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Forex Trading Made Simple At Netpicks

Netpicks is well known to billions of investors and day traders throughout the world. The company has been in business since 1996. Its founder, Mark Soberman, is an American businessman, an entrepreneur, and additionally he serves as President of the company. Since its inception, the company has become a valued source of information and thoughtful analysis to its clients. It functions as an online investment platform and advisor. The company provides its clients with access to some of the best financial professionals in the industry (hitechchronicle.com).

The company focuses mainly on stocks, options, and trades made on the Foreign Exchange Market. Netpicks guides itself on the simple strategies of investing. There is extensive analytical and educational information available at all times. The trading activities are happening 24 hours a day on the Forex markets. To the many clients who self manage their own portfolios, they look for the guidance and the strategic steps they need to take to reach their investment goals. This is consistently provided by the company. The expert staff of the company strives to provide a simple yet in-depth trading experience to the client, in a clear and straightforward manner that promotes confidence and action.   For additional tips, check netpicks.com.

Mark Soberman first became interested in trading in the 1980s. He was a young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The more he traded in stocks and options, the more he learned, and the more he grew to love it. He created Netpicks as a trading platform and as a source of knowledge and ongoing training for investors. The company has tips for traders. One of the tips is the importance of keeping it simple when trading on Forex. Traders need a realistic strategy, and it is not encouraged to randomly pick and choose investment options. However, over analyzing any decision can lead to inactivity, and the advice is to keep trading simple for the best results. Netpicks offers many other valuable ideas and tips on its website, including the Trade of the Week tip and Spotlight Power for live trading.


Jim Toner And His Real Estate Investment Book

Jim Toner is a man who enjoyed a long career investing in the real estate, speaker, radio show host, and consultation. He has been heard throughout the country about values of intelligent real estate investment where he has been able to appear with the likes of Frank Mckinney, Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, together with others. He is an expert who makes investing in real estate a user-friendly to the general public which has put the services to a big demand.

People have been routinely paying between $2,000 and $15,000 and even travel from different countries in the world so that they can attend his program on real estate investment. He is an accomplished real estate entrepreneur who uses plan of customized 12 little houses when he teaches people towards gaining financial freedom. He has been in the real estate investment in trenches for over 25 years in the world.

Jim Toner is an active philanthropist and is nationally recognized because of his work contribution with the homeless and veterans. He is also an active member of Nilsa McKinney’s and Frank Caring House Project Foundation and also Pittsburgh Advisory Board Chair which is the branch of Pennsylvania Salvation Army. His current work is with Limited Private Client Group and coaching other groups of people and most of them have a waiting list. He has been accepting private coaching on entrepreneurial/business and investment real estate clients.

In his book which is about the guide to investing real estate, talks about the truth which the “guru’s” will not like you to know. There are scam artists, snake oil peddlers and much awful tripe in the world. What they have been hating is what the book talks about which is the truth. A real world requires being accounted with real stories because people lives change every day when they use Jim Toner to invest in real estate. Many people have been able to achieve their dream of having financial freedom. They always have a story to tell. They have known have to get perfect opportunities because the market keeps changing where the rules change but not fundamentals. It is becoming a massive opportunity for everyone where in the book it explains how to find the opportunities. Then you will learn how to run away from the pitfalls, hype, lies, and charlatans who come to steal your money. This is not something to do half-assed.

Jim Toner’s simple blueprint has been working. It doesn’t matter where you fall either new or established investor all it matters is that the book will help you. It is referred as a blueprint because it can be said to be more than a book. The book has a true system and not a theory or idea book which will help you to succeed by helping you to maneuver from the misinformation piles. More of this can be read on Jim Toner’s blog here.

Get in touch with Jim on Facebook and Crunchbase (@thejimtoner)

Michael Hagele Always Puts His Clients’ Best Interests At The Top Of His List Of Priorities

Michael Hagele works with a spread of tech companies as their senior outside counsel, and he brings years of experience with him as a negotiator, someone who can license and distribute as well as develop agreements, and a person who can work with telecommunications and software and hardware companies. He is also knowledgeable when it comes to commercial agreements; especially the kinds that technology companies get into that work to improve their marketing and promotional efforts. Before today, Hagele was a general counsel member for various venture capital backed Internet companies. His duties at that time included managing legal aspects of dealing with corporate governance, issues surrounding employees and employment practices, intellectual property affairs, stock option plans, and anything related to purchasing or the acquisition of other companies. Follow Michael Hagele at tumblr.com

Michael Hagele earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree while attending the University of Iowa, and he received his Juris Doctor while studying at the University of California at Berkeley. He believes that his ability to always put the customer first is one of his best attributes an an entrepreneur. He feels that this is especially true with his role as an attorney, because the entire business or life of your client depends on your knowledge, experience, and drive to do the best you can for them. While this may put a lot of undue pressure on a person, Michael Hagele has found that it also imbues him with a sense of purpose in his life. He knows a lot of his success has to do with the fact that he is always putting the best interests of his client on the top of his list.

Michael Hagele has commented that his typical day begins with him handling the regular daily matters that come up with each of his tech clients. He usually takes a break in the middle of his day where he enjoys a bike ride; either on the open road or in the mountains. He has found that it is during these bike rides that he receives a lot of his inspiration or ideas for how to best help his clients. He plans on continuing to be the best he can be for the people who count on him the most.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-hagele


The Ten Best Ways To Invest In Your Financial Future According To Agora Fiancial

If there is one thing that Agora Financial eats, drinks, and breathes, it would be helping people with their investments. They have a host of consultants that have a passion for helping others play the markets to win. Recently, they gave out some advice about the ten best ways to invest in your future.

Learn the Basics And Set Long-Term Goals

Even if you have an investment professional do all the work for you, the first step is to learn the basics for any investment plan and set long-term goals. When investors learn the basics, they have more control over their money and can engage more fully in the financial decision-making process. Setting long-term goals is also important because it gives investors some direction as to how they should manage their money in a short-term.

Set Short-Term Goals And Study Long-Term Investments

Investors need to look at the different short-term goals. Some examples would be such things as saving for new car tires, saving for new appliances, or saving for a vacation. New investors also need to look at different investment vehicles available to them. This would include such things as IRA’s, 401K’s, CD’s, Stock and Bonds, and knowing the difference between them all.

Get An Extensive Knowledge Regarding Short-Term Investments

Investors need to study the different types of short-term Investments that are available to them as well. These would include such things as CD’s (certificates of deposit), commodities, money market accounts, and investments in real estate.

Keep A Safety Margin And Profit From Volatility

All investors should buy a security at a lower value in relation to its intrinsic value. In this manner, they will be able to minimize risk as much as possible.Investors should also be aware of price volatility. For example, if a price in a security climbs too high then you need to sell. There’s no getting around it. Sell. As high as a security can go, it also can go every bit as low.

Be Self-Aware And Work To Mitigate Long-Term Risks

What type of “investment personality” do you have? Are you an active investor that does a lot of research and wants larger returns? Or, are you a passive investor who is content with smaller returns? The answer to these questions can largely dictate how you should invest. Investors should also mitigate long-term risks by making a habit of reviewing their portfolio frequently.

Make A Life Plan.

Finally, Agora Financial recommends that all investors have a life plan in mind and they set financial goals based on their priorities in life. When you plan for the long-term, you will not only be better off financially but you will even have better health as well! Agora Financial can help you with all of these goals. Their network of trained professionals can answer any investment questions you might have. Call them today for a prospectus!

Why Jed Mccaleb Should Receive A High Recognition In The World’s Financial Sector

The financial status of any nation’s economy greatly determines the rate of investment opportunities available for individuals in the country. A broken economic status of a country results in poverty and underdevelopment due to lack of maximum investments which leads to rise in the rate of crimes in a country. One of the most recognized entrepreneurs called Jed McCaleb is one of the people who have had a great concern about the world’s financial status. He is the Co-founder of Stellar and was also the founder of the first bitcoin. In one of Jed’s interviews, he says that one of his concern about the financial sector in the world is that most of the population, especially in the developing countries, do not have banking accounts which make the rate of transactions very slow thus leading to the increase in the rate of poverty in many countries.

Jed McCaleb believes that most of the people who do not possess bank accounts are because they lack awareness and so they only possess bank accounts for the purpose of saving money. This leads to low demand for banking services which results in a decreased number of banks in the country. As a result, those with the bank accounts are charged very high costs to get the banking services.

As a result, the banking services only remain meaningful to the rich people in the community. The poor or the low-income earners save their money in their houses which in turn attracts robbery, and as a result, this leads to increase in the rate of poverty in a country. Jed McCaleb founded the Stellar Company to make the financial sector of the world more efficient and accessible to every group of income earners in the world. Stellar has enabled quick online transactions across the border that is open to everyone including the low-income earners. This has helped improve the living standards of many people, especially in the developing countries due to increase in the trading activities.

In one of the interviews of Jed, he says that he finds Stellar better more than bitcoin because it is open to everyone, but bitcoin was only focusing on an elite group in the society. Also, in this YouTube video, Jed and IBM’s Jesse Lund answer questions from the audience.

NetPicks Views on Forex Trading

Forex trading avails different opportunities for currency trading in the decentralized market. Individuals trade through electronic financial exchanges over the counter based in various cities in the world. They include Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, and Sydney. NetPicks allows the traders to trade by the help of live signal and charts services (financeswire.com) . The trading ability in all the cities depends on the accessibility of these forex offices in every minute and second. Closure of the New York exchange will cause the forex traders to trade currency pairs in the fields of Sydney whereas when the Sydney market shuts down other trade markets are open in other places. Most traders prefer trading on the spot. Nevertheless, traders have the chances to trade through forwarding markets and future markets

NetPicks highlights some of the features of the forex market. One of it is that they are liquid. According to them, most traders like trading currency pairs is because there is great liquidity on the forex market. The other thing is that traders have minimal trading options. Forex market is not like the stock market that has a wide range of investment choices. They have few options available. This makes most traders to only engage in buying and selling the established currency pairs. The last thing is that the bigger beneficiaries of the high liquidity are the retails traders. The quick changes in the prices produce many financial opportunities to them.

For forex traders, leveraging is allowed. Leveraging trading is to mean that the trader can spend less amount of money in the total investment volumes. Some of the common terms used include price interest point, bid price, ask price, and spread. Concerning how to engage in forex market trading, NetPicks is kind enough to offer advises to the traders. One thing is that an individual should find out the risk factors of a given currency pair before proceeding into the trade. The second important thing is to buy or sell order. It requires quality time in observing the market price, potential loss, and possible profit. These are the real-time observation that you should not overlook. The trader has the choice to make new orders or close any deals or orders.

Connect with Netpicks at https://www.facebook.com/NetPicks/


Committing to Growth Like Vijay Eswaran

One of the best things for a leader to do is commit. One of the best things to commit to is growth. This is exactly what Vijay Eswaran has committed to in his professional life and his personal life. He advises others to do the same. When he talks about committing to growth, he talks about learning new skills and concepts. These concepts can be very helpful to the growth of one’s business. Vijay Eswaran is very good at applying principles to his business. This is one of the reasons that he and his business were able to grow at such a high rate.

One way to help people grow as a leader is to use time. A leader that gives his time to his team is going to help them grow professionally as well as personally. This is one topic that Vijay Eswaran talks about when it comes to growth. People can learn different skills and different ways of thinking so that they will be able to take their business to the next level. The only thing that is needed is humility. The humility has to be on the part of the leader as well as the team so that they can continue to grow.

One thing that also helps people grow is when a leader shows genuine care. One thing that people are not used to receiving is genuine care. Even if they do get it, it is always fleeting. In some cases, this type of care might catch them off guard. For those that adjust to it, they can experience the right type of growth that is needed for their personal and professional lives.

One thing that Vijay has shown people is that they can experience some of the deepest growth from their jobs. A job does not have to be something they do to pass the time until they get paid. This is one of the emptiest approaches to work. This is one of the reasons that people tend to burn out from their jobs. They find themselves wishing for something deeper. At the same time, they have to deal with a lot of work related stress.

Digital Fundraising- NGV Van

One might be in need of money and they do not have, this being the main reason why they ask for help through fundraising. People like politician have to ask their family and friends to assist them to raise funds for campaign purpose. Organizing a fundraising is not an easy task either, it needs a lot of coordination and adequate planning. Due to the nature of fund drives which is mainly time-consuming, the production of information, as well as the need for proper planning, an expert is needed to carry out the task. Individuals, as well as organizations, have realized the gap that is there between the people who need to organize the fundraising and the expertise required, the reason why NGP Van was established.



NGP Van is a leader in the distribution of technology services. NGP Van was created to deliver their services and products to social groups, democratic as well as advanced campaigns. NGP has been distributing quality services including social networking products, field, compliance, best fundraising, as well as organizing. Since the foundation of the fundraising firm, it has been organizing a lot of funds drives for their clients. NGP Van serves other clients among them non-profit making organizations, as well as labor unions. NGP Van is committed to offering their clients a campaign that is integrated with technology.


NGP Van does no longer work as a limited -use organization, recently the group opened their doors to individuals donors. The group refers to itself as a technology distribution company and they have used the technology to invite individuals to make small contributions through the social media including emails, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns as well as SMS. The NGP VAN employees use the campaign technology to build the network which in return help the fund request to reach as many people as possible. The digital platforms do not only help the information to reach as many people as possible but to also enable the donors to know where their donation is going.



NGP Van technology is of a great help to not only the politicians and the organizations using it but also to the people contributing to the campaigns as they are they know the exact purpose and use of the funds being raised. The NGP Van restricts those politicians, staffs, and volunteers from asking for money for their own personal interest. NGP Van was established in 2011 and the operation from their Head Offices in Columbia, Washington. NGP Van has grown ever since and it currently has over 200 staffs.


Kamil Idris, Protecting Patent Strategies With Global Access

In an interview with Venture Outsource, Kamil Idris, Sudanese Ambassador and Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization discussed the perils of globalizing “intellectual property.” In today’s digital culture, globalization refers to free flowing capital within “unfettered” markets. Idris commented that intellectual property should be marketed, protected and given the same rights as other technologically sound inventions. Since, progressive thinking is the impetus behind forward progression of the export market. Idris noted a statistic gathered by the African Center for Technology Studies, which indicated that fewer than 2% of new patents originated from Africa. Yet worldwide, new patent numbers are on the rise. He sees globalization as the great equalizer, allowing those in developing countries to generate creative ideas that come to fruition.


The point Kamil Idris is emphasizing is that there’s no reason in this emerging digital age for any inventor with a valid creative idea not to have that idea developed, protected and brought to market. And furthermore, there needs to be a global process whereby the application process for new patents is simplified and streamlined. Bringing together inventors, intellectual property and the patent process should become the norm for access to digital resources. Digital resources shouldn’t be a limited ethos; someone in a developing country should see their creative ideas as valid as those in other parts of the world.


Director General Kamil Idris sees globalization as needed for intellectual property rights to be extended to all. This is the main purpose of World Intellectual Property Day. April 26th is a day designated for international recognition of intellectual property. Intellectual property covers copyrights, patents, creative designs and trademarks. Director Kamil feels that human intelligence is just as important as artificial intelligence. He is very much invested in the marriage of technology and creativity to generate patent worthy ideas.


As a Sudanese Ambassador, Director General Kamil strengthened the international positioning of globalization as the cornerstone of technological advances. Kamil Idris was born in Sudan and he holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Khartoum University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cairo University. Idris also attended Ohio University, where he earned his Masters Degree. Additionally, Kamil Idris holds a Doctorate in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland.



The Expertise and Achievements of Jim Toner

Jim Toner has for the last 28 years offered people with solutions regarding the real estate sector through sharing of ideas. He has mentored a vast number of individuals through his Wealth Builder Workshops that he has launched in the broader parts of Pennsylvania. His achievements in the real estate sector have served as a form of encouragement to many individuals, and a significant number of them, who have keenly followed his counsel have made it in their ventures. He founded his company a couple of years ago, with an aim of teaching people and sharing his expertise with them regarding the techniques and methods they can adapt to be successful in the real estate sector as well as the easiest strategies they can adopt in their house purchasing processes.

The firm which is based in Pennsylvania has seen Jim Toner gain a great reputation due to its ability to offer education and mentorship to all interested parties in the area. Many people that have undertaken the educational programs have strived through the sector, even at times when the real estate sector is faced with high records of foreclosures as well as unreasonable and rampant house sales. Besides, many of the people involved in the programs have successfully acquired helpful strategies to help them purchase homes for a better living.

Besides the firm establishing many of its offices in Pennsylvania, it has also successfully established more offices in Ohio and Indiana. The tremendous growth of the firm has been associated with Jim Toner’s dedication towards working closely with his team of employees. He has since the establishment of the firm, worked closely with his team, which consist of highly skilled real estate investors, who own properties worth millions, in the real estate sector. The team of employees has encouraged their clients to adopt the strategies that they share with them in their investments, so as to ensure that they successfully establish their ventures and acquire maximum profits. Besides, the advice and expertise that they have showcased has served as a motivation to most of their clients, who are fully committed to achieving success.

Through the firm, Jim Toner has taught his clients to utilize the numerous opportunities in the market to establish their ventures in the real estate sector as well as acquire their self-owned homes. Besides, he has helped a significant number of his clients to thrive through the hard times and emerge victorious even at times when the real estate sector is experiencing challenges. Besides investing in the real estate sector, Jim Toner has also strived to bring hope and shine the light to the lives of other people, and he has taken part in a vast number of charitable organizations, with The Hope Lives Foundation being one of his major focus.

Jim Toner’s Send in the Wolf: The Good Guys’ Mr. Wolf is now available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Send-Wolf-Good-Guys-Mr/dp/0991252004