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Anesthesiology Services For Contemporary Medical Care

We are living in modern times and there is a high number of advancements at our fingertips especially when being compared to other eras of the past. Life is full of mishaps, accidents, and injuries to some degree, but having great medical care at your disposal is truly a blessing. Anesthesia plays an important role in medical procedures as it helps the body calm down or it can be used for sedation. Without this vital medication, it would be extremely hard for patients to make it through medical procedures and this is where Capital Anesthesiology Association@capanesth comes into the frame.


Since 1973, Capital Anesthesiology Association has been serving the Austin, Texas Region with it’s high quality medical services. The organization has grown dramatically throughout the years and it has expanded it service range. As of today, up to 20 medical facilities benefit from the anesthesiology services of CAA and that includes:


  • Inspire Medical Centre
  • Dell Children’s Medical Center
  • Seton Medical Center
  • Seton Hayes
  • Strictly Pediatrics
  • And Many More


Types of medical centers being served? Well that’s easy, CAA serves Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, as well as High Acuity Hospitals. No stone is left uncovered as this exclusive organization provides the most comfortable environment possible. With 80 doctors and 130 registered nurses, Capital Anesthesiology Association is one of the biggest and best independent practices in the nation.

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Brad Reifler’s Exploration into The Business Sector

Brad Reifler has an in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed experience extending for more than thirty years in the financial service sector. He has established and held senior positions in leading financial institutions or companies. For instance, he founded the Forefront Capital Management and Pali Capital and served as the CEO of the two firms. Brad has thrived in the competitive financial world due to his ability to analyze the past and present trends and predict the future ones. He develops pragmatic strategies that allow his companies and business associates to outclass their competitors.

During his tenure as the CEO of Pali Capital, Brad Reifler dedicated most his time to analyzing industry data and then developing and implementing result-oriented strategies. At the end of his 13-year leadership, his sales team had accumulated a record $1 billion in commission income. This exemplary performance attracted the attention of multinational companies, and Brad became one of the highly sought financial experts.

Brad unveils Forefront Capital Management LLC

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital Management (FCM) in 2009. Currently, he serves as the CEO of the company and oversees its daily activities, as well as long-term growth plans. Under his strategic leadership, the company has established subsidiaries in other nations. FCM attracts leading investment bankers, talented business leaders, and seasoned investment advisors.

Early career

Brad Reifler launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. Once the corporation started making profits and registering immense growth, he sold it and focused on building his professional career. Brad was instrumental in the growth of the hedge fund industry. In 1995, he joined Refco Inc., and he was responsible for developing custom investments, global exchange, and global derivatives. Brad also served briefly as the director of Root Exchange and ITG Investment Research Inc.

Board Membership

Brad Reifler has built a strong connection with his businesses by serving on boards of leading companies. Brad has served as a board member of the European American Investment Research, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions. He is also responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Millbrook School by serving as its Trustee. Brad is an alumnus of the renowned Bowdoin College.

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Award Winning Lori Senecal and her Role in CP+B, MDC Partners, and KBS Agency

Lori Senecal has shown great passion and dedication to any position given to her. She is also a strong supporter and strict follower of values and principles in an organization. For these qualities, Lori was appointed the chief executive officer of the CP+B Company by the firm chairman.

As CP+B CEO, she is also responsible for growth and expansion of the organization to global markets. Besides, she ensures that all the CP+B subsidiaries are operating smoothly. In her address to the 3% conference, she reiterated the role of inspired womenfolk. The 3% conference is an organization that helps to promote the position of female creative directors in the global fashion industry.

Lori Senecal has been playing this role for the last two years and has made significant contributions to the company. Notably, Lori has transformed CP+B into an innovative, collaborative and aggressive agency. She has demonstrated strong leadership since she has managed to make the business attain international consistency as well as a strong brand in the local markets.

Senecal can steer CP+B agency to the highest heights because of her phenomenon experience in management. Before taking over as CEO of CP+B, she was the executive chairperson at KBS. This is a sister company to CP+B Agency. Besides, she is president and CEO at MDC Partner Network. Despite being the CP+B CEO, she continues to hold this executive position.

Lori has managed to maintain a great relationship with her colleagues in both companies. The MDC Partner chairman; Chuck Porter, believes that Lori is one of the best people to work with. He agrees that she can solve problems that he cannot. Besides, her success is based on her ability to work with other executives in the agencies.

Additionally, in her previous positions, Lori Senecal was able to develop sound strategic visions for MDC Partner and working with other agencies to spur growth and development in the entire organization. Besides, she managed to develop KBS Agency to 900 individuals globally from its initial 250 people locally.

According to Forbes.com, with CP+B Agency, she has led the agency to get the “Creativity Innovators of the Year Award.” Furthermore, the Advertising Age recognized her as an exemplary and top executive in 2016. Lori had also received AWNY Game Changer Award and “Women from watching” award in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

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Jeffrey Schneider’s Active Involvement In Alternative Investment And Co-Curricular Activities.

Jeffrey Schneider is the starter of Ascendant Capital LLC. As owner and leader of the firm, Jeffrey has helped raise more than one billion dollars and grown the start-up to employ more than 30 staff members. He has extensive expertise in the alternative investment business and has a history of working with Alex Brown, Merill Lynch, and Smith Barney. Jeffrey Schneider grew up in Manhattan and earned his degree from the University of Massachusetts. He gained his knowledge in alternative investment by working with Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. In addition to his financial career, Jeffrey is an active philanthropist who continually helps the less fortunate. He has worked with various humanitarian organizations such as the Camp Honey Creek’s Dream Program, Wonders and Worries, Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children. Jeffrey is an enthusiast for a healthy living who participates in races across the world. Jeffrey has a record of completing a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bicycle ride, and a 13.1-mile run. He believes that part of staying fit involves eating right and regularly educates others on the various packages one can use to incorporate a healthy dieting plan into fitness.

Jeffrey Schneider strongly supports the views regarding the CEO position, expressed by Tony Stubblebine, the chief executive officer of Coach.me. He states that for one to avoid unnecessary losses in on the path to becoming a great CEO, it is important to hire a coach. Jeffrey explained that despite the belief that a CEO has to have a stereotypical personality, one could achieve maximum success by expressing their authentic character at the workplace. Jeffrey stated that he does not believe a CEO should have superhuman abilities and intelligence to run an enterprise successfully. According to him, enlisting an employee for help can greatly compliment one’s perspective on an issue. Jeffrey stated that a powerful and influential CEO is in touch with the inner workings of his energies. He explained that one has to master how attitude influences everyone at the workplace and the correct method of maintaining and upbeat and realistic energy. Jeffrey attributes his firm’s success to trust, diligence and open communication among the employees.

Visit http://jeffryschneider.org for more.



Better Services for InnovaCare with Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Emerging the best in the health sector is something that requires a lot of dedication by the leaders. The health care facility has to use all the tricks and more they should come with an advanced way of provision of services to the citizens so that they can be satisfied. With the advancement in technology, many firms are now offering excellent services, and patients can now appreciate the services they can get from the healthcare facilities.

There is a company that has performed better than all the others in the field because of employing a strong leadership that is visionary and goal-oriented. It is none other than InnovaCare health which sought the services of the great leaders such as Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. The company has come with services that are affordable, but at the same time, they are quality services. Customers are flocking, and they had to expand their market because of the increase of the members. The success is attributed to the introduction of the two leaders who have a vast experience in the field.

When leaders such as Rick Shinto came in 2012, he introduced unique services to the company and new leadership methods. He worked with Penelope Kokkinides and other professionals to ensure that the firm provides excellent services and it is friendly to customers. For instance, Rick Shinto insists on educating the patients and establishing a relationship with the friends and relatives of the patient so that they can offer support where they can. These new developments have made customers happy with the services, and they have become members prompting the company to expand to other areas. The expansion is because of the demand for excellent services by the citizens.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto attended the State University of California where he obtained a degree in the field of medicine. He also furthered his education and got an MBA from the State University of Redlands. He has been a professional for many years and has achieved great success in the field of medicine and healthcare. Rick Shinto had worked in various places before he moved to work with InnovaCare. He is also an author of journals and different articles talking about the health industry.

He worked as the Chief Executive Office Aveta. Since he joined InnovaCare Health, he has come with various ways that are unique, and that has provided great success to the company. With the support of Peneople Kokkinides, they are set to go far because they are able leaders. Penelope Kokkinides is also experienced in the field and has worked in different places before InnovaCare sought her services. Check her infographic resume on vizualizeme.com


Success Story of Rona Borre


Rona Borre, the CEO and founder of instant Alliance since its founding in 2001. Rona has become one of the known icon female entrepreneurs in Chicago land. Additionally, she has been recognized nationally as a woman –owned business that is gaining its way to the top by increasing her revenue annually.



She is an enthusiastic, motivated leader who is ready to serve the nation at any time, Rona has been on the Board of Economic Club f Chicago, the Chicago Network and the Young President Organization the aspect is she been given leadership roles in the three Chicago community organizations.


Though over the years her efforts have bearing fruits thus the media have acknowledged that Rona has featured by CBS 2 Chicago USA today CNBC Crain’s Chicago and CNN and she has been recognized as the most influential woman in business by the national association of women business owners and business ledger.


Enterprising Woman Magazine appreciated Rona Borre as the Enterprising woman of the year adding to the number of accolades awarded to her agency. She is an erudite scholar who received her BS from the University of Arizona in business.


Rona is a dedicated individual walking through her dreams which didn’t come by chance but by hard work and passion is one of the best icons to learn from.


Wach her on youtube.com.

Jose Borghi Great Advertising Skills in Mullen Lowe Agency

When you consider the top advertisers in Brasil, José Borghi should be on top of your list. He is the real deal when it comes to creating great advertisement campaigns. Jose applies his exemplary advertisement skills in closing deals on behalf of Mullen Lowe Agency.

José Borghi was born in Preseidente Prudente. He attended PUC College where he graduated with an advertising and propaganda diploma. After his graduation, Jose started his career at Standart Ogilvy where he worked as an editor. Besides, he worked in other several organizations before joining entrepreneurship.
José Borghi is the owner and founder of Mullen Lowe Agency. This is one of the leading advertisement companies in the Brazil. The organization was previously referred as Borghi Lowe before merging with Lowe and Partners. Besides, Jose and Andre Gomes became the agency chief executive officers.
Mr. Borghi has vast experience in advertising as he has dealt with both soft and difficult clients in the field. He is extremely aggressive, and nothing stops him from achieving his goals. He also believes that success comes through hard work and commitment.

José has managed to prove his prowess in the advertisement field by creating mammoth advertising campaigns that include Mammals of Palmalat as well as Sazon. In addition, he has participated in Honda Campaigns and Review Concepts.

Mullen Lowe Agency is one of the leading creative boutiques in Sao Paolo and across the world. The brand has its presence in over 65 countries. This demonstrates the size and magnitude of the influence the Mullen Lowe enjoys.

The fundamental objective of the agency is to offer products that attract the attention of customers across the world as well as making them part of the brand. Moreover, the group is committed to using innovation to change behaviors as well as challenging their customers’ briefings. With this kind of mindset and devotion, Mullen Lowe continues to grow in terms of its creativity and effectiveness.

UK Vintners, Your Wine Experts

The UK is one of the smaller wine producing countries in Europe but still is an influential and a diverse player in the world market. Wine in the UK was found by the WSTA to be the favorite alcoholic drink with over 60% of adults consuming it. The industry has a net worth of 17.9 billion pounds providing over 250,000 jobs. It thus contributes a great deal to the county’s economic growth. The industry was originally based on imports from Europe but later grew and started importing from the US and Australia which happen to be home to some of the finest wines.

UK vintners are wine merchants who also happen to be experts in wines that sell wine around through different means. People employed by the vintners have been working either elsewhere in the wine industry or just simply have a great passion for the wine sector. The vintners have a great interest in developing the country’s wine industry, as they understand the market trends, which is in an ever-rising demand. They understand peoples’ taste in fine wines and from English wines’ reputation can gather the very best sparkling wines.

UK vintners have had a great role in providing numerous job opportunities and tailoring apprenticeship programs to lure the younger generation into the rapidly growing industry. They also foster great relationships with vineyards of all sizes as they search for the best wines available.

Most of UK vintners sell their wine online nowadays as they can pass on information through emails or messaging platforms. It is also favored as it’s a great way to make instant sales with continuous feedback from the customers. The use of membership groups is also attracting quite a number of clients where some of the finest bottles of wines are passed on regularly as scheduled allowing a better understanding of the wine industry.

The Many Services of Capital Anethesiology Association

Anesthesiology plays a critical role in society, which helps patients calm down while allowing doctors to perform certain procedures. Unfortunately life is full of curve balls that come in he form of injury and sickness. Under such dire situations, anesthesiology can be a life saver, literally. Capital Anesthesiology Association is one of the leading independent practices that specialize in anesthesia. CAA is also one of the nation’s largest independent practices as well with up to 80 physicians and over 130 certified registered nurses.


This organization covers a broad area, which is known as the Austin, Texas Metropolitan Region. Up to 20 medical facilities benefit from these high quality services, which range from High Acuity Hospitals, Level 1 Trauma Centers, and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. Another great feature of Capital Anesthesiology Association is that every medical personnel is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. CAA does it’s absolute best in providing the most comfortable experience for each and all patients. Even the administrative staff is just as dedicated as the clinical staff. The process of dealing with insurance carries can be frustrating, but CAA supports the patients/clients, which makes for a smoother billing process.

Click this https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/capitol-anesthesiology – /entity


For those wo live in the area, CAA ensures you of the very best anesthesiology services if need be. The future is looking brighter than ever and CAA is leading this charge by positive example.

WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Care

There are simple changes you can make to your daily routine to maintain healthy, shiny, balanced hair. Limit heat styling as much as possible. The extreme temperatures damage the hair follicle and dry out your strands. This can lead to hair loss and breakage. Try washing your hair less frequently. Shampoos can strip hair of its natural oils and cause dryness. Cleansing conditioners are a great alternative to traditional shampoos. Also choose quality hair care products.

Lifestyle choices can also have huge impact you the health of your health. The food you eat can affect the shine, growth, and volume of your hair. Similarly taking hair loving vitamins can also greatly impact hair health. Limiting time out in the sum will help to prevent drying and bleaching of your hair.

A fantastic product line to try for more healthier and balanced hair is Wen hair by Chaz Dean. WEN is best known on Twitter for their cleansing conditioners, which clean and moisturize your hair at the same time. WEN by Chaz Dean is a trustworthy brand with a 60-day money back guarantee on all of their products. WEN hair care products are available on all the major retail stores like Sephora, salons all over the country and online on eBay(http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care) or Amazon.  The ingredients in all of WEN products are natural and nourishing to your hair. They will leave your hair feeling clean yet balanced. WEN has products for all hair types and textures. Their cleansing condition is a time saver because it acts as an all-in-one product. It cleans, conditions, treats, and styles your hair. WEN by Chaz Dean is a brand that many have trusted for years.

View the Wen company profile on crunchbase.com.