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20 States Increase Minimum Wage

On New Years day, 20 states had increased their minimum wage and even more states are raising their minimum wage this year. The increase will raise the minimum wage by $1.25 an hour, increasing the wages of over 3 million Americans. Though the verdict seems mixed on minimum wage and most people thing the wage is still much too low, some people like Keith Mann are calling the work modern day slavery for the wage they receive. This was a way to try and reduce poverty, however many employees my be forced to cut jobs due to the minimum wage hike.

For most, this is another bag of groceries, another bill they can pay though others may say this is a step in the right direction, it is still not enough for many people who live paycheck to paycheck. Most of these people don’t ever have times for themselves and their life is work and that is all they do. Something has got to change, this is the step in the right direction but there should be one nationwide minimum wage; a livable wage.

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