Securus Setting a Trend for Excellence in the Telecommunication Industry

Securus Technologies, as announced recently, had 11 of their field experts receive certification from the Building Industry Consulting Service International firm. The company is more than pleased with the dedication of their performance, leading to the recognition.



With this recognized certification, the company is bound to shut all those reviews that have been popping on the internet about the level of professionalism in Securus employees. Securus hopes to continue with the good relationship that they have with BICSI. By working together, they hope that both companies can reach greater strides, businesswise.



About Securus Technologies



Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers for technology solutions to correctional facilities in North America. The company was founded in the year 1986. Currently, they offer their service to just over 2600 correctional facilities, throughout the USA. Their regional offices are located in Atlanta, Texas, Georgia, Allen and Carrollton. One of the things that make Securus Technologies successful in their industry is the principle of holding their employees with importance. They understand that without the employees, they would not achieve any success.



Securus Technologies are constantly upgrading their technology, ensuring that inmates are efficiently monitored. Through their services, they aim at contributing to a safer America. North America is truly lucky to have this company operate within its confines.



A Look into BICSI



Building Industry Consulting Service International firm (BICSI) was established in the year 1977 as a non-profit organization. Up to date, the company continues to excel in the ICT industry. BICSI exists, mainly, to provide companies in the ICT industry with top talent. This is by offering service such as training and credentialing. Their main areas in the ICT industry include data center design, design and installation of cable network and project management.




Missed Repayment on Devco Hotel Project

The Middlesex County (New Jersey) Improvement (MCIA) recently missed a $1 million payment on a $20 million loan provided by the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The MCIA took out the loan on behalf of Devco, the New Brunswick Development Company, to fund a revitalization project in an economically depressed area in Middlesex County. The project involved the development of a hotel and convention center called the Heldrich, which opened in 2007. The loan was part of a larger financing package that Devco put together from various funding sources.

Despite the positive effects of the Heldrich on the community, such as over 200 union jobs, more than a million dollars in real estate taxes, and the economic boost gained from over 100,000 visitors per year, the MCIA has been in arrears on its payments for years. CRDA is a subordinate lender, meaning it has a lower repayment priority than other creditors. However, Devco has said that with the healthier economic climate, the loan will be repaid within a few years.

The New Brunswick Development Company, better known as Devco, is a non-profit organization committed to urban revitalization and economic development in Middlesex County. The company has secured $1.6 million in funding for various projects through innovative public-private funding solutions. Devco is especially well-known for its mixed use developments. Read full report on


Kevin Seawright Fights For The Community

Kevin Seawright, the CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has had a fascinating career, beginning with a government gig in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the course of the past seven or so odd years, Mr. Seawright is combining his knowledge of construction and management of finance, and taking his talents to the private industry sector.

He is a man perpetually preoccupied with improving the lives of those residing within urban centers, as well as someone who hopes to watch cities expand further. Nonetheless he remains a man of character, who is willing to listen to others, learn from his mistakes, and adapt to an ever changing environment with comfort and ease.

His recent victories are examples of Kevin Seawright’s overwhelming positivity and enthusiasm, as well as his powerful work ethic. In the end, it was his diversity of experience growing up that shaped his character and that has advanced his career.

Kevin Seawright is primarily a philanthropist at heart. Introduced by his parents, to financial stewardship in childhood, he was actively involved in programs dedicated to helping children within the inner cities of Baltimore, Maryland, Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One can easily see how the lessons of Kevin Seawright’s parents have influenced his decision making he pointed out on Twitter.

In addition, he works with groups focused on improving community organization, and is a strong proponent of online education, as well as formal college education. He is a man of the people and contributing to the success of others has proved to be a large factor in his motivation.

First and foremost, Kevin Seawright is a family man. He is a believer in forming strong communities and with Newark CEDC he helps the economy by helping people, by giving loans to smaller sized businesses, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any significant capital. He has faith in human beings and hopes to see entrepreneurs grow and eventually thrive. Assisting these groups continues to provide a bolster to the local economy.

Finally, Kevin Seawright still sees room for improvement in Newark, New Jersey, and will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the city reaching it’s full potential.

IAP Worldwide Purchases Business Units from DRS Technologies

Recently, it was announced that IAP Worldwide Services was acquiring the Aviation and Logistics business from DRS Technologies. IAP Worldwide Services has also purchased the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business on Hoovers. The former is located in Oklahoma City, OK and the latter at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Aviation and Logistics handle aircraft repair management, mission support services, and logistics. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions takes care of information technology, communications support, and engineering. Both of these businesses already provide services to the US Department of Defense as well as private companies. By acquiring these business arms, IAP substantially expands the breadth of its aviation capabilities.

Specifically, IAP will increase the various services it can deliver to its global customer base. It will double the number of people that IAP will be able to serve. The two businesses will be combined into a new business arm. IAP will call it Aviation and Engineering Solutions. This will be a division of IAP’s National Security Programs business. These new businesses should integrate smoothly into the other National Security Programs that IAP has offered for years. IAP thanked its investors and leadership board for its support in completing this acquisition. The acquisition will help government agencies and private organizations alike.

IAP Worldwide Services’ technology has proved useful on a global scale. They coordinate logistics for everything from natural disasters to international battlefields. Their programs are responsible for military installations, research laboratories, and major cities. With more than 2,000 employees, IAP is one of the largest logistics companies in the world. IAP’s mission is to make sure its customers are prepared for the most unexpected of events. Its software was responsible for the quick government responses to Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian Earthquake, and the various interventions in the Middle East. Ready at a moment’s notice, IAP Worldwide makes sure that military and disaster personnel have the latest technology available on

IAP Worldwide was founded over 60 years ago. It provides international services to the US Government, international agencies, and private companies. Its services encompass a wide range of technological programs on It offers program management, information technology, and security programs. It focuses on offering safe, reliable, and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs its customers have. It is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida and has branches in over 100 locations spread across 20 countries. IAP serves has a shining example for the rest of the logistics industry.

Equities First Points Out Changing Pattern

The global economy is more volatile than ever. As the United States economy continues to struggle in the wake of the housing collapse of 2008, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union has only made the atmosphere worse. Traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are more volatile than ever. This is important for Equities First, who has noticed a growing trend among people looking for a loan.

Equities First is a global leader in financing solutions. They have noticed that more investors are using stocks as collateral when taking out a loan. Equities First believes this is because many banks are enforcing stricter criteria when it comes to handing out loans. While this is understandable given the economic collapse in 2008, people looking for loans are using stocks as collateral to qualify for these loans. Using stocks to back loans is a new alternative for people who need more capital to qualify for a loan. This can help people either qualify for a new loan or receive a lower interest rate on an existing loan. Typical interest rates on loans backed by stocks are coming in at between 3 and 4 percent. Furthermore, there aren’t any restrictions on these loans. This gives borrowers a wider range of options for the money. Of course, these loans also carry risk. For people who miss payments, it is important to make sure their stocks retain their value. In this unpredictable economy, that can be problematic.

Equities First Holdings has been around since 2002. They specialize in helping clients find other ways to finance difficult projects. They also help supply clients with capital against many different publicly traded stocks. With extensive financial expertise, Equities First Holdings has developed an impressive track record of happy and satisfied clients.

Over the past 14 years, Equities First Holdings has been involved in more than 650 financial transactions with a total worth exceeding $1.4 billion. This allows Equities First Holdings to offer high-value loans at low-interest rates. Equities First Holdings has offices in 9 countries spread across the United States, Australia, and Asia.

Venezuela’s Election Board Pushes Referendum Vote Back To 2017 According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

The clock is ticking for Venezuela’s president, and the president keeps changing the cadence, so he has more time to turn one of the world’s major oil producers into a complete economic and social disaster. President Nicolas Maduro is Hugo Chavez’s successor, and he has done a miserable job as the leader of this Latin American nation. The opposition party is trying to force the socialist president to resign, but Maduro is determined to stay in power. The majority National Assembly is made up of people those oppose Maduro, and they have been trying to form a national agreement to get the economy moving again, according to the Deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González is a well-known agricultural entrepreneur, and he has been trying to get the government to increase domestic food production, but Maduro has refused to listen. Tons of corn and rice could help the starving people, but in states like Guárico the crime and the idleness have ruined a lot of the farms. González is a well-respected businessman and gubernatorial candidate. He is dedicated to getting Venezuela moving again. The Chavismo socialist government has outlived its usefulness, and González wants a democratic government to take over. And, he’s not alone. More than 1 million people jammed the streets of Caracas recently demanding a recall referendum vote. The people of Venezuela need help but Maduro has another agenda.

Even though more than 80 percent of the people in Venezuela want to remove Maduro from office, the government-run election board just pushed the referendum vote back to 2017. That means the socialist party could stay in power to at least 2018, according to González. Most assemblymen believe the country won’t last that long under the current leadership and government policies. González wants help from other nations and so does more than 50 percent of the National Assembly.

At this point, the only choice is massive demonstrations orchestrated by the democratic opposition, according to Mr. González. Civil disobedience may be the only answer for Venezuela, but José Manuel González still wants to settle the issues through a national agreement.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity in Community Outreach

Northern Texas and many anxious resident will be on the receiving end of a very welcomed chance to become homeowners right in their own community. Known for having ownership rates that are far below many other areas in the state, a local lender is stepping in to make a difference. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in the Affordable Housing Loan Program. This program will be offered by Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will also participate as together they will offer 100 or more loans each year across the next five years.

As an initiative put in place to help the many who would otherwise not have the means to obtain a mortgage for home ownership, the Affordable Housing Loan Program aims to fund expansion efforts associated with this particular area of Texas. Regional bank NexBank SSB, is offering up to $50 million toward the program and future loan recipients. Additionally, NexBank will cover closing costs and title fee up to $2,000. Not only will financial assistance be provided, but homeowner counseling for these new homeowners will be available as well.

Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Mark Tribuna, stated that “We’re very grateful to NexBank for helping to make affordable home ownership a reality for so many people who need it.” The joint venture between the two organizations is an ideal partnership given that both have plenty of experience with aiding lower-income families and their goals of home ownership.

NexBank SSB is an institution with many years in the financial sector. Since 1922 it has made commercial and mortgage banking and other financial services available to clients both on the corporate and individual level. NexBank is a local leader with much experience and many resources readily available to help local efforts work toward a prosperous future.

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Sanjay Shah Stands Up For Autistic People

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. It is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading awareness about the condition of autism around the world. Ever since 2014, there has been a music concert held that targets youth through music. Past performers at the concert have been Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Flo Rida, Michale Buble, and others. The point is to make young people aware of autism so they treat people who possess this condition better.

Sanjay Shah Denmark family is personally affected by autism. He has a son named Nikhil who was born with the disorder and he wanted to create a world where people do not treat his son like he is different. People with autism need special support from those close to them at times. If there is greater awareness and exposure of autism people will not feel alarmed at their different behavior. Also, it would be valuable for the scientific community to do more research into autism. If the cause of autism can be identified then families will be better able to manage and care for their autistic member. Sanjay and Usha Shah worked together to put Autism Rocks together and are happy with the results they have accomplished so far. In total, 600,000 British pounds have been raised for autism awareness.

Autism is officially defined as a developmental disorder that makes a difference in how a person communicates and interacts with the world they live in. It has no cure but if a person with autism is misunderstood it can have devastating consequences for them and their family. Every 1 in 100 people suffers from autism.

Sanjay Shah who organized Autism Rocks for his son is the CEO and founder of Solo Group Holdings and Solo Capital Group. He has earned more than $280 million over the length of his career in financial banking. He was at one time a medical student but he found his true calling in the world of investment and banking. He is considered to be retired now and he spends his days engaged in leisure and enjoying quality time with those he loves the most.

DIY Lip Tattoos?!

In this video, Wengie compares a ‘Do it Yourself’ to a ‘Just Buy It.’ This means that she tries both and determines which is worth more: doing it yourself or simply buying the already ready to use product.
Subscribe to her chanel on YouTube for more ‘DIY or BUY’ videos.

Items Needed:


  • 24-hr Lip Tint Tattoo Bottle (BUY)


  • and


  • Elmer’s Glue


  • Food Coloring


Follow these simply steps to create your own ‘DIY’ Lip Tint Tattoo.


  • Squeeze Glue into a small jar


  • Mix in the food coloring into the glue (10 drops of red, 1 drop of blue)


  • Stir well!


  • Gently Paint onto your lips with a soft makeup brush


  • Let it dry, then peel it off to see the final product!

    Wengie goes on to compare the two by doing a half and half look and found that the DIY was a lot thicker, but also sticker than the store bought one. The store bought was runnier, but easier to apply because it was not as sticky.
    Once dry, though, it was all able to peel off very easily and Wengie was very satisfied with both results!
    The final word was a big thumbs up for the DIY lip tattoo color! It was true to it’s mixed color, no weird change when she peeled it off, and it lasted well, just like the store bought one.
    So, there you have it! Try this DIY on your own sometime! The best part? You can make it any color you want!


Kyle Bass: Where Does He Draw the Ethical Line


Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager and the founder of Hayman Capitals Management; L.P. He is the principal of the Dallas-based firm which primary focus is global event-driven opportunities. Kyle Bass successfully predicted a bet against the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. He had bought the subprime securities credit defaults swaps and after the real estate bubble had burst he made a 212% return on the bet. Bass has also made other bets in recent times including the Japan, China, and the European sovereign debt. Without a doubt, he has had success in predicting subprime mortgages but has also had plenty of criticism for poor performance in some of his investments.



Many people who understand the financial world will tell you that Kyle Bass has lost his magic touch. Many believe that Bass is making bad call after bad call. He does seem to like being in the public eye as he is always doing interviews on different televisions. In the case of Argentina, every financial expert will tell you that Cristina Fernandez is economically illiterate. The country’s economy has suffered a lot from her bad decisions. This, however, did not stop Kyle Bass from making friends with Cristina. Worse he never stopped praising the woman despite leading her country to default on the sovereign debt for the second time.



Ethically, Kyle Bass has lapsed several times not just in the case of Argentina. At one point he blamed the victims of the GM cars that had non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering just to protect his investments on General Motors. Bass also targeted some pharmaceutical firms and challenged their patents to make their stocks go down and in turn made millions.



The recent oil Glut of crude oil has seen Bass go through the worst streak since he founded Hayman Capital. Mr. Bass in 2015 begun buying oil shares after it was reported by investor T. Boone Pickens that the country would be able to handle the oil glut. The energy prices in the recent days have dropped immensely, and Bass is suffering. Hayman mini fund in 2016 fell by about 7%. Consequently, the company will be ending another year in losses.

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