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11 Tips on How to Balance Family and Work

The norms have changed a lot over the years that now it is acceptable for women, married or not, with or without child(ren), to have their career and earn money just like any other average Joe that ever walked on this planet. However, mothers may find it difficult to juggle work and family; that’s why Susan McGalla has come up with a short list of tips on how to balance both aspects of life.  Check this.


1)Prioritize Downtimes

Free times cannot always be available, so you have to make sure that you can do something enjoyable with the kids. Plan ahead well too to make your bonding moments memorable.

2) Get Rid of Activities That Exhaust You

There are projects that are worthy of your efforts, while there are others that you do not need. Know which ones bring you happiness, and forego activities that drain your energy and time that you should be spending with family.

3) Search for Quietude

With all the work you deal with, your children will understand if you seek for a bit of alone time. A whole hour away from the noises of life can recharge the mothers.

4) Schedule Physical Activities

Doing workouts or any sport that catches your interest can take off the stress that being in the office gives you. It will be nice to allot a certain portion of the day simply for that.

5) Find Shortcuts for Tasks

Now that internet is accessible for many; some things can be bought or done online. This advancement entails that you can perform errands without leaving the house.

6) Let Go of Perfection

Nothing is perfect in life. If you keep your perfectionistic views, it may be harder to put your family and work in a state of equilibrium. Just allow events to take place, and do not worry if some unpretty situations come up along the way.

7) Forego Electronic Gadgets

Turn off your smartphone, tablet or computer for several hours during the day. It helps you keep your calmness and sanity, especially if you want to steer away from work for a bit.

8) Start Meditating

You can never go wrong with meditation. This kind of practice lets you clear your mind, body, and soul so that you will be able to focus on more tasks with a positive outlook.

9) Manage Daily Life

Keep track of the activities you often do and think of which of those things you can minimize or completely stop doing. This way, your concentration to career and family will not be divided even further.

10) Stop Feeling Neglectful

It is not productive to maintain that guilt feeling simply because you cannot be with your kids 24/7. Rather, you should strive to be the best mother in your way.

11) Clear Simple Things Before Morning

In case you have a lot of children to prepare for school, you get more breathing space when you fix their clothes and lunches on the night before the school.  More related articles on bloomberg.com .


About Susan McGalla

A marketing expert by profession, Susan McGalla spent a total of 15 years working in diverse positions at the American Eagle Outfitters, including the posts of Chief Merchandising Officer and President later on. At present, she serves as the Strategic Planning and Growth Director at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC.

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