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A Review of the Crystalline Clarity of EOS

The company, EOS (an acronym that stands for Evolution of Smooth), has started to make a stir in the vegan community. There are now delicious flavors made with vegan friendly ingredients! What else? The balm is actually crystal clear! According to usmagazine.com, the new product is being introduced as having vegan crystal flavors and they are leaving the shelves just as quickly as they are entering. Shea, coconut, jojoba oils, vitamin-E are packing these organic recipes. This product is free of petrolatum and is hypoallergenic! Dermatologists have tested this and give a thumbs up for EOS! With the exclusion of beeswax, vegans are now able to enjoy this delectable product.

The sleek design of EOS elicits an appealing reaction, both through touch and sight. Simply holding the sphere like container is an experience: twist the top off, and smooth the fragrant balm over your lips! With the wide variety of flavors and colors, it’s an irresistible collection waiting to horde. It’s akin to the grown up version of the other 90’s balm’s we dreamed for as kids, only better because they also come in really sweet lotion containers as well! Order your favorite lip balm here on makeupalley.com!

There is an air-like quality when you apply the vegan friendly EOS balm. Could it be the crystal flavor, or is it the lack of wax? Additionally, there is a unifying factor among various walks of life that comes in a pastel colored orb, from your working part-time student, to your glamorous celebrity: EOS. There is freedom in choices, choose EOS!

More exciting details here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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