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OSI Group: Is McDonalds Planning a Meatless Burger?

Yes! You read the title of this article correctly. McDonalds, the mega-giant super fast-food restaurant chain, is considering entering into the vegan industry. And to be honest, we are really excited to see where this will go.

Mcdonald’s has long been a favorite fast-food restaurant for many.

However, with the rise of heat conscious being thrust in society, which we may add is NOT a bad thing, we couldn’t be happier to see one fo America’s beloved fast-food restaurants enter into this niche.

Sit tight and allow us to explain what is going on with this OSI Group “Vegan meat.”

OSI Group: Is McDonalds Planning a Meatless Burger?

The Chicago based OSI Group has been in negotiation with McDonald’s, well more so talks with the mega-giant, for some time now.

We know that McDonald’s has tried their vegan burger in Canada so far, called the P.T.L burger.

The P.T.L stands for Plant-based, Tomato, and lettuce sandwiches. This PTL is going for about 12 weeks for a trial, and its to see how the demand for this burger will go.

Honestly, as a vegan lover myself, I am hoping that this will do good, as McDonald’s is really popular, and the shift to a more healthy meal plan is an excellent step in the direction for a more healthy nation.

The Chicago company OSI Group is a vegan company that is working with many other franchises.

So the deal or talks with McDonald’s comes to no real surprise.

What Are Your Thoughts About?

How do you feel about this new meatless burger? McDonald’s is looking to enter into a new industry, and we are excited to hear this because a new healthy lifestyle is always a good thing.

McDonald’s could capitalize on billions if they can pull this off.

Here is hoping they can.


Kisling Nestico & Redick Of Cleveland Helps Mission Of Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. More than just another law firm, they help people out across Ohio through charitable acts and giving. An example of this is taking part in the Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. For the past several years, its employees have hopped into a frigid lake to raise money for various causes. This year, they supported the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. Kisling Nestico & Redick raised $25,000, bringing the total amount they have raised by taking part to nearly $109,000. The Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club raised $150,000 this year in total. This is enough money to provide 600,000 meals.

The food is provided through almost 500 food pantries, shelters, hot meal locations, and other programs. To help kids have a successful school year, Kisling Nestico & Redick donated 200 backpacks through five of its locations. Each was willed with school supplies such as pencils and notebooks. Toledo’s managing attorney, Anthony Hall, said his firm’s goal is to help people in the community who have given so much to them. One thing that low-income people don’t get help with is clothing. There are successful government programs that provide food and shelter but none dedicated to clothing.

Kids from low-income families get teased so Kisling Nestico & Redick took a group of kids on a shopping spree at Meijer this year. Kisling Nestico & Redick was established in 2005. It was established to provide accident victims with fair compensation. Gary Kisling and Rob Nestico are still at this law firm while Robert Redick recently retired. Starting with just three lawyers and paralegals, Kisling Nestico & Redick now has 11 locations, nearly 40 attorneys, and 130 support staff. One of its main advantages is having inside knowledge of how companies in the insurance industry operate.

 Read full article : https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/press-release/detail/2658/kisling-nestico-redick

Smita Shah; Attending the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon

This year, Smita Shah, the Chairperson of Delhi-Chicago Sister Cities International committee together with the mayor of Lori Lightfoot, Adrea Zopp, the CEO of World Business Chicago, Senator Dick Durbin and First Lady Amy Eshelman attended the annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon.


The luncheon marked its 5th year of honoring Mahatma Gandhi for leading civil rights movements worldwide. The Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon was founded in 2014 by the Delhi committee under Smita Shah’s leadership.


Mahatma Gandhi has long been recognized as a very influential individual in the twentieth century. He advocated for all individuals, including the disenfranchised and the poor, as well as championed the causes of equality, economic opportunity, and education among everyone.


Chicago city has seen significant contributions towards its development over the years from the Indian American community. The community still plays a vital role in the city’s life, and hence Chicago enjoys a strong relationship with Delhi since 2001.


 About Smita Shah


Smita Shah is a renowned and influential leader who has won a number of awards and honors including Community Leader of the Year American Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois); the Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist by Ernst & Young; and the Young Civil Engineer of the Year by the American Society of Civil Engineers. She has also been listed as the 19th Most Connected Person in Chicago by Crain’s Chicago Business.


Shah is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of SPAAN Technology, which she launched in 1998. The company boasts of having a number of recognitions, including being listed as Best of Business in Chicago Engineering Services by The Small Business Commerce Association as well as Engineering Excellence Honor Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies.


SPAAN Tech, Inc. was also listed as number 1821 in the 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine. Apart from being the President of the company, Smita Shah serves as a member of the Board of Directors for several organizations and companies including After School Matters, Museum of Science and Industry, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, the Chicago Plan Commission, and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.


She is well-known for her efforts and commitment to strengthen global partnerships and promote cultural and economic growth. As such, she serves as the Chair of the Delhi-Chicago Sister Cities Committee, the recipient of Ellis Island Medal of Honor, offers support on the White House Advance Team, and serves as a United States ambassador for the APEC Women and the Economy Forum.


Smita Shah is strongly dedicated to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship; hence, she serves as an advocate for the growth of startups and small firms in the promotion of community businesses and emerging industries.


She takes every chance she gets to conduct mentorships programs to inspire future leaders and young professionals. She is a strategic advisor and a civic leader for top public policy organizations with involvement in M.I.T. Corporation Development Council and Delegate and Vice-Chair of the Rules Committee at the Democratic National Convention. Learn more: http://chicagosistercities.com/sister-cities/delhi-india/


Shah is a Professional Engineer with licenses in multiple states (AP LEED BD+C). She went to M.I.T., Northwestern University, and Oxford University.

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An Academy Of Art University Student Explains His Experience Studying As A Freshman

The Academy of Art University is a San Francisco institution that opened its doors in 1929. It has students from around the world studying one of 30 areas of study. Each instructor is a working professional and highly experienced in their field. Graduates are working at high-profile companies such as DreamWorks, Disney, Adobe, EA Games, Pixar, Apple, and Tesla.

One student, Sam Bear, offered a look into what his day is like at the Academy of Art University. He is studying at the School of Motion Pictures and Television. He is currently taking two classes which are at 11 am and 3 pm. He has a long break in between the two classes during which he studies and collaborates on projects. He also has time to relax and enjoy one of the university’s Campus Cafes.

The Academy of Art University has 15 residential facilities. Sam Bear lives in Commodore Dormitory which is a residence for freshmen. The building has a Neo-Deco style and is located at the base of Nob Hill. He can catch a free shuttle outside his dorm to any campus location by showing his student ID.

While studying, Sam Bear is building relationships with students and instructors that will help him build his creative career. Time spent collaborating with others or just spending time with them helps him build a network of friends and professional contacts.

The Academy of Art University offers Sam and other students lounges, libraries, and studios to do class projects. Campus Cafes are located across San Francisco with each having a unique vibe and menu. They are open at differing times so that students have access to food whenever they need it.

Read more about the Academy of the Art University here https://www.linkedin.com/school/academy-of-art-university/


Jack Plotkin Has Evolved the Telehealth Industry

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin has been instrumental in the advancement of the telehealth industry, acting as the CTO for Virtual Health. His efforts have made it possible to revolutionize patient care and tracking of health data with a top-notch population management and care coordination platform. Jack Plotkin took two decades after college to implement his knowledge of technology design, development, and deployment for a system that bridges the realms of consumer products, healthcare, and finance. His work is considered to be a groundbreaking part of enterprise solutions for large-scale organizations that are dealing with complex consumer populations. 

Jack Plotkin

Drastic Change in the Healthcare Field

Jack Plotkin has become a huge part of a change in the healthcare field towards using technology to track, analyze, and send data to healthcare professionals. His telehealth products have made it possible for entire teams of professionals to take a 360-degree look at patients’ backgrounds, health history, lifestyle and more. Instead of having a patient do a run-through of the equivalent of a 30-minute doctor’s appointment at home, he or she can use smart tech devices that monitor heart rate, blood pressure, activity levels, sleep patterns and other relevant bits of information.

Jack PlotkinSuch a system is a good idea for individuals who have pre-existing health conditions, of course, but also it can be extremely beneficial to someone who is relatively healthy yet may be too busy or disinterested in visiting doctors’ offices on a regular basis. With the greater complexity of this technology, healthcare professionals now can see more data than ever and be able to predict with a higher measure of success if the individual is at risk for developing certain medical conditions or having a health emergency situation.

With Jack Plotkin’s more than two decades of work at the crossroads of business and technology and his experience with advising Fortune 500 firms in healthcare and other areas, it’s clear that we have more amazing things to see from this entrepreneur.

Billionaire Wes Edens Bringing Energy to the World

Energy is a commodity that everyone needs but cannot necessarily get. In dealing sloping countries the ability to generate affordable electricity is scarce. Many have to use oil to power the energy plants and this can get very expensive. As an equity investor Wes Edens saw this need and knew of a way to lower costs and provide a cleaner solution to electric generation.

Wes Edens was born in 1961 in the state of Montana. He is presently residing in New York. He went to college to learn about the financial markets. After college he spent time working on Wall Street to hone his skills. He is presently the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. He is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group which is an equity and hedge fund firm.

He is the founder of the New York based firm New Fortress Energy. This firm was founded in 2014. The goal of the firm is to locate and harvest affordable clean energy. When the firm was seeking cleaner energy options to run their locomotives to move energy from Florida around the country, See us found a gap in affordable options.

This energy gap prompted Edens to start production of a natural gas factory. There he would be able to harvest the natural gas needed to power his rail system. This has would be liquefied and bottled and shipped around the country. He soon realized this same process could be used to export natural gas around the world.

A benefit Edens realized was that in bottling the gas he could circumvent the pipeline system. In doing this he could also export the energy quicker and avoid Federal oversight and regulations. This meant a greater profit for his company and affordabke, clean energy for other countries.

The natural gas industry is presently experiencing an export boom. The companies that can meet this demand in the quickest possible way will be the ones that will garner the greatest benefits. Edens is a billionaire. He became one because he learned how to read market trends and meet market needs in the most expeditious manner possible. He plans for the long term in order to maximize profits and secure financial health.


Randal Nardone, the Inspirational Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone, also commonly known as Randy J.D, is the co-founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group. He has a rich experience in corporate governance and asset management affairs in general. Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 as a private equity firm but has blossomed into an international entity dealing in investment management and other financial services.  Randal has served as principal and co-founder since the company was started. He became CEO in 2013. Randy is a busy person with a wide range of investments and responsibilities. He also serves as president and chairman of several other organizations; some of which, he founded.

Education and Career Brief of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone has a B.A from the University of Connecticut.  He is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings. Randy serves as the President of Ncs LLC. He is an experienced investor with an opportunistic eye for the high earning investments.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a robust Global Asset Management and investment manager. The organization has its headquarters in New York. It was started in 1998 as a private equity firm with a focus on alternative investments. It has evolved and grown into a large conglomerate that has attracted international attention including that of the Japanese Giant SoftBank. Fortress has assets worth $43.6 billion under management and continues to grow its portfolio into new areas of management and new geographies. One of the remarkable responsibilities of the organization at the moment is taking care of assets on behalf of over 1750 organizations who include both public entities and private clients across the globe. The company specializes in risk management; a service that has attracted many organizations to partner and entrusts it with their investment assets.

The Highlights of Nardone’s Stewardship

By the end of December 2017, Fortress had over 953 employees, 216 of them are investment professionals spread across its area of business. Some of the competencies that Fortress is best known for include asset investment, diverse asset options, management of alternative assets, making purchases of properties after strategic considerations, refurbishment of assets acquired under foreclosure situations, pricing consultancy, valuation of assets, ownership, and financing. The company has a competent team of experts in its various outlets across the globe. Owing to its wide range of expertise, Fortress has grown into a large organization that handles a host of clients with varying business needs. It is because of such distinguished performance that it attracted the eye of the Japanese giant. SoftBank is reported to have finalized the purchase of Fortress in 2017. Some of the highlights of the deal indicate that Fortress was allowed to continue operating independently, although its yearly results would be combined with those of SoftBank Group. It is an arrangement that largely left Fortress to continue operating as it has, but with an energized partner venturing beyond its traditional territories. The acquisition also means that Fortress has now reached the Asian market with a bang. SoftBank Management says that it decided to purchase Fortress so as to add its investment expertise to its portfolio. Under the leadership of Randal Nardone, Fortress has not only demonstrated exceptional performance but expanded into new territory.


With Spacewear Line, Kevin Plank and Under Armour Stay Focused on Performance

When Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996, his focus was on performance. That focus has not changed, and it was on display in New York at the recent launch of a new spacewear line designed in collaboration with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

The collection shown at the New York unveiling included the spacesuit, footwear, a training suit, and a limited edition jacket. The pieces are blue and boast a sporty design, which came about from input by a variety of professionals ranging from stylists to doctors.

The pieces were in keeping with Under Armour’s approach to sportswear. Kevin Plank had founded the company with a t-shirt designed for athletes, and the new spacewear pieces reflect the Baltimore-based company’s history and focus.

Among the pieces on display at the unveiling was a spacesuit designed for Kevin Plank. Richard Branson modeled his own suit- complete his national flag on the arm and name tag on the leg as will be the case for each spacesuit Under Armour makes.

When Virgin Galactic begins commercial spaceflights in 2020, the spacesuit will be included in the approximately $250,000 ticket price. That ticket price has not proven a deterrent for the determined; there is actually a backlog of several hundred people waiting for a chance to embark on the remarkable journey that will take tourists to the very edge of space.

The unveiling came right before major news for both companies. At the end of October, Kevin Plank announced that he would be turning the CEO position over to COO Patrik Frisk; he will assume other duties at the company, and the new CEO will continue to report to him.

As for Virgin Galactic, there was also significant news. Richard Branson took the company public. It is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbpol SPCE. It has the distinction of being the first such company to do so.


Sudhir Choudhrie and His Golden Touch in Bussiness Facilitation

Sudhir Choudhrie, a successful entrepreneur, started his career in India in 1975. It was in India where he was born and educated. His career kicked off with his interest in foreign affairs and how to better assist his country with his expertise. With this interest in foreign affairs Sudhir Choudhrie would go on to serve as Republic of Latvia’s Honorary Council for India’s Independence. Sudhir Choudhrie served from 1991 until 2006. He also became a member of YPO in 1998 and the WPO in 2001. In 2013 he was awarded the Asian business Lifetime Achievement Award by Rt Hon Therea May MP.

In India he established Magnum International Trading Company LTD in 1975. His main focus in entrepreneurship was on the expansion and the discovery of India’s Market. Over the course of his career he would go on to establish strong working relationships with the companies that he invested in. He is very active in promoting the growth of these companies through his strategies in cross-border Investments. After his first business venture in 1975, Sudhir Choudhrie then went on to establish a joint collaboration withTaj Hotels Resorts in 1999. Through this collaboration 4 local resorts were established. He was also the director of the Brokers PLC a very successful internet travel search agency from 1995 until 2005. In 2003 he also invested in Air Deccan, another business of his that also flourished. He used his expertise to assist in the advising of C&C Alpha Group. He has assisted with expanding many of the companies subsidies. As an active advisor he participates in the client acquisition, strategic partnerships, and more.

Sudhir Choudhrie later moved to London, where he will become a British national and 2010. It was in London that you would marry his wife Anita and have two kids, Bhanu and Dhairya. Throughout his entire career he has established a reputation for facilitating business growth. Through his planning and years of experience all businesses associated with him have had positive outcomes. To watch video click here.

OSI Group’s CommittmentTo Competition

OSI Group, a top-tier food manufacturer that’s located in the US, has been on its game as of late. The Illinois-based food giant has signed a huge contract to work as a co-manufacturer for Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods is on fire right about now as the company offers one of today’s most talked about products in the food industry. If you haven’t heard, then you must be living under a rock. The Impossible Whopper is its name and going meatless is its game. OSI Group will work directly with Impossible Foods to produce a similar version of this spectacular burger for other food retailers. Thanks to the mass-production efforts of OSI, these burgers will be sold around the US in a total of nearly 17,000.

OSI has strong ties to the city of Chicago because this is where the company has a number of its facilities. Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, is where the company just so happened to get its start. Aurora, Illinois, is now the headquarters, but the entire world benefits from what this Midwestern food giant has to offer in terms of actual food. In addition to that, OSI Group has a forte in food sourcing, food development and food management. The company goes as far to produce custom foods for some of its huge clientele base. Thanks to having so much experience, expertise and interest in food services, the company was chosen by Impossible Foods to supply the country with its meatless burger.

The amount of revenue that will be generated from this deal can’t be put into words to say the least. Since meatless burger stock has increased dramatically over the past year, the food industry is gearing up for tremendous growth. OSI Group has put itself in a position to call the shots and to go down as one of the top food manufacturers of all-time.

Learn More: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group