DIY Lip Tattoos?!

In this video, Wengie compares a ‘Do it Yourself’ to a ‘Just Buy It.’ This means that she tries both and determines which is worth more: doing it yourself or simply buying the already ready to use product.
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Items Needed:


  • 24-hr Lip Tint Tattoo Bottle (BUY)


  • and


  • Elmer’s Glue


  • Food Coloring


Follow these simply steps to create your own ‘DIY’ Lip Tint Tattoo.


  • Squeeze Glue into a small jar


  • Mix in the food coloring into the glue (10 drops of red, 1 drop of blue)


  • Stir well!


  • Gently Paint onto your lips with a soft makeup brush


  • Let it dry, then peel it off to see the final product!

    Wengie goes on to compare the two by doing a half and half look and found that the DIY was a lot thicker, but also sticker than the store bought one. The store bought was runnier, but easier to apply because it was not as sticky.
    Once dry, though, it was all able to peel off very easily and Wengie was very satisfied with both results!
    The final word was a big thumbs up for the DIY lip tattoo color! It was true to it’s mixed color, no weird change when she peeled it off, and it lasted well, just like the store bought one.
    So, there you have it! Try this DIY on your own sometime! The best part? You can make it any color you want!


Kyle Bass: Where Does He Draw the Ethical Line


Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager and the founder of Hayman Capitals Management; L.P. He is the principal of the Dallas-based firm which primary focus is global event-driven opportunities. Kyle Bass successfully predicted a bet against the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. He had bought the subprime securities credit defaults swaps and after the real estate bubble had burst he made a 212% return on the bet. Bass has also made other bets in recent times including the Japan, China, and the European sovereign debt. Without a doubt, he has had success in predicting subprime mortgages but has also had plenty of criticism for poor performance in some of his investments.



Many people who understand the financial world will tell you that Kyle Bass has lost his magic touch. Many believe that Bass is making bad call after bad call. He does seem to like being in the public eye as he is always doing interviews on different televisions. In the case of Argentina, every financial expert will tell you that Cristina Fernandez is economically illiterate. The country’s economy has suffered a lot from her bad decisions. This, however, did not stop Kyle Bass from making friends with Cristina. Worse he never stopped praising the woman despite leading her country to default on the sovereign debt for the second time.



Ethically, Kyle Bass has lapsed several times not just in the case of Argentina. At one point he blamed the victims of the GM cars that had non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering just to protect his investments on General Motors. Bass also targeted some pharmaceutical firms and challenged their patents to make their stocks go down and in turn made millions.



The recent oil Glut of crude oil has seen Bass go through the worst streak since he founded Hayman Capital. Mr. Bass in 2015 begun buying oil shares after it was reported by investor T. Boone Pickens that the country would be able to handle the oil glut. The energy prices in the recent days have dropped immensely, and Bass is suffering. Hayman mini fund in 2016 fell by about 7%. Consequently, the company will be ending another year in losses.

ClassDojo Providing App To Help Improve Teacher And Parent Communication 

ClassDojo recently raised funding for the app that the company is providing to schools to help communication between teachers and parents regarding student related activities. The amount raised during the recent venture funding period was 21 million. The funding will be used to help the company improve various aspects of the communication app.

The app is an attempt by ClassDojo to provide an app to help teachers and parents communicate better on a regular basis. Traditional communication between parents and teachers usually revolves around meetings that are scheduled a few times a year to discuss the progress of students. However, traditional meetings tend to lack the success desired by both teachers and parents.

The ClassDojo app allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis. The teachers and parents determine the frequency of the communication. The communication can be used daily or whatever amount is deemed necessary by teachers and parents to accomplish the desired goals regarding the students.

The app has many features and allows teachers, parents, and students to do a wide variety of tasks. Teachers can complete tasks such as scheduling activities concerning students, creating videos, sending videos, taking photos, sending photos, and loading student schoolwork. The app allows teachers to complete tasks in a more efficient manner and allows parents to keep up-to-date with student results quicker and without having to do face to face meetings.

ClassDojo is developing the app to give teachers and schools a viable technology tool to use to help improve communication with parents. While the app is currently in over 80,000 schools, ClassDojo has a goal of providing the app to more schools.

ClassDojo helps students, parents, and teachers communicate better through the use of its app. The app is a work in progress that is receiving enhancements on a regular basis. The recent funding acquired by Class Dojo will help the company make additional improvements and enhancements to the app.
The app developed by ClassDojo allows teachers, parents, and students to communicate more on a regular basis along with providing the ability to share information, videos, and photos.

The use of technology such as apps has increased significantly in schools over the past decade. Technology allows teachers to accomplish many tasks, but one area that technology has not been used much in schools is communication between teachers and parents. The app developed by ClassDojo will help to improve the communication between teachers and parents.

Opportunities are Endless at Wessex Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of students. There are several jobs available at the Wessex Institute for professionals and non-professionals alike. One of the latest positions that has been posted is for a digital marketing coordinator. This position involves creating promotional material for the school and managing emails and mailboxes. Another responsibility is managing social media pages. Organizational skills are ideal as well as management skills in making sure tasks are completed on time.

The Lovaganza Getting Ready To Launch For 2020

After much anticipation and planning set in motion, the Lovaganza is officially set to go in 2020. While it is five years later than the original plan of 2016, the leaders of this project are doing so because they anticipate having better cinematic and stage technology available to make the viewer experience even better. Known as a “Bohemian Adventure” that spans across the world, the Lovaganza is going to hit 8 countries simultaneously when the celebration starts. While a lot specifically of what the Lovaganza will showcase is unknown, it will have traveling shows that hit the road in 2017, and feature films that will give the audience a sneak preview.

Lovaganza basically has several goals in mind with the celebration. The first is to expose as many people as possible to all the cultures of the world under one showcase. Lovaganza wants to take its audience to a deep look at different national cultures to see what their arts and special entertainment look like. The hope is to give people an appreciation of what different nationalities do and foster more tolerance and openness towards them.

Secondly, Lovaganza wants to promote more world peace and awareness of the natural environments around the world on Design Ideas. The event is certainly humanitarian in its endeavors and seeks to unify people in the goals for a peaceful, and safer world. And the event also aims to showcase how important each culture’s faith and religion is in the grand scheme of things, and to show that one’s faith is how perseverance is kept through hard times.

Some new state-of-the-art technology is set to be used when the films are going to be shown. This technology is a glassless 3D display that will be shown through what’s called Immerscope. The audience will be treated to HD action and a viewing experience unlike any ever seen before. The movies of Lovaganza are set to be filmed all over Europe from the small country towns to the booming metropolis’s, and will also be filmed in Mumbai, India, and the US in the Mojave Desert of California.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Secure Higher Education with College Savings 529 Programs

Higher Education at colleges and universities is rising yearly, which makes it difficult for parents to provide a quality education for their children. College Savings Bank, Program Manager of 529 college savings programs has the solution for families to save for college regardless of their income. As Program Manager, the institution administers Arizona Family College Savings Program Bank Plan and Indiana College Choice CD 529 Savings Plan. The programs are offered to individuals in all 50 states in the United States with a high yield savings accounts and different CD investment options. College Savings Bank was founded in 1987 and acquired by NexBank SSB, a financial & banking institution in Dallas, Texas the end of 2015.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank


College savings program plans provide college students with funds to cover tuition, room & board, books, supplies, computers, and other university expenses. Students are required to select an accredited two-year or four-year college, propriety, university or vocational school in the U.S. The funds may also be used to enter graduate schools to pursue MA and PhD degrees. College Savings 529 Programs come with benefits, including federal tax deductions, state tax deductions, and security protection of principle. The institution will continue to conduct business with its original name, brand and operations after the acquisition by NexBank SSB.



Historical banking institution, NexBank was founded in 1922 as Heritage Bank SSB. The name was changed to NexBank SSB in 2005, and was co-founded by James Dondero who serves as Chairman. At the end of the second quarter of 2016, the banking institution reported its total gross loans of $2.5 billion and received an increased in its Kroll Bond rating. The rating of its deposit and senior unsecured debt went from BBB to BBB+, according to PR Newswire (August 15th, 2016). John Holt presently serves as the President and CEO of NexBank and continues to seek growth and development opportunities, like the acquisition of College Savings Bank.

How an Online Reputation Management Company Can Save Your Business

Living in the Information Age can be a blessing. We have the answers to an infinite amount of questions directly at our fingertips, which can make it simple to decide what companies we’d like to do business with. A quick Internet search will show you thousands of reviews on websites like Angie’s List or Yelp. Most people aren’t shy about sharing their opinions on social media either.

Unfortunately, living in the Information Age can also be a curse. All it takes is a few bad reviews or internet-based rumors, to lead to the demise of a previously prosperous business. Job seekers may also suffer if prospective employers find anything unsavory in their past. Any business or individual can easily be made the subject of an internet search.

How can we protect the reputation of our businesses or personal brands? Consider an online reputation management (ORM) service, like the highly recommended Reputation Management Fixers. Companies like Reputation Management Fixers don’t just deal with bad reviews, poor press, and suppress negative search results. They can increase your online content ranking on popular search engines and help you create quality content that will outweigh any bad information someone might find about you. They can also be invaluable when it comes to social media and public relations, all while monitoring third party websites for any negative press.

Whether you’re a new company looking to gain positive exposure, a trusted business hoping to protect yourself from any negative attacks, or someone trying to restore a damaged reputation, Online Reputation Management can be the catalyst that saves your business venture.

Andy Wirth Loves His Job

A job isn’t just a job for some people. For some people, a job is also an opportunity to forge a career doing something they truly love. Such is the case for the Chief Operating Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth. Wirth is someone who really loves the world that he does each day.

He is someone who has been able to translate the world of skiing and being outdoors into a job that is truly his own. He is also someone who wants others to be with him and share his job at his job. This is one of many reasons why Wirth has been so successful in his life.

Loving His Area

Part of his job is to help others find out how much they can enjoy being where he is. In his life, Andy Wirth has chosen to make his home in the world of Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley is also where he has chosen to devote his entire attention in life. He loves this part of the world for many reasons.

He knows that living here means that he can be in an area where he has the ability to be outside in the fresh air each day. This is why so many others have come to join here. They know that with his help, they also explore all that this region has to offer anyone who chooses to visit it and see it up close.

Turning Life Into Something Special

Andy Wirth isn’t just about taking an ordinary job and making it something a bit more special. Thanks to his insights, the entire Squaw Valley and all the surrounding resorts have also benefited from his many insights and his abilities. He has taken one of the world’s most beautiful spaces and helped make it every more accessible. With his help, locals have also been able to enjoy this part of the world.

He has also helped show others both in the United States and in many other parts of the world that a vacation here can be a wonderful way to spend time. His management of the Squaw Valley region is one that helps him show off just how much fun people can have here during the winter. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He loves being outdoors with people who are here, showing them an area that he knows carries many important and delightful places to see up close.

Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort Has Something for Everyone

The first thing that people think about when they hear about the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort is the slopes. The vacationers that can ski are going to love this type of environment. Anyone that cannot ski, however, is going to wonder why they would ever go to the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. The answer is simple: there are a ton of activities outside of skiing that people can engage in.

The Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort is obviously a great place to get on the slopes. This is a given. There are even classes for those that do not know how to ski. The reality, however, is that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resort activities on This destination – in true resort fashion – has a nice spa called the Trilogy Spa for those that want to spend a little time relaxing. There is definitely a need for people to relax sometimes. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves spending a large majority of their time getting a Spring Thyme Massage or Hyaluronic Facial. There is also a peppermint pedicure for all the women that want to get their feet scrubbed while they enjoy their choice of hot chocolate or champagne. This is just one hour of many hours that people could spend at the spa.

There are even people that choose to get married at the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. This is certainly something that has become quite popular over the summer months. The couples that want something different will undoubtedly enjoy exploring this wedding option. The beautiful mountain resort will definitely provide some great backgrounds for people that want extraordinary wedding photos.

The Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort is getting a lot of business in the summer months, but that is not the only time that people will visit. Vacationers find themselves taking the mountain views from the aerial trams throughout the year. There are also vacationers that are looking forward to the hiking and rock climbing activities. People can even come here and go roller staking. There really is something in place for everyone that wants to come here. It doesn’t matter if you hit the slopes are not. There is enough activity to keep people occupied even if they have no desire to ski. This resort has something for everyone.

Makari Skin Lightening and Whitening Products

When it comes to caring for your skin, you need not take any chances with half-cooked skin care products. Makari de Suisse is a skin care brand, which acknowledges and celebrates the beauty diversity. Makari is an all-encompassing skin care brand in its products as it cares for the different cultural and skin types needs. Makari has an adept team of experts, which provides the best skin care products for a glowing and radiant skin. The skin care products from Makari are made from natural and powerful ingredients to help you improve your skin tone and visual appearance. The Makari brand offers several products all designed to cater for the needs of your skin.

For all your skin exfoliation, toning, tightening, and moisturizing needs, Makari has the ideal selection of products ranging from creams, serums, capsules, and soaps. Every of their product has been subjected and passed a safety test. Hence, you need to have zero worries about adverse effects of using any Makari skin care product. For a brighter skin, Makari has a product for everyone and every type of skin. The full range of skin care products from Makari offers several benefits to your skin. They will help you evanesce dark spots from your skin. For those with a discolored skin, Makari has products to help do away with their skin discoloration.

Makari has since its inception been a leader in providing skin whitening and lightening products. Their products have received a substantial reputation for creating a clear and brighter skin from its wide range of clients. In addition, the products offer long-lasting results. This is contrary to their deceptive competitors offering low-quality skin care products, which have side effects and their results only last for a short time.

For you to lighten your skin and make your tone even, Makari provides several products. One of their excellent products is the Exclusive Lightening Exfoliating Soap. The soap serves you for skin lightening while still exfoliating your skin. Another of their effective product is the Makari 24K Gold Lightening Soap. Makari also has a lightening serum, Makari 24K Gold Lightening Serum, which will leave your skin glowing and radiant with an even tone. Visit Makari’s official website,, to view their broad spectrum of skin care products to meet your skin needs.

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