entrusted clients gave testimonials such as the renowned printing Services from Washington who offered great appreciation to White Shark Media for their vast knowledge in promotions. They also credited their rapid increase in profits and performances to the Agency. Power supplies from California also hired White Shark Media with the sole aim of taking their sales to the next generation as well as to boost their firm image. They also aimed at reaching the online market which has been occupied by several potential investors. At the end of the partnership, they had attained all their objectives on the online market platform. White Shark Media still follows up to improve their effectiveness on a higher platform.


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