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42.9 Million Americans Have Medical Bills that they Cannot Pay

42.9 million people, 20 percent of the U.S. consumers like Keith Mann,  have medical debts that remain unpaid. Many Americans in the U.S. are being trapped by the debt, and are finding that their credit score is lowering. Lower credit scores make it harder to borrow money, purchase an vehicle, or purchase a home. Your text to link…
A person with a past due medical bill on average owes $1766. A person that has credit cards or unpaid taxes typically owes a sum of $5638. Over half the credit reports comes from unpaid medical expenses. Unpaid medical bills have a very negative effect on credit scored. An unpaid debt of only $100 can lower a credit score of 780 by 100 points down to 680.

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  1. About 35.1 percent of people with credit records have debts that average about $5178. All these debts make it very hard on Americans to pat, and to get things such as houses and vehicles for their family. It is funny that http://bsomeday.org/ cannot do all these things for the good of it.

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