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A Review Of Cone Marshall And With Focus On Achievements

Cone Marshall is a New Zealand based law firm that has been serving clients with cases of commercial litigation from across the country and overseas. The firm was established in 1999 by Geoffrey Cone, who also works as the head and his contribution has allowed them to penetrate into overseas markets to serve clients from different countries. Since inception, Cone Marshall has gone through a series of changes that have targeted improving the firm and including better services that can serve a wider region.


Through transformations and changes over the years, the firm has managed to rank among the most preferred locally and internationally. It boasts of a developed network that has hosted professionals with more than 20 years experience, who have been key in the development of the firm to become a leader in the market. Currently, Cone Marshall is working with clients who are lawyers from other countries but in search for a solution that can help their clients to solve their complex cases of commercial litigation.


Technology is one of the forces that have driven Cone Marshall to its glory since the past one decade. With a new and seamless infrastructure it has been easy to solve the problems presented by clients in different categories. Additionally, all the information shared across the online portal is accessible to both the client and staff at the firm who are responsible for presenting the case for a resolution.



All the great achievements that Cone Marshall has recorded over the years are due to the leaders the firm boasts about. They have professionals who have been in the industry for many years working on cases of different nature. One of the professionals behind the success the company enjoys is Karen Marshall, a commercial litigation expert who has worked with companies in different specialties. Prior to joining Cone Marshall one decade ago, she worked in London with several firms and her main areas of operation were tax and estate litigation.


With this vast experience, she is able to offer the desired support that would help to stabilize Cone Marshall. She brought new ideas that saw the installation of a new infrastructure for the firm. She works closely with Geoffrey Cone, the founder of the firm, to ensure every plan that is put in place proceeds as required. Geoffrey began his career as a lawyer in 1980 and has maintained consistency in providing quality support and honest services to clients.

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