Sam Tabar A Legal & Business Icon

Working hard at your passion in life is what everyone strives for. Certain industries are tougher to break into than others. The legal industry has to be one of the toughest but it certainly has its rewards because of it. Sam Tabar is well known for his dedication to his work as an attorney and capital strategist. Sam has always gone above and beyond to assist his clients. This is one great sign of a true leadership. Sam Tabar is working at FullCycle Fund based out of New York. With an obvious strive for excellence Sam has opened many doors to allow him to advance. Sam Tabar quickly became an Associate and later worked in the capital strategy and business development area.

Sam Tabar did some astonishing things while working at Skadden,Arps Slater, and Meagher & Flom LLP. It was his love for helping his clients and drive to be the best at his job that made him succeed. Sam also guided Sparx Group as Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director. It seems that where ever Sam Tabar tends to go great things surely follow. After taking Sparx Group to a higher level Sam decided to play in the big leagues. Sam soon found himself working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was given the opportunity to work as the Director and the Head of Capital Strategy.

The icon soon decided to move back into the legal field because of his true passion. Sam went to Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and decided to continue to strive to be the best. Sam worked heavily with compliance issues and hedge funds. These were two issues he seemed to be able to tackle head on. While Sam Tabar held the title of Senior Associate he still continued to be the best at his job as he possibly could.

Duda Melzer Completes His Journey To Becoming The Leader Of RBS Group

In 1957, Mauricio Sirotsky laid the foundation for one of the best known media companies in Brazil when he established the RBS Group; by 2016, the RBS Group has grown to take in around 18 TV affiliates, two radio stations, and a number of news outlets. The Sirotsky family have managed to maintain their control of the RBS Group in an age when it is common for media companies to become part of even larger global corporations. 2016 saw the third generation of the Sirotsky family take control of the company when Nelson Sirotsky handed over the role of Executive President to his nephew Duda Melzer.

Maintaining the link to the Sirotsky family is obviously an aspect of the RBS Group that remains important to all those involved in both this well known family and the company itself. The ceremony to handover the leadership of the company to Duda Melzer was broadcast live to over 6,000 employees and included an emotional speech by the new Executive President of RBS Group. In the speech Melzer explained the debt he owed his grandfather and founder of the RBS group, Mauricio Sirotsky.

The influence of Mauricio Sirotsky on the life of Duda Melzer cannot be underestimated as Duda Melzer has always looked to lead his own life and find his own path through the business world. Much like Mauricio Sirotsky did when he established the RBS Group at a time when the media was in its early years, Duda Melzer has looked to become an expert in the latest technologies that can be used to develop the RBS Group as a leading media company for the future.


A new and innovative way of learning

With the significant change and advancements made in technology, has been revered for finding creative ways of making the classroom a fun and interactive place. The impressive and thrilling concept of using the growth mindset to get students to embrace learning in an approachable way has been on topic for a while now. Recently ClassDojo teamed up with the Project for Education Research That Scales Centre (PERTS) from Stanford, to produce educative videos on growth mindset. The five videos, which are animated, incorporate ClassDojo’s characters that many students are familiar with.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that brings together communities of teachers, students and parents to achieve change in the educational system from the ground up. All parties can interact through this platform through videos, photos, and messages on what is going on in the classroom. Apart from keeping parents in the loop about the children, the program also allows teachers to introduce and implement new progressive ideas in a way the students will embrace them.

In the beginning, ClassDojo started out as behavior management tool ten went on to become one of the leading communication platforms where teachers, students, and parents can interact with what is going on in the classroom. Apart from the elaboration of growth mindset, ClassDojo and PERTS plan to conduct a study and find out how teachers are implementing the concept of growth mindset through their teaching practices. Through this research, they can find out what works and what doesn’t so as to use this information for prospects. In the videos, they also elaborate on how to initiate classroom discussions.

Most communities of teachers, students and parents have completely embraced the concept, and they report only positive results displayed by the students. ClassDojo has proved to be an impressive tool for learning institutions, being used by over fifteen million students and is in at least two in every three schools in the whole of the United States.

Chief Product Officer and co-founder of ClassDojo mentioned that invention of their remarkable tools came from the feedback solicited from teachers, including behavior management. The use of growth mindset tries to capture the malleability of the minds of students, and how they can be shaped to conceive different skills and lessons that are taught in the class. The use of this program proves that there are no weak students just that they need to implement different strategies to learn.

The use of growth mindset in the classroom has shown it to be quite an innovative tool that seeks to change the typical learning sessions. Teachers can deliver on their part while students embrace learning in a unique and fascinating way.


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George Soros: Getting Off The Bench

It has been a while since George Soros has made any movement in the investment world. We all know that is for a reason. He doesn’t like to do anything without thinking it through and weighing the pros and cons of the situation. He is not one to just jump on board on something without it being carefully planned from start-to-finish. That is the kind of man that he is and why he has had success for so long in his field. He has made his return to trading and let me tell you, it is getting people talking in a good way. It has raised eyebrows and caused a lot of conversation. After all, when you have the kind of credibility that George has, people tend to stand up and take notice when you make any sort of movement.

However, these weren’t just any movements. These are being described as “big, bearish investments, including gold and gold-miner stocks.” You see, George Soros has the experience and the eye to see what is happening and he can catch things that others might miss or overlook. Nothing gets past George. That is why he sat out and waited before he made any moves. He was waiting for the right time to strike and the right time to do something. He knows it is all about timing and timing is vital in this sort of market.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

He is of course a billionaire investor and the Soros Fund Management manages $30 billion dollars, so you know they are doing something right and know how to make all of the right moves. He noticed a market that was getting a little dark and he realized gold is something that is always in style and always in demand. All you have to do is drive around and you are sure to see plenty of places looking to buy and sell gold. It is always in season and always in stock. It never gets old and it never runs out of style.

George Soros is capitalizing while the iron is hot and acting now before it is too late. You don’t manage the kind of money they do without knowing what you are doing. Experience is something that you can’t put a price tag on and when you have it, it helps guide you through everything the investment and trading world throws at you. Nothing catches you off guard or is too overwhelming for you. You are ready for everything and anything. You stand proud and say, “Bring it on!” That is how George and his management have always run. That is what separates them from the competition and puts them in a positive light with so many people.

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Food Riots Responsible for Yet Another Death in Venezuela

This month’s desperate riots in Venezuela have killed four people so far. This month. The most recent death was caused by officers firing their weapons at people who were looting for food due to the economic crisis.
This death occurred during a series of 100 simultaneous lootings across the country. At this point, the government has not released information about why troops shot their guns into a crowd of hungry people who were just trying to get enough food to support their families.

According to the President of Venezuela’s statement on Open Corporates, the looting of food all across the nation is simply his enemies waging an “economic war” against him.

The current economic crisis was caused by the president shutting down the boarders of the country and making any exchange of financial currency illegal. Since their primary source of money is petroleum exports, the decision crippled the country almost immediately.

To make matters worse, shortly after this decision, the country suffered through a significant drought. The electric companies run primarily off of water power, which shut down the majority of manufacturing across the nation, making necessary goods almost unobtainable.

The drought according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez also caused a massive food shortage and many people are unable to get basic necessities, such as eggs and flour. According to the rest of the Venezuelan government, the only hope that the citizens have is the 2017 election. However, the vice president has made it known publicly that he is ready to take office immediately rather than force an early election.


Duda Melzer: A President and Man on a Mission

The name of Duda Melzer is well known within the business world, but he is also considered to be the ongoing backbone of his strong family-owned company as well.

Mr. Melzer’s formal name is Eduardo, but he prefers to be known as Duda to demonstrate his ready relationship and availability to others. His affable nature belies his strong business presence, however. He currently functions in capacity as the president of RBS Group. His prior experiences included a stint as consultant in Booz Allen and Hamilton Consultancy and Sweet Sweet Way, with the latter operating as its own franchise. As a graduate of Harvard, Duda Melzer is keenly aware of the challenges facing businesses today in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. He has sought to streamline operations at the RBS Group and has helped to build it into a new and evolving company, and has stated that the challenges faced by companies today will require firms that can readily adapt and advance. In his spare time, Mr. Melzer also enjoys sports, and has said that he has been known to plan his schedule around some events! As such, Duda Melzer is a man who has little spare time, and who is on fire with his upcoming prospects and cultivating clients both past and future!

Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Helps Home Buyers

Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC has joined forces to make Baltimore a better city. The former CEO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is creating affordable homes through the city’s first-time home buyer program.

When Seawright founded the joint partnership RPS Solutions, his vision was to strengthen the community of Baltimore and help move home ownership rate above the current 48.9% level. “Improving the livelihood of residents in the Belvedere square area is a good move in the right direction,” said Seawright to LocalTalkNews.

Stability is filling Baltimore neighborhoods. With each home built, the city is getting closer to its goal of reaching new ownership rates. Home ownership leads to good things like economic stability and vibrant communities with a lower crime rate, according to Seawright on Twitter.

RPS Solutions is a full-service company that helps home-seeking residents secure loans and manage assets. They also assist in the building of homes and remodeling when needed. Seawright and RPS is helping the community flourish and making dreams come true.

Kevin Seawright is the owner and creator of RPS Solutions LLC. He has served the Baltimore community in a number of capacities for over 15 years. Seawright worked on both the state and federal level. He served as CFO for Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. He also worked for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Seawright installed an accounting program that saved the city nearly $100,000. Seawright credits his stint with Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. for giving him more insight on the housing industry.

He is a member of several local boards and also devotes a great deal of time to services for youths and the homeless.

Trying Wen by Chaz for the Very First Time

Cleansing your hair does not have to be a chore but can instead be something you enjoy doing. If you are tired of dealing with hay-like hair or the fact that your shampoos are just stripping your hair of all of its oils, it is time to switch to a cleansing conditioner. A recent article published by Bustle told of a story of one of their writers who tried cleansing conditioner on her fine and limp hair with amazing success. No matter what your hair type, this type of product can definitely work for you.

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Now that you know the benefits of cleansing conditioner, you need to become familiar with one of the top names in the industry. This brand is known as Wen by Chaz and it is currently being used by millions with great success. Lots of people are using Wen by Chaz because it truly works and allows for their hair to look the best it has probably ever looked. Wen by Chaz has a variety of amazing scents for you to choose, allowing you to further customize your experience while using this particular brand.

There is nothing quite like knowing that WEN by Chaz is a great staple in most people’s bathroom cabinets. If you have been tired of the way your hair looks or the fact that it is difficult to keep styled, Wen by Chaz might be the answer for you. When you are using this brand, it is vital that you follow any and all directions on the bottle to ensure that it is being used in the correct manner. For most people, they will want to cleanse with Wen by Chaz and then rinse and repeat for the very best results that can possibly be attained when they are caring for their hair. Wen is available on Sephora, The Chaz Dean Salon and on online.


QNET and Sharp Announce their Partnership

Sharp, the leading company in Japanese Technology, is proud to announce the strategic partnership we have entered into with the Indian based company QNET. Our partnership is geared towards promoting our co-branded air purifier dubbed Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster through the e-commerce platform owned by QNET. This announcement was made by Kishalay Ray, the President of Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited. He is in charge of Consumer Business.


QNET has over the last several years shown what we are capable of doing in as far as health and the wellness of our product segment is concerned. This is what formed the basis of the decision that we would make the best partners to distribute the SHARP Air Purifier array of products. SHARP also saw that it was through us (QNET) that they would be able to reach the sophisticated and established consumer network that trusts our company and is accustomed to buying wellness, health as well as beauty products from us. Our Spokesperson at QNET India termed the partnership (Sharp-QNET) as a win-win situation for both parties. With this new Sharp-QNET Air Purifier, we will be able to offer our customers with a great product that fits seamlessly to our unending philosophy on healthy living.


About QNET


QNET ltd refers to a direct selling type of company based in Hong Kong and the QI Group are its owners. It deals in quite a number of products that include weight management, energy, personal care, luxury goods, fashion accessories, home care and nutrition. Its marketing strategy follows the model of direct selling and the multi-level marketing. This model depends on some independent representatives who usually refer the products on sale to consumers and then get a commission on the volume of sales these consumers make. They also get compensation from the sales and referrals made by the representatives who fall under their teams.


QNET is operational in over 160 countries making it the leading company dealing in direct selling. It has operated in the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Egypt, Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire. It also has franchise companies in Turkey and India. Its main products remain to be health and wellness products which are in line with its philosophy of promoting a healthy life. It mainly deals in products that boost the energy, nutrition and general health of consumers. It also deals in other products for personal care and beauty, education, jewelry, technology, motor care and holidays. Recently, it has introduced products that are meant to enhance life like water filtration systems and air purifiers.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Solution To The Sliding Russian Economy

According to recent reports, the Russian economy is experiencing problems. Alexei Beltyukov has made suggestions that he believes can help the Russian economy bounce back. Beltyukov is the advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation, a government endorsed organization. It promotes business, technology, and innovation in Russia.

The Russian economy had a sharp decline even before the Crimean standoff. Many investors pulled their money out of Russia. Alexei Ulyukov, Russia’s Economy Minister announced that the country had a growth of 0.8 percent during the first quarter of the year. It was minimal considering the growth projections were set at 2.5 percent. The start of the Ukrainian conflict shook the Russian markets. In March 2014, billions in market capitalization were wiped out with the main stock index dropping by 10 percent. Additionally, the cost of imports increased after the ruble lost against the dollar by 9 percent.

Xrepublic points out that Russia’s economy slowed for a fourth consecutive year in 2013. The decline was as a result of a fall in consumer spending as well as a weakening investment and demand for energy. The Crimean tensions added to the list of things that contributed to the economic slowdown. As a result, capital and entrepreneurial talent left the country.

However, all is not lost. Alexei Beltyukov notes that for Russia to restore itself, it needs to prioritize its entrepreneurs. Therefore, the Russian government has to set up systems that support small business along with entrepreneurs. Alexei Beltyukov is one of Skolkovo Foundation’s founding fathers. The Skolkovo Foundation was established in 2010. It was created with the objective of supporting small business owners and steer in a new age of entrepreneurship.

The foundation provides consultation on business strategies, tax breaks for the business community in Russia, and technological incubation. These services have helped many Russian entrepreneurs. Most importantly, the foundation gives grant money to entrepreneurs that invest in new ventures. To date, over 13,000 jobs have been created through the assistance provided by the Skolkovo Foundation. It is committed to having a broader economic growth in Russia. Alexei Beltyukov believes Russia can benefit more from entrepreneurship.

About Alexei Beltyukov
Alexei Beltyukov is a well-respected entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation. Alexei Beltyukov is a graduate of the INSEAD Business School. He is credited as the founder of several companies that include New Gas Technologies, Solvy, A-Ventures, and Endemic Capital. Alexei Beltyukov is also well known through his charity work. He helped to create the Russian Alumni Scholarship that enables talented Russian students to get quality education at INSEAD.

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