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Alastair Borthwick Scotsman and Writer With A Legacy

A journalist, author, and broadcaster Alastair Borthwick lived a life filled with memorable moments that mark history. He was a Scotsman born in Rutherglen who penned two literary masterpieces. Borthwick lived his early childhood in Troon, teen years in Glasgow, left school early landing a job at sixteen for the Glasgow Herald. He gained a lot of experience in copy, and editing. At that time in Scotland there was a blossoming climbing and hillwalking scene that Borthwick wrote about for the Open Air section and in doing so opened this pastime to the masses. 


1935 saw Borthwick land an opportunity with the Daily Mirror in London but its charm quickly wore off taking him back to Scotland as a radio reporter. He put together a compilation of work during his time at the Glasgow Herald penning the book “Always A Little Further’, in 1939 that became a surprise hit that endures today on the subject of outdoors activity of Scotland.


Along came World War II which injected Borthwick into its grasp as a commissioned intelligence officer of the 5th Battalion. His experiences shared with the troops overseas became great inspiration for the next book, historical in nature chronicling the Battalion’s experience. The book titled “Sans Peur” in 1946 was critically acclaimed and has been reprinted under different titles throughout the years. The most recent came in 1994.


When the war ended Borthwick and his wife Ann relocated to Jura combining the outdoors he loved of fishing and crofting with broadcasting for the BBC. Television became his next endeavor in the 1960’s for which he worked in production of numerous half hour programs for a local station. Finally the time came to slow down and Alastair made two final moves one to Ayrshire living on a hill farm and then finally a nursing home in Beith. He later died in 2003. His culture and legacy lives on in works enjoyed by so many. 



The Impact of OSI Group McDonald’s Partnership

The food sector in the world has been on a path of consistent growth over the recent past due to innovative actions of companies such as OSI Group. OSI is a leading player in this sector with a massive presence in many parts of the world. Today, the company is almost in every continent.

OSI Group has a goal of taking its food products to every corner of this world. Under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and COO David McDonald, OSI McDonalds has its foot on the gas. The past few decades of their leadership has seen the company rise to the top by implementing superior solutions as opposed to its competitors.

McDonald’s partnership

One of the key partners in the history of OSI Group is McDonald’s. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership started way back in the 1950s. McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Des Plaines and hired the services of OSI Group, then called Otto & Sons, to supply meat products.

Over the years, McDonald’s did very well and expanded very fast to all corners of the United States. Since Otto & Sons was a key supplier to McDonald’s, new measures to deal with the increased demand were necessary. Also, the company was supposed to deliver food products to far-flung parts of the country, meaning that issues of food preservation came into play.

Luckily for Otto & Sons, the liquid nitrogen food preservation method came out in the 1960s, and they quickly adopted it. With this technology, OSI Group McDonalds would deliver food products to every part of the country.

OSI Group McDonalds continued with its splendid performance through the 1960s and 1970s. In the early 1970s, they built their first food production facility to supply their client.

Sheldon Lavin joined the company in 1975 and brought financial experience in the management of the company. His input proved vital as the company sought financing for global expansion.

In the 1980s, Sheldon was appointed the chairman and CEO and took full control of the company’s operations. He continued implementing new ideas that boosted the company’s partnerships with many other companies from different countries.

OSI Group McDonalds partnership remains one of the most beneficial partnerships in the history of the food production business.

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Zeco Auriemos Successes at JHSF Recognized

Zeco Auriemo is a prominent figure in the real estate who is leading property development projects at JHSF, a Brazilian real estate holding company. He is particularly known for leading efforts to develop iconic properties including Cidade Jardim building in Sao Paulo. Under the tenure of Auriemo, the company has developed apartments on 5th Avenue, eastside of Central Park at the heart of New York, a location which is coveted by entertainment industry millionaires including musicians as well as filmmakers.

The company has also eyed a $32 million four-story building in the heart of Metropolis which was built in the 1870s and it has initiated a plan to transform it into a luxurious mansion. That is a drop on the ocean when it comes to the high-end concepts he has brought to the company and helped the company to actualize them. Zeco Auriemo collaborated with popular hotel brand Fasano and shopping mall Cidade Jardim to get approval from city hall to develop the 14-storey residential building located on 5th Avenue. Despite the many challenges the project faced, the project pulled through to completion, courtesy of unrelenting efforts of Auriemo to negotiate terms with Historic Landmarks Committee and navigate challenges to see the project through to completion.

Auriemo is also recognized for his role in the construction of icons of high luxury including Fasano hotel chain as well as the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. There were many moving parts with some individuals claiming that the building could not be remodified because it needed to be preserved. However, Zeco Auriemo leveraged his vast experience and knowledge in the sector to navigate the moving parts and see the projects through to completion. He has been recognized widely for his success at JHSF and he has often hosted prestigious dinners which were graced by prominent figures including Prince Albert of Monaco and Mariana. Find out more about Zeco Auriemo: http://www.aloalobahia.com/notas/mariana-e-zeco-auriemo-recebem-para-jantar-em-torno-de-edoardo-caovilla

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned constitutional expert and law professor

 Sujit Choudhry is a renowned constitutional expert and law professor. Choudhry has participated in the constitution making process of many countries such as Libya, Egypt, and Nepal, among others. Choudhry is also a teacher of law at the University of California. Choudhry has also made many publications on matters constitution and has never shied away from addressing controversial constitutional issues.

Sujit Choudhry, in one of his article in the medium accounts, asks the questions when does free speech becomes hate speech where is the line drawn. Choudhry question comes after a controversial protest rally that raises interesting first amendments issues was held in Washington DC. The protest that was dubbed Unite the Right was in commemoration of the previous year Charlottesville rally that was held to protest the removal of the controversial Robert E. Lee Statue. During the protest, a counter-protester was killed by a protester who plowed his car into the crowd.

The protest that was supposed to be peaceful became violent as protesters and counter-protesters came at each other, prompting the security agencies to intervene. The involvement of security agencies led to the spending of more than 2 million dollars by the District of Columbia, an amount that will have to be paid by the taxpayer.

In situations where violence and counter-protests mar protests, the question is, where do we draw the line between hate speech and a demonstration that is protected by the law asks Sujit Choudhry. The constitution allows for peaceful protest and guarantees freedom of speech. However, many at times, these rights are abused, and it becomes difficult to prosecute such cases. The Supreme Court has tried to address some of these issues in its rulings, but still, there is no clarity in their decisions that conclusively addresses the first amendment issues.

According to the Supreme Court decisions that have been witnessed in a number of cases such as the case between Schenk V United States and Chaplinsky v New Hampshire among others, the freedom of speech and association can be limited when one becomes lewd, obscene, profane libelous or his or her speech or actions inflicts injury or incite an immediate breach of peace says, Sujit Choudhry.

Find out more on Sujit Choudhry here https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Sujit_Choudhry

Oren Frank On Whether Or Not Talkspace Is For Everybody

Oren Frank is the Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, an online psychotherapy firm. He co-founded the company with his wife, Roni Frank. During the early years of their marriage, Oren and Roni Frank were going through marital problems, and they decided to seek therapy. They went for couples’ therapy, and in no time, their marriage was salvaged. Oren and his wife had access to therapy that helped them in their marriage, but not everyone enjoys such privileges. Many people around the world suffer from mental health issues but have no access to any psychotherapy centers. Oren Frank and Roni wanted to make therapy available to everyone, and so they started Talkspace and made it an online company. Oren Frank left his job as a senior advertising and marketing executive to focus on Talkspace. Roni Frank, who previously worked as a software developer, also quit to study psychology.

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Oren Frank is excited by the fact that women are taking over leadership as opposed to before when males dominated leadership positions. In areas where men have failed, Oren Frank believes that women can do a better job. At Talkspace, employees are disciplined and focused; attributes that make them more productive. For ideas to be implemented within any company, discipline is required, and Oren, Frank enforces this in employees. , but it is how these ideas are nurtured and grown that separates one company from the rest. Oren Frank, therefore, makes helpful criticism on ideas by employees to motivate them to work harder.

Oren Frank reads a lot of books to improve his knowledge. He is always reading new material to satisfy his curiosity and quench his thirst for knowledge. Through Talkspace, Oren Frank connects clients to therapists who are licensed. Over a million people around the world have received psychotherapy using Talkspace. To learn more, visit: https://medium.com/@oren_17217

Nicolas Krafft: A Major Force Behind L’Oreal

L’Oreal Paris held its second annual beauty and fashion show in the capital of France on September 30th. The show was an opportunity to show off the season’s new fashions as well as its dedication to the fashion and beauty world. The show was attended by top names in beauty, fashion, and movies and was open to the public. Women’s creativity and diversity was the highlight of the show and spotlighted top celebrity models. L’Oreal featured a floating catwalk, giant screens, and drones to film the event, which broadcast in over 30 countries.

Nicolas Krafft has spent almost two decades with L’Oreal and started with the company as a product manager. He quickly worked his way up to become VP of Global Business development as well as International General Manager for Pulp Riot. The Pulp Riot brand is led by CEO and Founder David Thurston. Nicolas Krafft’s accomplishments include helping to grow market share in difficult economic environments, aiding L’Oreal brands like Matrix, Biolage, and Kérastase to develop International presence, as well as helping to launch new product lines.

Nicolas Krafft was born in Switzerland and attended the University of St. Gallen where he studied accounting and finance. St. Gallen is a top business school which is internationally recognized. His background in accounting and finance guided him to his leadership positions.

While in Canada, Mr. Krafft started as a junior product manager in the marketing department working with a small team. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Germany where he was in charge of repositioning the luxury brand Kérastase. He then moved to Asia where he was in charge of Matrix. Mr. Krafft moved to several places including Paris and Eastern Europe, and America, where he was able to acquire his knowledge and expertise over the years.

Nicolas Krafft has acquired many skills while working in different positions with L’Oreal. Some skills he acquired include product development management, digital strategy, and marketing. Nicolas Krafft has a passion for explaining key ideas through essentials, which aids in his success. Mr.Krafft is also excited about overseeing the global digital rollout of the newly launched brand Pulp Riot, and it’s future.

Talkspace Becomes the Leading Online Therapy Provider

If one were to compare all of the best online consoling services on the market, one would automatically know that Talkspace is the best platform for people looking forward to living a better and contented life. Talkspace has been mentioned by some of the leading media houses such as CNN, Fox News, and Yahoo many times than other companies offering the same services. It is noted that more than 300000 people are using Talkspace as their online therapy provider. Therefore, this makes it become one of the leading online therapy providers. So some may ask themselves what makes this company unique.

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In 2012, Oren Frank, who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, launched this online therapy service company driven by his need for therapy. He identified a gap in the whole mental healthcare system as the entire system was broken. Although the majority of the stakeholders had the goodwill to fight this, Mr. Oren Frank realized that they didn’t have the technical capacity to fix this problem. So, Mr. Oren together and his wife took that initiative, and that’s how Talkspace was formed, and along with his incredible team, the company rose to where it is now. Mr. Oren Frank extensive experience in the field of marketing and publicity greatly aided in the growth of Talkspace.

Sometimes, signing up for such services is very stressful for the majority of the people. When you bring technology on board, accessibility to these services become more complicated. However, Talkspace saw this coming from the word go, and therefore, they developed a software that provided a straight forward means of accessing online therapy. Once the user gets into their website, he is first met by a chat box where he is given a chance to ask any question, make any comment, key in his email address and a password and lastly his username. After one is done filling in all the details, he is directed to a secure chat room where now you can start engaging your therapist. Read More: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2017/02/talkspace-reviews-experiences-help-decide-right/

An Honest Review About the Talkspace App

The ability to get counseling when needed is important for those who need help with their mental health. There is no shame in asking for help, but our society has associated such a strong stigma with seeking help for depression and anxiety.

There are now multiple online counseling services, but Talkspace is believed to trump them all. Is this true? Those who want to live happier and healthier lives are those who readily seek out help, but not everyone who wants help will feel they can ask for help.

Once Talkspace started to climb, a new safe place known as BetterHelp began to rival it closely. Getting a lot of attention comes down to getting reviews. What do users say about this talk therapy app?

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Talkspace has been reviewed by so many, but a recent review shared that the company had more than 300,000 active users. Although many are often intimidated by asking for help with counseling, Talkspace makes it easy. A straightforward invitation to use the chat box to ask questions keeps it simple.

Getting connected to a therapist in a private chatroom is the next step. It lets you chat securely and directly without interruptions. Once you pay, you are actually then matched with a therapist that you can work with consistently.

Pricing is also straightforward and allows the user to choose what they feel is best for them. There are unlimited plans for messaging, and there are limited plans that allow you to email or chat with video chat.

Another claim that users make is that the app is so easy to use on desktop and mobile. This makes it easy for the individual according to their schedule and lifestyle. Communication via text message, video, and email, make Talkspace an awesome choice for anyone who wants to try talk therapy. Read: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Talkspace/reviews?fjobtitle=Therapist

Bernardo Chua Has Seen His Career Culminate In Recent Years With Organo Gold:

In the world of multi-level and network marketing, Bernardo Chua is a businessman who has established himself as a leading figure. He hails originally from the Philippines and has had a highly successful career that has culminated in his 2008 founding of the Organo Gold company. Organo Gold is known for the beloved coffee products that it produces which are infused with the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom. The success that Bernardo Chua has established at Organo Gold has been the direct result of his many years of experience that he has built up in the multi-level marketing field. With a great product like Organo Gold, it is not a surprise that his star in the business world has continued to rise on a yearly basis. This outstanding product has been used as the focal point for the implementation of the revolutionary marketing system that Bernardo has fine-tuned over his many years of using it. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at zoominfo.com

Bernardo Chua gained a great deal of experience and knowledge during his years serving as an executive leader with the company Gano Excel. He started out working in the Philippines based branch of the firm and eventually became the President of the United States division of the company that is well known for its Ganoderma infused product line.

The impact that Bernardo has had on the world of network and multi-level marketing is undeniable. He has taken the experience that he accumulated during the earlier phases of his career and has then utilized it to quickly establish the Organo Gold brand through the development of an extensive and global network of distributors that work on an independent basis. One of his biggest accomplishments has been the fact that he has given so many other entrepreneurs the ability to achieve great things through utilizing the time-tested system that he has developed.

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The Art Of Global Domination By The Fortress Investment Group

The formation of Fortress Investment Group dates back to 1998 when it’s formed as an asset management firm. Since then, it had become a trendsetter while trading its shares at the New York Stock Exchange from 2007.

Currently, the Fortress Investment Group is an international investment manager in charge of over $40 billion worth of assets. This caters for close to 2,000 investors in private equity or hedge funds. This also includes private sector investments.

The primary strategy that has been used by the firm includes high risk ventures with high returns for investors across the world with over 900 employers. The firm was founded by three principles, including Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger.

At the heart of the expertise which the firm specialized in include:
– Operations management
– Investment in assets
– Capital markets
– Corporate acquisitions and mergers
– Sector-particular knowledge of firms and institutions

The founders were profoundly experienced in different fields of finance due to previous spells at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Lehman Brothers. The firm launched the first version of the firm’s fund back in 1999 according to linkedin.com.

Previously, the firm had made several investments, including real estate in the United States and Canada markets. With time, the firm expanded into hedge funds and debt securities. Over the years, the firm has been backed with professional personnel who understand the relationship between the corporate management professional, corporate stakeholders and board members.

With years of operation in the market, the investment firm has earned several recognitions and accolades. This includes the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year and the Management Firm of the Year. In addition, the firm has engaged in various high profile investments such as the acquisition of the prestigious Tiffany building based on the Florida Worth Avenue.

Fortress Investment Group has also managed to increase its investment portfolio in several firms such as Global Signal, Boxclever, Kramer Junction, Holiday Retirement, Springleaf Financial, Intrawest and Umami Burger, among many.

In addition to the principals at the helm of leadership of Fortress Investment Group, the board of directors includes Douglas Jacobs, David Barry, George Wellde, and Michael Rantz. The firm was heavily involved in the funding of the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.