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4 Business Technology Tools Every Company Needs

Business technology has changed over the years. It started as a luxury that only big companies used for streamlining their processes but now, the corporate world cannot survive without the efficiency of business technology. Technology and business have always enjoyed a favorable relationship. Whether it is the management of employees or making day to day tasks simpler, business technology has always come up with unique solutions to make the corporate sphere user friendly. This is why these are 4 tools that almost every business uses these days –

1. Project Management and Organization Tools – These tools are available as desktop programs or online utilities and help to ensure that project teams can post updates, track projects, share project files, assign tasks and manage the entire team without any logistical issues. All they need is a steady internet connection. There are no special requirements for running these tools either. They are particularly important for managers who want to find out what the team is working on, how much work is finished, and if the deadlines would be met in the future. When a number of projects are running concurrently, these tools are even more valuable for ensuring order in the workplace.

2. Communication Tools – The biggest communication tool that has come out of business technology is that of instant messaging catering exclusively to businesses. This messaging tool is often used when emails are too formal because often, business communication needs to be quick and hassle free. Such communication tools have gone beyond simple messaging and allow for desktop sharing, encrypted messaging, and file sharing.

3. Collaboration Tools – There are many times when collaboration becomes important in a business. For global businesses, logistical issues are pretty huge but collaboration tools allow employees sitting at different locations to work on a project. The best utility offered by this tool is web conferencing that occurs live and in real time. It saves the business traveling costs and also allows to take time zones into account.

4. Social Networking Tools РSocial networking has taken the world by a storm and that is all because of people’s need to connect with each other. With social networking tools, businesses have been able to put a face on their brand and raise brand awareness. They have also managed to use this tool for growing their customer base and market products that cater exactly to their consumers.

Shaygan Kheradpir has done tremendous work in the field of business technology. He is an executive in business and technology and when he started his career, he worked for GTE Laboratories. After that, he worked for big companies like Verizon and Barclays and helped to change the way the world sees business technology by introducing landmark and groundbreaking innovations in the industry. His most important work, however, has been in Juniper Network. He studied in Cornell University and has been living in the United States ever since. Shaygan Kheradpir has a lot of experience in the industry and a lot of the innovations used in the business world right now are a reality because of his efforts.

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